Face The Nintendo Facts In This Eerie Stop-Motion NES Video

According to the above video, “the combined RAM of all 61.9 million NES units sold would equal about 118 GB….or 59 Wii U’s.” That’s just one of the facts displayed in this unique stop-motion animation video by Jake Roper, also known as Vsauce3. The video features five mind-boggling Nintendo-themed facts spelled out on clippings of paper while an NES console is dismantled. The boxy-but-brilliant NES has been the object of many an artist’s creativity of late, as this Mega Man backlit unit also brightened MNN’s day recently. What will they think of next?



  1. I’m sorry, but I watched the video and I didn’t see the point. The facts were really useless. I hope they didn’t spend a bunch on the making of this.


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