Activision Has Confirmed New Call Of Duty & Skylanders For 2014


Activision CEO Bobby Kotick confirmed during the publisher’s Q3 2013 that a new Call of Duty title and Skylanders title will be coming next year. It’s unknown at this point who is developing the next instalment of the immensely popular Call of Duty franchise. Rumours have been going round that suggest Sledgehammer is working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4.

“Despite short-term uncertainties, as we look forward to 2014, we have a very strong product pipeline. We expect multiple new releases across our major franchises, including the first Diablo III expansion, Reaper of Souls, along with the PS4 version of Diablo III and significant and exciting new content for World of Warcraft. We also expect to launch new Call of Duty and Skylanders titles and a major new potential franchise with Bungie’s Destiny.”


  1. Skylanders shouldn’t have this many games to be honest. Go back to making..Spyro. At least COD is understandable, as it has a massive fanbase, with people who certainly love it. But, skylanders is more or less a MASSIVE rip off with the toys, and they just roll it out every year.

    1. welcome to the business world,LOL. On a more serious note, kids want more of it (at least in Europe), I know that my 3 newphews and all their friends will buy the next release. If there is a demand and they can make money I don’t see why they should not release a new skylander also you can say that for a lot of game including Nintendo ones.

      1. ~ hey, listen! ~
        the legend of spyro: a navi to the past… then I’m the hero! :D

    2. Skylanders was a amazing idea for the first game, second game was okay as well but to make this a yearly thing is not a good idea, the toys become more expensive, the game isn’t long enough for the amount of toys used, soon it becomes gimmiky so I agree with you, Call of Duty is also accepted because of its fanbase but its getting really repetitive that I think they might have to either end it or mix it up big time

      1. Yep. The toys are way too pricey. The same goes with Disney Infinity, but at least with that game, when you buy playsets, you get another 5-7 hours of gameplay and a bunch of different stuff otherwise irretrievable. Skylanders just gives you a different skin to access mini areas that do nothing.

      1. a mechwarrior fps game could kick titan fall ass with all the history that mechwarrior have

    3. skylanders is super popular and really really fun though?? like, i’ma classic spyro fan myself and i also love skylanders. the toys are fun to collect and the games are really great fun (especially swap-force i mean holy crud that was good). i do agree the toys are a wee bit expensive, but still.

      to each their own, i suppose. i personally look forward to the next skylanders

    1. The next CoD is probably going to be made by treyarch considering that its always IW then treyarch in making CoD.

  2. Wow… They just released CoD: Ghosts.. Is anyone really excited for another CoD game right now? It’s like Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero all over again. Activision always kills off their franchises through over-saturation.

    1. I agree. For the past decade, I’ve been dying for Acttivision to make a sequel to Pitfall: The Lost Expedition, but alas, it’s overrated franchises like GH and CoD that get all the attention…

      1. Yeah, I’d like for them to give lesser known games a chance.

        It’s sad because those franchises (Tony Hawk, CoD, Guitar Hero) were great at the start. But they milked them so bad that each year they got more and more uninspired and generic.

  3. I didn’t think they cane out with CoD games THIS FAST. I thought they’d wait at least a year…. Jesus, you can’t even compare CoD milking to Mario at all. 💋

      1. mario is a bigger franchise that can be expanded to kart racing, all that shit. It’s like a clothing brand. While CoD is streamlined FPS game.

  4. Activision likes to shit sequels of their popular franchises year after year. I knew that they were going to work on a new COD game right after Ghosts has launched.

    1. they were probably already working before ghosts launched, and they are probably already working on 2015 title lol. it’s same like assasins greed :) im 100% sure ubisoft is working on AC 5 for 2014 late release for next gen.

  5. First Marth in the next smash bros, and now Activision is publishing another COD and Skylanders: This morning is full of “news”

  6. Lol, in this call of duty they added dogs, what new will they add in a new one? despite updated textures and shadows

  7. What a surprise! Activision milking those titties every year. Pump, pump, pump. Pretty soon they’ll be empty, saggy pussbags.

    1. By that same mindset, Nintendo releasing Mario Party, Fit/party games, Pokemon, ect.. is them milking titles, and you’re right, it is, within digital media there will always be some repatriation, so get the fuck over yourself, shove a fucking sock in your mouth, and play what you think is fun.

  8. Awesome, I plan on getting both! If you’ve got a problem with that good for you, I happen to enjoy them.

  9. Yeah, I’d like for them to give lesser known games a chance.

    It’s sad because those franchises (Tony Hawk, CoD, Guitar Hero) were great at the start. But they milked them so bad that each year they got more and more uninspired and generic.

  10. I liked the original skylanders and giants, and I bought swapforce. But making it a yearly thing with that many new toys to get is just not on, I don’t think I will be buying another one.

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