Marth Confirmed for Super Smash Bros 3DS And Wii U


Nintendo has today confirmed that Marth will be a playable character for the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Marth, from the acclaimed Fire Emblem franchise, is appearing in the series for the third time after debuting in Super Smash Bros Melee on the Gamecube. Are you excited to see Marth return in Smash Bros?

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    1. How about making a title “a new character announced for ssb4, not everyone wants to know all characters in the game and spoil the experience, is there a way to contact these handicaped moderators of this broken-ass website, motherfuckers

        1. Did you know he was going to be in the game before this announcment?no?now you do, otherwise it would be a suprise, you illogical, motherfucker, i hope your family burns in fire and your burnt mother is raped in front of you until she dies

          1. I agree with everything you say except for the burning and the raping.

            People are so stupid. lol


            “um uh so liek derp uh well they dun tell you how to get the marf charectar so liek stop cumplaneing about dem ruin da suprise kthx’

            *slaps you in the mouth*

          2. We all knew Marth would return. Roy making a return would have been a nice surprise. Ike returning even would have been a bit of a surprise. But Marth is as obvious as Mario.

          3. You need to calm down, such childish attitude is pathetic. Also, this announcement is not particularly surprising, he most likely did know that Marth, essentially the mascot of the fire emblem franchise, was going to return. No one is surprised by this except for you. Here’s another spoiler for you, Yoshi will be in the game, along with Ness, Captain Falcon, Zelda, Ganondorf and all other obvious characters.

            1. Lol, did you know toon link was going to be in the game, sonic?wii fit trainer? No? well stfu, idiot

          4. Actually, yes. Yes I did. He’s been in there since the first Smash Bros. Pfft, come at me, bro. lol

            1. do you even know what the first smash was?cause i think you don’t even know it was for the n64, and no, marth was not in it

              1. My mistake, I meant since Melee. And, wait a sec, you speak as though you are aware of Marth’s inclusion in the past installments. So how is it any surprise that he’s back

                You may as well be surprised that the main character of your favorite sitcom will be in the next episode.

    2. I am so happy Marth is making a return. I hope Lucina is an alternate skin, and I hope Chrom is in the game as well, but plays heavy like Ike.

        1. Yeah, how about you put that spoiler mark a little far away from the text, so we don’t accidentaly read it, wow, people on this are fucking stupid

    1. Yeah I was hoping for Chrom too or Bayonetta to be announced for Smash but Marth is cool too so…

  1. Better than seeing Jigglypuff again. Please tell me they finally got rid of that useless 1st gen Pokemon. Even Olimar was more useful. I mean Pikachu at least makes sense – he’s the mascot.

    1. Olimar is not a pointless character. He is one of my favorite characters. You just don’t know how to play with him. Jigglypuff ain’t no corny character neither. I use her in battle all the time.

    2. You probably play on a very low level if you think Jigglypuff is useless. YouTube Mango Jigglypuff then come back here and apologise to the puff.

      1. Lol these scrubs here don’t know about competitive smash. They proly play 4 player item matches LOL

          1. Lol someone’s mad ? They can have all the fun they want with item matches and such but it will always be scrub play to me

            1. Not mad bro just don’t like superior talking A holes. Talking big about urself and don’t have any actually proof, and talking down people is something i don’t like

              1. Yea ur mad. Who was talking big about themselves ? And proof for what ? I play competitive, most of these scrubs don’t. I always said if you don’t like what I gotta say keep scrolling

                1. You sound like a douche. I don’t give two shits if you play competitively, let people play how they wanna. Playing with items, personally, I think is a lot funner. adds variety and a lot of laughs. and a “scrub” really isn’t someone who plays smash uncompetitively. A scrub is someone who’s more like you, someone who goes around taunting that he is so cool for playing smash competitively when literally no one gives a fuck.

  2. What are the chances Nintendo releases some kind of cheaper bundle for people who want both versions? Like $80 for a packaged Wii U version that comes with a download code for the 3DS version.

        1. They could’ve switched him out for Chrom. Or the “Marth” from awakening. Remember, they basically confirmed that not all characters would return, so it kinda is a spoiler seeing which ones do

    1. Not necessarily. Chrom has a problem that he kinda looks similar to Marth, since I’m pretty sure they’re in the same lineage. That said, I’d love to see him, especially if they gave him a lance so more than just swords would get attention from fire emblem. Though they might just make him an alternate Marth skin with some slightly different physics (like wario’s different costume design in brawl) and instead add your tactician character in. Or, perhaps Awakening’s ‘Marth’ will be an alt skin, at least

      1. I think the Marth from awakening would be more likely, for some reason I don’t see Chrom as moving or fighting like Marth.

  3. So far this is more than I expected. Who is left of the returning characters left so he can bring up more hidden characters. I hope ice climbers are back. Though 8 people at once maybe to much for 3DS.

    1. You’re either a tranny or that is a really unflattering angle.
      No wait, that was just the thumbnail. You’re definitely a girl.
      Carry on.

  4. It’s awesome and everything…. But… WHERE ARE THE NEW ONES? We haven’t seen one new character since Wii Fit Trainer!

    1. Thank god.
      I’d rather have as few new ones as possible spoiled.
      We already had freaking two newcomers revealed.
      Two. Whole. Newcomers.

  5. Yeeeees!!! Marth’s back bitches time to destroy people again. Thank god it wasn’t lucina Marth from awakening I would have been pist. Though I see an alt color being her

    1. hey did you here that elmo and big bird might join the gang, nintendo wants to educate the babies some more about potty training. seriously that 3d world commercial was the biggest face palm in history of nintendo yet possibly its like screaming baby and pathetic all over it!!!!!!

      1. Lmao I see at least 1 baby character joining the game just for the fanboys. But seriously that 3D world commercial had to have been the most corny shit I’ve ever seen. The Mario from 64 would beat the shit outta the current Mario if he saw him in a cat suit lol. They treat there fanbase like a bunch of babies

          1. blame noa and also blame reggie for being a walking shitstain and a fanboys pretend best friend. pathetic.

        1. yeah and people wonder why everyone sees nintendo as for babies, or laughs at them if they pick up a nintendo game. blame nintendo for turing into baby scum.

          they really have lost it, they always were sorta the family thing but not like this, where everything s diaper material.

          1. “or laughs at them if they pick up a nintendo game”
            No one never laugh at me when i pick up a Nintendo game. Maybe just maybe people laugh at how stupid you are instead of that nintendo game.

            1. yeah im talking about those people who have that one pre order at midnight launch for wii u and there is like 50 of xbox and ps3. they always say ho embarrassed the feel.

              1. They feel embarrased for games? Then they take this shit too seriously tbh. Those people need serious help, i mean come on they are just GAMES, nothing else.

        2. I’m not sure what you mean by baby character? Are you talking about aesthetics or play style? I agree, the commercial wasn’t great, I’m not excited for that game at all even though I liked all the other 3D mario games, I think I’ll be passing this one lol.

  6. ahhhhhh looks like the nintengeeks still didnt get their social reject wishlist…… (dont cry go watch sesemnee street and wait till next week) maybe reggie will come next week. his special can be berrying the player with wii u and all his bad decisions and an instant kill for all the whiney damagecondrones. “my body is ready like the walking shitstain i am” bam instant death of suffocation and a nice tribute to the death he is supporting.

    it is amazing how dorky some nintendo fans are. wanting reggie in smash bros. nintendo fans really never understand why they are the laughing stalk of games.

    all the new characters are garbage, and their were like 2 of them.

    1. Hahaa don’t speak like that you don’t wanna offend the babies on this site. They all will jump at you and go fanboy mode on you lmao. And I can’t believe people want Reggie in the game. They must be on fanboy crack

      1. they are on fanboy meth!! it must be the extreme 4 day hang over it gives them. yeah the offended nintensheep will probably woish me to die and tell me to get some horrible disease or something, google search my name some more and say i dont bother them. HAHAHAH at nintendo fanboys, the most pathetic and baby out of the big 3. the same ones that want reggie in smash bros. what social rejects. its like they are asking to get made fun of.

        1. “its like they are asking to get made fun of”
          Then there is something in common with you and Nintendo fanboys.

    2. Pffft. I can total see him replacing the punching bag. Just saying home run contest with Reggie I can dig that. BEfore it begins he can even say “my body is ready”

      1. yeah that would be awesome!!! reggie should be the punching bag. good idea. all the fanboys would probably start a petition though and cry about it because they enjoy shitty catch phrases instead of doing good at their jobs.

    3. I’m pretty sure people say reggie as a joke, I doubt any of them would be happy if that happened. Would make a pretty cool April fools joke to post on this site though.

      As for the new characters, Megaman and villager seem like they’ll be pretty good to play. I can’t really say the same about wft, though that’s only three, hopefully they have cooler newcomers to announce near the release of the game.

  7. New characters take more time to work on then the ones they are showing off. They are using old models fixing them up, adjusting the balance and overall tune up. New character take more time to make the model, ad moves, add hit boxes and ect. We might get a new character reveal soon

  8. Yes! How I’ve longed for this news! My one true character! I simply can not play the game with out him.

    And….I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nothing…but he is pretty damn cute in SSBU.

  9. Like I said to certain guys, do not expect any more newcomers until next year since it took a year for newcomer reveals after Brawl’s E3 trailer anyway.

  10. I have a hard time caring about SSB4 when ROY was just announced for Project M (and mewtwo)

  11. dammit. where’s ike’s confirmation at. I swear if ike isn’t in the game, I will hack him into the game.

  12. YES! Marth is definitely one of the best characters of SSBB so I’m glad that he’s in the remak-sequel…….I always knew that he would be though

  13. Where the FUCK is Crash Brandicoot? God damn it Nintendo just put him in there! Go to Naughty Dog or whoever owns Crash and Crash them up the ass from behind until they cry uncle and give the character to you. For fucks sake, you did it to Sega. You fucked them so good until they gave you Sonic, and then you butt raped Konami for Snake, and then finally, you fucked Capcom in the mouth for MegaMan. DO IT FOR CRASH.

  14. I still would like to see Chrom in this game. Also as a new character I would like to see Dillion from Dillion’s rolling western!

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