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3DS Has Now Officially Sold More Units Than The Nintendo 64


It now appears as though the Nintendo 3DS has sold more units than Nintendo’s legendary Nintendo 64 which launched in 1996. However, although the Nintendo 3DS has shifted more hardware than the Nintendo 64, the Nintendo 3DS hasn’t sold as much software, as the console has moved twice the amount of software sales. The next milestone for the Nintendo 3DS is to outsell the SNES shipments at 49.1 million.

  • 3DS Hardware Shipments to Retailers as of September 30th, 2013:
  • 34,980,000 units
  • N64 Hardware Shipments to Retailers as of September 30th, 2013:
  • 32,930,000 units
  • 3DS Software Shipments to Retailers as of September 30th, 2013:
  • 122,420,000 units
  • N64 Software Shipments to Retailers as of September 30th, 2013:
  • 224,970,000 units

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  1. So until now, people have only bought 4 games per 3DS, but 8 per N64? Also, is that with or without digital? Because I have bough two (AAA) games digital, too.

      1. I bough Animal Crossing, as it’s best digital (same way as I bought Wii Fit U digital on Wii U), and I really wanted Fire Emblem, but my GameStop didn’t get their stock until a few days after launch, so I bought that digital too. Other than that, I only buy eShop only games digital.

    1. And I bet it will outsell both the SNES and the NES. Probably the Wii too (and of course the Wii U). Personally, I hope it does better than DS, as I like this much more. The original DS was like a 3DS BETA with crappy graphics and bad 3D games IMO. Though, I didn’t play many AAA games (I’ve only heard about a few).

      1. Despite the 3DS having more power and a higher resolution screen both graphics and display resolution are still below welfare class. I haven´t seen anything on that system “far exceeds the 6th and 7th gen home console”….not even with the drastically reduced resolution.the only advantage it has is the ability to use shaders. To me it´s a disappointment.

        1. It’s a small handheld, so I don’t expect much power. But since the 3DS far surpasses the N64, it has great potential! Remember, it was when we got the power of the N64, games got revolutionized! But I bet the console that comes after the 3DS will surpass the Wii (the 3DS isn’t far from the GCN).

          1. 3DS is between the power of the Wii and the xBox 360, but close to Wii in terms of power. Its resolution is very similar to the iPhone 3 or 3s, which is not bad when you look the different SmartPhones out there some being great and others not so much. It does have as good a color and contrast as most screens out there, the only thing better are OLEDs which have better blacks.

            1. I’m pretty sure 3DS does not have more processing power than Wii. Have you seen the framerate drops in Pokemon X and Y? It’s closer to a Gamecube really. Actually, less powerful than a Gamecube.

              Love 3DS by the way, but it’s definitely not more powerful than Wii!!!

  2. That’s kind of sad, nostalgia-wise. For me the N64 was the best home console ever. So much great memories comes from that.

  3. Good job.
    Alot of people throw silly assumptions with the industry, about how well a console is doing, whether or not it’s failing, how the mobile market would “destroy” gaming, how PC would take over, ect ect, but generally, most people are wrong. 36 million, in 3 years (i think it’s 3), is damn good, for a console not design for the everyday Dude Brah, or Netflix buyer.

    1. 3 years in end of March (US and Europe) or end of February (Japan). I had to double check Wiki. But yes totally right, I have even said the same thing from the beginning, but probably wouldn’t have bought one the first day if Nintendo wasn’t giving away all those hotdogs and soft pretzels :P”””””””

  4. Damn, that really says something about 3DS!

    Although, nothing will ever top the N64 IMHO. It was truly the Golden Age of Gaming!

    1. Oh really? Both Sony and Microsoft are loosing money and Nintendo has actually turned a good profit out of the Wii U, not speaking about the 3DS which has made HUGE profit for them. You, sir, should get out.

  5. While I do admit that the 3DS is cool (and I have 2 of them), I never understood why handhelds did SO well? I was never into handhelds nearly as much as the major consoles. I hate looking at those tiny screens. I never even acknowledged handhelds until the DS Lite. The only 3DS game I EVER play is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I have Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, but I have no desire to return to it. In fact, using the Street Pass on my 3DS is the only reason I use it on a daily basis.

    1. Actually the 3DS is what has really got me into portable gaming, I never used to like it to be honest, but I have honestly bought a crap load of 3DS games:
      Kid Icarus Uprising
      Pokemon Y
      Fire Emblem Awakening
      Animal Crossing New Leaf
      New Super Mario Bros. 2
      Super Mario 3D Land
      Resident Evil Revelations
      Paper Mario Sticker Star
      Mario Kart 7
      Mario Tennis Open
      Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
      Star Fox 64 3D
      Phoenix Wright Dual Destines
      Mighty Switch Force
      Theatherhythm Final Fantasy
      Mario and Luigi Dream Team

      And a crap load of VC games and probably a few other games that I just forgot about. Nevertheless I have never bought this many games for a portable system. This is probably going to be my favorite console this generation out of the: 3DS, Vita, Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One.

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