Recent Survey Suggests Only 1 Percent Of Gamers Want A Wii U This Holiday Season


A recent survey which has been conducted by Intergi Entertainment was brought about as the company wanted to gauge consumer interest in next generation consoles. The results show that only 1 percent of those gamers surveyed actually want a Wii U console. Fifty eight of those surveyed want Sony’s recently released PlayStation 4, while thirty-nine percent want an Xbox One this holiday season. With more than 5,000 submitted entries, the survey results leave only a 1.4% margin of error. To ensure accuracy, Intergi targeted its network of over 1,500 sites reaching console gamers exclusively in the United States.

Which console do you plan on buying?

  • PS4 58%
  • XBO 39%
  • Wii U 1%

Which console design is most appealing to you?

  • PS4 62%
  • XBO 36%
  • Wii U 1%

Which unique controller function is the most innovative?

  • PS4 Touchpad 51%
  • XBO Rumble Triggers 35%
  • Wii U Gamepad Screen 14%

Which console has the most impressive game line-up?

  • PS4 50%
  • XBO 48%
  • Wii U 2%

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  1. My problem with these surveys is I never get asked to do them, and that makes me wonder who actually is taking them.

      1. Let me post this! Extra, extra none of the ps4 launch third party games are native 1080! They need a HD textures pack!

      2. wow they even think the ps4 games are better? when they flopped really hard and people even dislike them (except fanboys). This was obviously a poll that was answered by ps fanboys and not the general public

      3. The general public still wants PS4 the most. I just got home from one of my jobs (working in a games retail) and had literally hundreds of people asking for the PS4 today, maybe 2 for Xbox One, maybe 1 for Wii U, and about 5 for regular Wii.

        Sure, fanboys may have voted, but they weren’t the only ones, I’m sure.

        Also: How come polls and random voting only count when dissing anything that’s not Nintendo? (example EA the worst company)

      1. I actually see where they’re coming from. When you think about it, the GamePad screen is kinda like a DS adapted to a home console.

      2. The touchpad is actually on the controller. While the Vita can be used as a sort of second screen or used for remote play it’s not the touch pad that the poll was referring to.

      3. Not sure if DS4 was a typo or if you made a hidden sarcastic comment on how the PS4 is just a technologically advanced copy of a DS.

      4. The only way I can see where they’re coming from is if I have a lobotomy. The gamepad screen can function as a touchpad and as a freaking screen!!!

      5. think the same, tought pad x gamepad that has a touch screen. can’t even compare. survey made by sony fans

      6. yep me too. All these answers seem a little stupid. Like a group of nintendo haters were asked.

      7. The touchpad is pretty gimmicky. I don’t see it being used much. It’s just going to be a useless menu navigator on the whole.

        Some games are using it, like Assassin’s Creed IV, Warframe, Killzone Shadow Fall, and inFAMOUS Second Son, but not too many others right now.

        Other than that though, the PS4 is a pretty sweet deal.

      8. Nothing is really inovative this time….. i would say, Rumble Triggers are the most innovative thing for a console.

    1. Have you ever heard of Intergi Entertainment before? Do you follow their website? If not, then of course you weren’t asked, they have no way of asking you.

      1. “To ensure accuracy, Intergi targeted its network of over 1,500 sites reaching console gamers exclusively in the United States.”

        If they only asked people who go on their site, then it wouldn’t be accurate AT ALL. I’m not just questioning this survey, I’m questioning all of them. When do they conduct them? Has anyone here actually taken one?

        I’m not saying these surveys are faked or anything. I just want to actually see one.

      2. It says over 1,500 sites.

        Nintendo fanboys question the accuracy of this company’s methods but eat up the crap that is spewed out by one site saying EA is the worst company in the nation because pissed off gamers voted on THEIR website.

      1. Well, I’m not a fanboy, but I get what you’re saying. Although, I don’t think fanboys would actually throw it off that much. If they’re “true fanboys” (bear with me), you’d think they would already have a Wii U :P .

        I just find it odd that I’ve never seen any actual video game survey before.

      2. You bring up an excellent point. It was released a year ago, meaning the hype about it has died down by now. Most people who wanted one already got one.

      3. Not only that, but the question made was “Which console do you plan on buying”, meaning only one console. Most people who want a WiiU also plan on getting a PS4, and maybe thanks to the hype surrounding it, gave it priority.

      4. Yes your right. They seemed to have only asked playstation fanboys. I have seen polls like this all the time on IGN. The truth is Nintendo fans don’t answer them. The most vocal of all the “gamers” are sony fanboys. Don’t get me wrong. I love sony and plan on buying a ps4. However when it comes to polls the Nintendo side of things are never accurate. “Gamers” hate Nintendo and will vote against it no matter what.

      5. General public? more like gamers. Remember that families and kids buy Nintendo consoles too.

    2. This is bs, which controller is the most innovative, how the hell is that touch pad more innovative than a fucking touch screen where the whole console is based around it, people are stupid, can’t wait to play smash

      1. then the touchpad is just a touchpad on a controller, I fail how to see how it’s more innovative.

      2. Yes, I wouldn’t call it more innovative than the Gamepad. They’re both not really innovative in my opinion. Now the Gamecube….That was innovative!

    1. 1% of True Gamers is apparently all that remains. The other 99% are the new age “HardCoreZ” who have been brainwashed into wanting POWER and GRAPHICS and hating Nintendo during the 7th Gen.

      1. They each had one out of about 100 each not work properly. It’s mainly a HDMI port problem, the system doesn’t actually “die” or brick. Also: There are fixes for 99% of the issues now.

      1. Usually someone who calls someone else a fanboy is a fanboy. Just so you know. I am in favor of the other page he posted not yours. I have never seen a console launch with so many 5 and 1 stars before. That is insane. Thats not singling out what so ever. Will they fix it? Yeah they will and it will be a great console. All systems suck at launch. Now if youre just going to promote sony on a Nintendo based website please go to

      2. This is the first console launch with as much attention on it since the advent of the internet and social connectivity. That’s why.

      3. Kind of scary, all those 1 stars seems to be broken PS4s and the number 5 pretty close to the each other. The people who got it to work seem like they like it, but that was to be expect Sony played it pretty safe.

      4. Also just to double check I looked at the Wii U launch review from Amazon. It had somewhere around 50 1 star reviews. Most of them were of people trolling. The reviews said 0 out of 32 found this review useful as opposed to sony’s current 3 out of 5 found this review useful.

      5. Who’s to say that these are legit too? I’m sure some are, but Amazon is infamous for trolls and fake reviews. There have already been tons of confirmed fake PS4 breaking stories going around the web. I’m sure this is just another batch of them.

      6. Hey now, your not allowed to show the plus side of things. Everytime a plus thing about the Wii U comes along IT GETS IGNORED. So PS4 must be treated the same way. All negativity is to be discussed. ALL POSITIVE THINGS ARE BLACKLISTED AND NOT ALLOWED TO BE MENTIONED. Though to be fair it does seem people either REALLY LOVE the PS4 or REALLY HATE it lol.

    1. It’s called a sample size. They can’t ask literally every American so they ask a diverse group of them.

      1. Hmm apparently their sample size hates Nintendo. You can’t expect 1% of all gamers are going to get a Nintendo. This survey is not even close to being accurate. I can see that ps4 and xboxone will have the edge sense they are new releases but 1% for Nintendo? No that is not accurate, somewhere around 28% would be more accurate, 15% on the low end.

      2. The only people who were prepared to get a Wii-U were people who already liked Nintendo to begin with. The rest of us aren’t gonna rush to get a new console unless we see games we wanna play. It’s not about “like” or “hate” for the company, it’s about the games, 100% of the time.

        Not everyone likes the Nintendo lineup, so what will Nintendo do to cater to them? So far I haven’t seen much. Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2, but those are third party. If Nintendo were to get more third party companies on board to make their best games, then maybe more people might buy it.

  2. believe the Wii U will be abolished in the 2014th and that is the whole truth, that console no one wants!
    It’s not a bad console, but the media buried it!

  3. The bias is so evident in this photo. No matter which way you look at it the Gamepad is by far the most innovative controller, they clearly asked only sony/xbox orientated websites

    1. Indeed, not to mention that the casual market Nintendo is once again aiming for this Christmas probably doesn’t consider itself a gamer and probably doesn’t visit gaming websites.

  4. I want to see how this survey was conducted, as well. Could the surveyed people only select one console they wanted? If so, many could have sided with the PS4/XB1 over the Wii U.

  5. I don’t trust these surveys the people who where survied where probably those ”gamers” that only play fps and the such… The wiiu gamepad is much more innovative, the xbox one’s console design is much better than the ps4’s (although I much prefer the Wii U’s simple look) and currently the Wii U has better games in my opinion, but out of the other two the xbox one’s launch lineup looks much better.

    1. I have to agree. Nintendo has been out for a year and therefore has much more games that the others do not. Even if someone thought the system just launched they would have a much larger library. Then there are the Xboxone vs. ps4 exclusives and frankly I see none from ps4. The xboxone has some good exclusives. What does the ps4 have?

  6. Something tells me this survey is a load of shit.

    The Wiiu has the most innovative controller fact and the best line up of games. Survey must of been taken by chimps :) These figures don’t represent reality as we will see when Wiiu sells a million during this years holiday season. and that’s not 1% of the what the Xbox one and PS4 will sell, it’s about 50%

    1. I know. The most innovative is without doubt the Wii U’s and the Wii U has a very decent line up. But just imagine:
      Sony and Microsoft make no games for their console and Nintendo gets loads of games… And in the end Microsoft’s and Sony’s console would be voted best even though they had no games at all. “Gamers” give Nintendo no chance because the Wii had a weeker hardware than the PS3 AND XB360.

      But of course that won’t happen games will come to the PS4 and XBONE but I was trying to say that no matter how well Nintendo does “gamers” will always rate Xbox and Playstation higher than Nintendo be cause of the nice graphics.
      Such fanboys.

      1. Agreed. The truest of gamers buy an psxbox and then a nintendo, to get the best of all the consoles. Why just settle for fps? Throw in some zelda and mario, throw in Wonderful 101 and Beyonetta 2. I believe to get the best of everything you need one of the others and a nintendo system.

    2. Gotta love when Nintendo fanboys are in denial. Lol no one wants a Wii U man, get over it. you live in fantasy land to believe it has the best line up of games too. No one (especially parents) are going to buy a Wii U over a 3ds this holiday. 3ds is cheaper, has waaaay better 1st party Nintendo games, and is portable so essentially its a portable Wii U that offers way more games. parents go for the cheapest and the 2ds takes that cake easily. 2ds/3ds for kids, casuals. Ps4/X1 for the hardcore gamers. Leaving Wii U out

      1. That doesn’t excuse them saying that the Wii U gamepad’s not innovative, where it’s the most unique of the three controllers in terms of function.

      2. Gotta love how we continue to have people like you come to this website. Do you own a Wii U? If so have you looked at the library? How about the upcoming library? If so then you sir are in denial of what is to come. A few years ago the 3ds was saling like crap and everyone was talking about it as you are about the Wii U right now. Saying its dead, next year its gone get over it fanboys, and then Nintendo did the unthinkable and made it the best selling console on the market. They will do it for Wii U which is when “gamers” like you will finally get the well deserved jaw dropping you need. Then when the New Nintendo system launches and it is slow to sale we will have to repeat the whole process again now won’t we? You’ll come back saying its dead and then it turns around. You are probably one of those people who thinks Nintendo should go multiplat right? So you can have the so called crappy games on your prefered system?

      3. The survey is bullshit. The questions, “Which console do you plan on buying” and “Which console is most appealing to you” between the PS4 and Xbone is fishy. Wii U stays at 1% but Xbox and Ps4 moves.

      4. Are these Sony fans? Microsoft has a ton of fans as well. So what would happen if a bunch of xbox fans took the survey would PS4 stay at the top? Who are these people who took the survey to give PS4 a 62% do they own a 360? It would seem that somewhere in the category Xbox would have came in first at least once.

      5. Also the games part seems fishy the most. Hardly any ps4 games are coming out next year and barely any xbox one games as well, nintendo told us ssb, bayonetta, mario kart, X, yoshi’s yarn Dk and ect. wii u’ next major game is coming out in feb, and ps4 is march but that is one gam, 1886 isn’t coming till 2015 from what i’ve heard. But yes something is fishy here

      6. This was done only in the USA though…Its obvious most Americans stay loyal to American made stuff, meaning Xbox One. Xbox’s main area of popularity is USA and UK and that’s about it. Though PS4 is suspicious.

      7. What most people disagree on is the controller thing and that is understandable.
        I think those 51% who voted PS4 touchpad to be the most innovative would have voted for PS4 no matter the question.

        The first two questions are the most important, that´s just people voting for what they want, for the latter two then it´s just people voting up their favorite.

      8. It has a better lineup than the PS4 & Xbox One does and it’s cheaper, hell everyone I know is saying they’ll wait til next year to purchase a PS4 or a Xbox One. And you are a troll so why should anyone take you seriously? Just because a meaningless poll which was most likely surveyed by a lot of Sony and Microsoft fanboys says the Wii U is the least wanted console doesn’t mean it will be. Sony is already building a bad reputation with their PS4s constantly breaking and Microsoft is getting a lot of hate because of their questionable business decisions and policies so it’s not guaranteed if they’ll do well this holiday season. Further proof, there are PS4s still available at my local Walmart and there’s only like one Wind Waker HD bundle left but ALL of the NSMBU/NSLU bundles are sold out completely, so so far that poll is looking highly non-credible but then again so are you lol

    1. Someone above mentioned the Wii U has been buried by the media! doesn’t help when a site dedicated to nintendo does it everyday.

      1. It’s not their job to bring only good news. It’s their job to report on anything at all that is somehow related to Nintendo. As a certain man who would report the news in the movie “Fiddler On the Roof” would say: “It’s not my fault; I only read it!”.

  7. Yeahhhh… The ps4’s touchpad is more innovation than a touch screen. Best game line up… Name me those good upcoming Xbone and PS4 Games. The thing is “gamers” these day judge everything by their graphics. Better graphics mean:
    – innovative gameplay
    – innovative controller
    – better games

    And only fifa and shooters are good.
    Great games like Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Pokémon, Dragon ball Final Fantasy, Shin megami tensei, Etrian odyssey, Ace attorney or Sonic have no chance.

    Good graphics, A nice console name, And “great innovative games such as: Fifa, CoD, assassins creed” that’s what makes a good console.

    I know for sure. I just know that Nintendo had brought out the controller with a touch pad or rumble sticks and Microsoft’s/Sony’s controller had the touch screen that Nintendo’s controller would have been voted as the most worst controller and Microsoft’s/Sony’s controller as the best.
    “Gamers” these days make me sick.

    1. But don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate the xbone or Ps4, I haven’t even tried it out yet. There is no way how I could say it sucks. I’m looking forward to all 3 console game line ups.

      1. Me too and the way I see things the earlier I will get a xbone or ps4 is next summer.

      2. I have 3DS and 20 games. The Vita only has ONE game that has a got interest. Persona 4. I’m picking up a vita someday. I don’t care if it is not Nintendo game. I just care that it is good game regardless the console. I have always loved Nintendo more than anything but I’m a real gamer.
        I don’t only buy 16+ rated games.
        Don’t buy only shooters.
        I buy “girly” games
        Like I said. I’m a real gamer. I buy good games regardless what.

      3. Might pick up Zero escape if I don’t have the 3DS version by then.
        Never played uncharted. I sould definitely oick up uncharted with it.

      4. Don’t play the Vita version of Uncharted first. It’s good, but if you haven’t played any of the other Uncharted games, you might get a bad impression of the series. It wasn’t developed by Naughty Dog. lol

      1. I spent over 1500 hours on my Wii browser.( Really! I checked that when the Nintendo channel was not dead)
        But after having a Wii U I noticed how bad the Wii channel is.
        Typed this on my Wii U.

    2. They are not called gamer they are called fans. Since the beginning of Nintendo first console until today we have been adapted to different controllers the whole time.
      There are three golden rules of a gamer:
      1: Appreciate games more especially the good games
      2: Being good at games no matter what console
      and 3: Why would we buy a console that doesn’t have good games?

      1. Maybe because they are great? I for one appreciate the Post-Dreamcast Sonic games more than the Genesis Trilogy+Sonic CD.

      2. Nah.

        There are a lot of good ones, but no great ones. None of them are worth buying a console for exclusively, and I’ve played them all. Sonic Advance 3 and Sonic Generations are the best ones, and those are, like I said, good but not great.

    3. PS4’s best games will be KH3, FF15, (LONG WAY AWAY) Destiny. (Multiplats) As for Exclusives…Uncharted 4 probably Fall 2014, and I cant think of much else…I just cant see a PS4 game that arrives by Fall 2014 that I can say THERE IS A SYSTEM SELLER!!! As for Xbox One…Titan Fall I suppose in March, then Destiny again…then Halo 5 in Fall 2014 lol.

  8. Something fishy about being posted by “you thought”…

    Are you sure you didn’t make this survey yourself “you thought”?…


      1. Its been reported to over heat and have u seen amazon’s customer reviews lots of people are pissed off at the ps4. have u seen the ign comments on red line of death

  9. I can see why people are more into Ps4, i want it myself at some point too (when it has more games and its little bit cheaper) but those who want one i dont understand, because ps4 does everything better and wiiu has better exclusives than it. I wish that Sony and Nintendo would do consoles together that really would kick this whole industry in the ass.


      1. He’s not saying he doesn’t like the Wii U.

        In fact, he’s saying he loves the hardware of the Playstation AND loves Wii U games.

        IE, he’s a fan of both Nintendo and Sony.

        That’s why he wishes those two would join forces again and make a console together.

      2. xD Well, im not sure are you troll or not but theres some truth on it, i guess? HAHAHA! Tbh Sony and Nintendo would really do well together, think all those games exclusive and 3rd party on one system, can you say no to that? Sony tried to make PS with Nintendo years ago, but they got no as an answer then they turned to Sega with same results, which is a damn shame because Sony working with Nintendo or/and Sega would be so badass idea, just think of the games that system would have! Its a gamers wet dream.

  10. Seems like they asked an inherently biased group. In all 4 categories, no matter what it said, the results were basically the same.

    I would love to know who they asked.

  11. Pushing past all the doom and gloom is just part of being a Nintendo guy (or gal): who’s bringing the next hate article? I’m ready.

  12. Ahhh when will people learn.

    Id love to see the results of people that actually ask, i duno… REAL gamers.
    Not people who are like “i gotta get da call of duty”

  13. I’m sorry, but how the hell is the touch pad on the PS4 controller more innovative than the Wii U Game Pad? There is nothing innovative about it and it’s nothing more than a rip from the Ouya controller.; Fanboys can be so stupid! … before anyone calls me a fanboy, I own every current system (other than PS4) and most past systems. I just believe in the truth.

  14. I wonder if people even take the time acutally try out the Wii U. It is not an unappealing system at all, and the controller is 20x more innovative than Microsoft’ or Sony’s.
    There’s obviously a huge bias against Nintendo here.

  15. Sounds like the troll wanted to sit back and watch. Soulless troll is soulless…
    btw: Soulless= lacking sensitivity or noble qualities

  16. Sounds like the troll wanted to sit back and watch. Soulless troll is soulless…
    btw: Soulless= lacking sensitivity or noble qualities.

  17. I call bullshit on this article. Especially when you see who provided the information in the first place.

    you thought has done nothing but bitch and moan about the Wii U. He’s clearly some Microsoft employee trying to run a smear campaign against us.

  18. Yep, that’s a internet survey for you.
    About as credible as support surveys (popularity polls) by/for political parties.

    As for gamer’s, I can see majority of gamer’s wanting PS4,
    but that doesn’t account that much on the demographic that actually buys these consoles.



    1. thats what i was thinking, most people buying systems around this time are looking to buy something they done have yet and wii u has been out a year. Most people who want a wii u are likely to have already bought them

  20. So, let me get this straight. Xbox rumble triggers are more innovative than the Wii U Gamepad?… These survey takers are definitely not biased at all.

  21. What are people talking about, the wiiu will be abolished in 2014 haha, even if it sells nothing this holiday season, it still has an install base of 4 million, yes that’s not earth shattering, buy its also not spelling the doom of the wiiu.

    Shit, the vita is still on the market, only Nintendo has big guns to sell consoles.

    I would say to wait until at least holiday 2014 to claim the death of the wiiu.

    As for this “survey”, obviously its bias, everything is, especially when it comes to entertainment.

    Wiiu will sell well this holiday season, its great value and no one can deny that and you have to think this whole bricking fiasco will make more than a few hesitant, and you just know the xbone will also have problems.

    It would be a sad day for the industry of Nintendo were gone. They seem to be the only ones left that are honest.

    1. Have you tried the final version of said controller?

      Don’t judge a product by its prototype, even if it’s not considered to be as innovative as the Wii U’s, because it’ll be incomplete at that time.

      1. I have tried the final version of the controller at a press event just this week. The touch pad is more of a over-grown button, feels cheap and is generally incredibly lacklustre.

  22. wow. This is so wrong… in my personal opinion. Ps4 is a updated ps3 with a tiny touch pad screen. Nothing to ,wahoooo, about. Xbox one…..just plain creeps me out. I way to up close and
    personal for me. Wii u great. Sure I wasn’t thrilled at first and didn’t understand it but once I sat down and played I was happy. Also joining to systems together equals less space. :)

    To those who haven’t picked up a with u controller and played something, don’t judge a book by its cover.

  23. No surprise here! Most “gamers” nowadays are Hollywood- and graphic gamers. It doesn´t matter, if a game has great gameplay, as long as it got hype and “coolness” it´s okay.

  24. No problem sickr :]

    Well that just goes to show what I’ve been saying. No one wants a Wii U and as Stubbs man mentioned above when you survey fanboys (you guys) its not a fair poll its biased crap BUT when you survey a large group of gamers you see that NO ONE wants a Wii U.

  25. Intergi is an advertising agency that specializes in gaming sites. I’ve done work with them, and they probably just ran the survey as an ad across over 1,500 different sites.The results are very believable to me especially since they were asked which console they’d like the most, were most planning to buy, and was most innovative.

  26. This survey just feels like negative press made for the Wii U before the holiday season. ps ( how the hell did rumble triggers become more innovative than a touch screen integrated with a console and Tv )

  27. I believe this is just an unreliable article considering the scum sucker who posted this “conviently” found this article from a website I haven’t even heard of let alone trust, im surprised iceazeama didn’t post this, considering you thought is probably the same wuss

    1. Its not believable because you are a biased fanboy. You only believe it if it’s good Nintendo news but if it’s bad you won’t believe it.


      1. I don’t believe this article’s authenticity, deal with it dipshit

        you come to a NINTENDO site, to bitch about NINTENDO and here you post an article slandering Nintendo just to feel like a big man,

        I don’t accept it im a fanboy hence why im here on a Nintendo site


      2. Lol look how mad your getting. You sound like an angry little kid. You are just mad that no one wants a Wii U, you don’t believe it because AGAIN you are a biased fanboy. Also you throw fail assumptions like to “too feel like a big man” ?? That just shows that you don’t know what your saying man. And then paranoid fucktard ??? Lmao get better insults and stop writing, acting like an angry little kid.

      3. its a shame, your organs could be used to help someone who deserves life not on someone like you who spends his moaning about Nintendo, you probably sound like a child crying “Nintendo hurt my fweelings” yeah im an angry little kid but a kid who has bigger balls than you, no shit im a fanboy genius, if you go to any website there will be fanboys, its like a parasite with you, you feed on faliures of Nintendo but than cry in your shell when Nintendo succeeds

      4. Lol wow what an idiot XD I can’t take you serious you just write little kid rage comments and don’t make sense.

      5. You got owned kid. You couldn’t rebuttle all you did was throw angry insults with no logic behind it. Showing that you lost badly. Lmao

      6. Awwe :( when the nintenbabies loose they resort to bad jokes lol you lost I won sorry kid maybe next time you may have a chance :/

  28. Sorry, but the PS4 Touchpad was added thanks to the Wii U Gamepad.
    It is a WiiUGamepad.rar .-. innovative? NO. Nintendo had before ¬¬

  29. it’s no surprise when games like 3d world exist on the console. gamers don’t want to play casual and kid shit. next year though when the truly appealing games come out like the next zelda and smash bros, sales will definitely pick up.

    1. Yeah, this is probably accurate. If they surveyed families with kids, WiiU would be the dominating statistic. Nintendo is not targeting mature gamers, nor do they seem to care about their current mature gaming customers.

      1. exactly. it shouldn’t be that hard to get core gamers back. if ms and sony can do it easily then I don’t know why can’t nintendo. they even said they were going to get the gamers back with the wiiu. I guess they aren’t putting much effort into it. I’m not saying games like 3d world shouldn’t exist, I’m saying core gamers should be first and families should be second.

      2. I agree. Its good that they have games like Bayonetta2,X,Cod, AC and some others for us old farts, but those games arent enough and it could be much better if Nintendo would do more to get games like Destiny to WiiU. Im tired of hearin the “Nintendo is for kids” line and Nintendo is the one to blame for that.

  30. Yes, 35 percent of them thought rumbling shoulder buttons are more innovative than the introduction of touch screen gaming to consoles and the possibility of asymmetric gameplay. Clearly they’ve surveyed a diverse group of video game consumers. That or this world really is full of brainless idiots… oh wait… it is… thanks for the survey–real illuminating.

  31. Okay, normally, I could understand this many people wanting the PS4 and XB1 over the Wii U, because they’re literally launching as we speak. However, what honest fan of all three systems would vote the gamepad’s touch screen as the least innovative controller feature?

    Even if we forget the fact that controller rumble features of various forms have been around for almost 2 decades now, and that laptops have had touch pads for a while, there is no way that the touch screen is less “innovative” than the PS4 touch pad.

    The gamepad screen came first, so there’s no way that Nintendo was influenced by either Smartglass or the PS4 touch pad. I’m not sure whether or not Sony was influenced by it or not, but the gamepad screen IS a touch pad, except it can also act as an actual second screen should the developers choose.

    Sorry, but I’m gonna have to call bias here.

  32. The only thing that this survey tells is that there are more people willing to buy a PS4 than people who want to buy an Xbone or a Wii U. People basically voted for the console they liked the most for each question.

  33. This survey seemed to let any one submit their answers? So couldn’t trolls enter the ring and vote against the wii u? Xbox one isn’t even out yet, ps4 is having problems from what I’ve read. I still think the wii u will still do good during the holidays.

  34. I think the people in this survey just voted for their favorite in all categories no matter the question. Well except for those 14% level headed persons who thought “I am surely more interested in PS4/XBox but i have to give Wii U my vote for the controller”.

  35. i just sold my ps4 to a dude and got all my money back ps4 is really just my PC with sony games running on it second i dont get the ps4 toutch pad vs the gamepad. there damn near the same just one has a display the other is just boring. like a laptop pad. dont fall for this sony hype it will make you as crazy as sony and there fanboys are.

  36. Yeouch…it doesn’t matter who’s taking them, as it is most likely a mis-madh anyways. The fact that nobody cares about the Wii u is a problem. First its what’s a Wii u? Then when ppl learn about its, who care? Like I said Yeouch.

  37. “Most innovative feature – PS4 touchpad 51%, Wii U GamePad 14%”

    Sometimes I wonder what idiots are taking these surveys.

  38. Sickr
    The people in the comments have revealed this “survey” was completely flawed, here’s the reason why from Bloomberg:
    “Intergi Entertainment surveyed console gamers across their explicit network of 1,500 sites to determine which next-generation console will triumph the gaming market this holiday season. With over 5,000 submissions received, Intergi determined that Sony’s PlayStation 4 will more than likely surpass its competitors, Microsoft’s Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U.”

    Basically one commenter has pointed out Intergi Entertainment posted this “survey” on 1,500 random sites, not directly asking gamers what they think. So anyone can click on this “survey” and that includes employees for each console. Furthermore the “survey” was biased since the beginning, especially due to the fact Intergi Entertainment is also marketing for their affiliate Sony Entertainment Online. So they had every reason to create this biased “survey” to make Sony look as polished as possible.

    This is NOT a “survey” it’s actually an advertisement
    Someguy from playerssessnce

    1. Wow exposed and blood are really idiots. I don’t even think you guys read what retro wrote or you would see that it doesn’t prove anything, let me explain… A few things to know… you can’t say they are biased just because they are marketing for Sony that would be an assumption. Second if it goes on random sites its still getting people’s opinion on which console they would buy so out of 5000 people most would go with ps4 and 1% of them would go with wii U. So what you really did there was take someone’s comment, didn’t read it properly and came to the assumption that it isn’t a survey when in fact it is a survey. You all don’t wanna believe it because when facts come you guys hide and cant except it lol. What the survey proves along with other gaming sites is that NO ONE cares for a Wii U this holiday or at all if they did people would go out and buy one and sales wouldn’t be so bad. There’s no running from the truth fanboys. Its 3ds, ps4, bone for the holidays nothing else in terms of gaming systems

      1. Yea your just trolling dude lol fanboys can’t read and are always in max denial mode but yea, nothing was broken. It was a real survey and no one wants the Wii U lol you are just an angry boy right now but I understand. You didn’t get your diaper changed :/

  39. If i had to choose between PS40% failstation or Xbone “Dead Rising 3Frames per second” i take another Wii U, to put on a pedestal so my friends can stroke it.

    1. I’m already sold on wiiu but if I had the money for another console and looking at things how they are right now I would definitely get a xbone ineradicable of a ps4.

  40. Who the heck did they survey? Just Xbox and Playstation gamers? Because no Nintendo fan would have chose PS4 or Xbox One. Rubbish survey.

  41. Okay, okay… why is PC never included. 3:

    Honestly, I think people play on PC, have a 3DS, and only want PS4 because of the exclusives. XBOX games tend to eventually get PC releases at least.

    1. Because PC is not a toy?
      Console gamers comparing their toys like kindergarteners.
      PC gamers compare their rigs like men would compare cars or women their cup sizes, or knitting’s or what ever they’re in to.

      1. I would argue that consoles these days aren’t really toys either. They are (or are supposed to be) the main source of entertainment in your house outside of cable TV.

        Honestly, the only reason I have a PS3 is because it plays Blu-Rays.

      2. Well, comparing gaming PC and console would be like comparing Ferrari and Fiat.
        Consoles these days are way behind gaming PC’s, which is kinda sad.
        Microsoft wants its console to be this “all in one” system, where as Sony seemed to concentrate on gaming, but was kind of forced to go with all that silliness because of some stupid rivalry.
        I don’t like that, because it really just holds out on the gaming aspect.
        That’s why I love my Wii U, its 99% about gaming, and rest of 1% is about community (miiverse) and TVii.

        PS 3 was the best Blu-Ray player of its time, PS4 might not have that same edge.
        If PS4 gets any must have games, I will get it, but for now, it seems PC and Wii U is the way to go.

      3. Definitely. Though for me, I don’t need a Wii U if they follow a nice trend of releasing things on 3DS as well… Either way, I do agree with you. I think consoles actually hold gaming back somewhat, because of the limitation of the machines/controllers… but that is another topic for another time!

  42. It’s been out for a year. The pre-order sold out twice. Of course the demand for the Wii U is down. Everyone already got it. The others are just coming out and no one has them so of course the demand is up. I hate when people try to make data like this into something more than it is. This survey literally means nothing. No fanboyisms would make the data meaningful. All you have to do is look at the release dates and facts about the Wii U sales at the time of release. If all of them were released at the same time the percentages would be far different.

  43. Ok i see the fanboys got an explanation for everything. They asked people, 1% want the WiiU, that’s the fact now. And yes people on this site are the 1%. And nintendo will sell some consoles but probably to casuals because what they are releasing is WiifitU, wiisportsclub, bla blabal.

  44. And the problem with these is that (Long post)

    A. Timing. The must have buyers for Wii U probably got it already a while ago. Like me. When it came out. A year ago. For Christmas LAST YEAR. The PS4 came out YESTERDAY! People need to either buy them NOW with the pre-order crowd, or with the Holiday crowd to get the deal.

    B. Who are you asking (yes I realize a lot of people say this) because Nintendo is mostly about consumer loyalty. They always make games like they are remaking an old favorite, rather than rehashing to make more money. They plan on remakes, and make them their own games rather than throwing numbers on (Exception: Mario). Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Legend of Zelda are 3 of their main titles that are all about remaking the same game, but with a new feel, new story with the same set plan, and appeal to the person who bought the last game. Sony has always said “If it is a shooter, make more guns. Otherwise, overhaul that shit” (I’m paraphrasing) and Microsoft has always said “See this shooter? It has more guns. Oh, and we bought some Ubisoft games too”.

    C. Some of this is obvious. PS3 was the BEST SYSTEM of the last generation. This is coming from a conservative Nintendo nerd who only owned the Wii from last generation, but had friends with the PS3. If the PS4 is backwards compatible, I WILL GET ONE. But the 360 never interested me, and Wii was good for Skyward sword, Brawl, and Wii Sports. That was about it. I loved it, but it wasn’t the best thing in the world.

    D. With the immediate game lineup coming up, Wii U doesn’t have it’s new titles yet. It spent the past year catching up with the HD craze and is now in production of its new games. Sony and Microsoft have had a year to plan for the next system, and have started it off with Ghosts (Oh joy, more 10 year olds calling each other faggots.), Arkham Origins (Another Batman: Arkham game. That is set at Christmas. Of course it will be a Christmas best seller) and likely Black Flag being made for it as well, PS4 has a quick batch of easy sellers. Talk to me once the new Legend of Zelda comes out for Wii U. Trust me, it will sell just as well as X and Y

    Speaking of X and Y, Nintendo has spent the last year producing AMAZING 3DS games and making the 2 DS. A new Zelda game, a new Pokemon game, a new Scribblenaughts game, they aren’t exactly struggling in the new game department, or the money department.

    E. (I promise this is the last point I’ll make, sorry it’s so long) What dignity did these people asked have? 70% of people are afraid of Nintendo’s image as a gaming company for kids. Without the shooter revenue, which they have lost even James Bond games at this point, and while Metal of Honor: Vanguard was AWESOME, it was WAY too short, and 90% fantasy RPGs, Nintendo doesn’t seem to appeal to “Adults” (mostly late high school and college kids, like myself). But many are still fans. When I started a gaming club at my college (JWU!) the most popular thing to play was good old N64 (mostly for Super Smash bros. Yeah, they are making one of those), followed immediately by the Gamecube for Double Dash. Last year the PS3 passed that mark with single player gaming, but for social gaming, Nintendo still reigns supreme. Yet few of those people owned a Wii or Wii U for fear of being judged as childish. Those who did often said things like “Don’t tell me how Skyward Sword is. I need a Wii Motion Plus first” or “Do you have Pokemon? I need to trade to evolve a few”.

    So in short; don’t expect much from anybody who doesn’t think that Wii U won’t be competitive. They have plenty of tricks up their sleeves and now that they can handle say, Batman: Arkham, Assassins Creed, and Mass Effect 3 … I expect great things. PS4 may still win the Gen, but they have some challenge this time.

  45. I’m sorry, but I do not agree with this survey’s response.

    PS4 has the most innovative and most impressive Line-up? I do not see anything impressive in his launch day line up and most innovative controller should had been the Wii U. Even Xbox One has a more impressive line up of games coming out. Hate Xbox One and Love Sony but I just want to be fair.

  46. “With more than 5,000 submitted entries, the survey results leave only a 1.4% margin of error. ”

    “To ensure accuracy, Intergi targeted its network of over 1,500 sites reaching console gamers exclusively in the United States.”

    sorry but no… just no

    anyone who knows jack shit about statistics and sampling knows that these 2 statements are mutually exclusive

    the margin of error can not be extrapolated to the whole populace because according to the second statement they did NOT use probability sampling to conduct their survey thus it may be biased

    if you want a representative results you have to specifically choose who to ask based on demographics and not just invite anyone who feels like it in for a survey… simply asking a lot of people is not enough

  47. True or not, this won’t affect Nintendo! Trolls keep on comin’, we are going to destroy you one by one! Also I want a Ferrari for christmas!!! ^^

  48. No. NO NO NO. I can live with the nobody wants to get the Wii U this christmas. Whatever. BUT no way in hell is a tiny touch pad and some triggers I didn’t even know about more innovative then the GAMEPAD.

  49. Which unique controller function is the most innovative?

    PS4 Touchpad 51%
    XBO Rumble Triggers 35%
    Wii U Gamepad Screen 14%

    that data proves the stupidity of the people given the survey.
    also there is a typo there, good job mnn.

    how in the fuck are rumble triggers more innovative than the wii u gamepad? the people that said that are the xbox fanboys just hating on nintendo. You can’t trust people’s opinions when it comes to making your own decisions. That’s the mistake the majority of people make. They hear something is good or bad from someone else and they base their opinion on that thing off of the other person’s opinion. No one thinks for themselves anymore. What’s worse is when they go around and spread the other person’s opinion as if it’s their own.

  50. This is just part of the anti-Nintendo marketing that has been going on for the last year now. I bet there was no survey, it’s all BS.


  51. Alright, as the text said, it’s just a survey. You have to take into consideration that they took only 5,000 gamers. Do those gamers know about all of the three consoles equally? Do they know what games are coming for all the three platforms? Did they interview only CoD gamers? What was the age of all those they interviewed? You have to take in consideration all that when you think of making a survey, and much more. If you ask 10 gamers which game they’re getting and 7 answer CoD, you’ll get an approbation rate of 70% for that franchise. But what if you ask 100 gamers, and only those 7 gamers answer CoD? You’ll get a 7% approbation rate.

    So, no panic guys. Just keep enjoying your Wii U and showing it to your friends. We know Nintendo hasn’t advertised it right or a long time, but recently things have been changing, and Super Mario 3D World is coming. You all know what it means!

  52. Well, let’s get real folks…who in their right mind would want to buy a Wii U for the holidays? Most of the people who actually wanted a Wii U have already gotten it and for the holidays, why buy an old console when you can buy one that just came out? Seems like a no brainer to me

    1. Your brain hates you lol. I prefer a proved console with games that wont stop every 2 hours of gameplay but you know lack of education is ruining our youth brains yours included.

      1. lol, I’ll admit that that was a pretty good and unique comeback. Anyway, I have nothing against the Wii U. All I’m saying is that the dedicated Nintendo fans will have already purchased it for the most part. I bought it months ago when it was brand new and many other Nintendo fans that I know did the same. Now that I own it, PS4 is next on my list to conquer. (Forget Xbox One!)

  53. This was survey for fanboys.
    Even though it does not specify where the polls were taken of, even if it was on generic unbiased gaming site covering all consoles, in my experience, pro Nintendo people tend to be very minority of the community on those sites.

  54. Intergi targeted its network of over 1,500 sites reaching console gamers exclusively in the United States.

    Ok here a tips for the US, this does not reflect the world we live in. We know the xbox will not do very well outside the usa expect in UK (where I live).Which also remind me that Nintendo has historically see Europe as weak market and therefore the market and the launch on this continent were shit. It’s not wonder why sony and Microsoft do better. I personally think Sony will do good and Microsoft will have the same fate as the Wii U. I think Nintendo has not put too much effort to get their latest product on show. Microsoft and sony has not put any add on tv but did very good marketing toward seller

  55. It’s a shame nobody wants the Wii U. But then, Nintendo does seem to fail with their consoles every once in a while. I feel like if they could get that huge third-party support and advertise better (right now the only ad for the system I really see is one talking about upgrading, which sounds like you’re just buying the controller for $300) and add to the system to make it more competitive with the others. Seriously, I still can’t believe there wasn’t an achievement/trophy type system. EVERYONE knows how to make them for the other systems, just because they “didn’t want to require people to have them” is an awful excuse. While they don’t appeal to everyone, they can still earn them and just ignore them (both systems can turn off the notifications for them, not sure about PS4 and One, but it’s probably safe to assume). For those who do like to get a little more out of their game it’s a fun experience. I find myself playing a second or even third time to get the trophies, it adds more replay value to games that otherwise may not have them. Honestly though, I just don’t know what else they can do to sell the console. Their advertising STILL sucks and even with great games like Pikmin 3, New Super Mario Bros U, and Super Mario 3D World it’s not being adopted. Unfortunately this console may see a short life span.

  56. I’m calling BS. There’s far too high a percentage of people wanting the PS4 over the other two consoles. This was probably administered to a select group of gamers who already owned a PS3, or that were on Sony’s mailing list.

    Some of it just looks plain fabricated…almost a 50/50 split in the software line-up? That’s funny, considering the PS4 and the X-Box One have almost identical line-ups during the holiday season.

  57. Most impressive Line up? How is PS4 winning? It has Killzone…nothing else, but multiplats pretty much.

  58. And how can people like the PS4 controller which is still very similar to the PS1, PS2 and PS3 controller, and the Xbox One Controller WHICH STILL TAKES AA BATTERIES, more then the Gamepad? Xbox One controller is NOT innovative at all. Its a modified 360 Controller. PS4 has the share button and a touch pad…whoop dee doo. Gamepad is the most innovative PERIOD.

    1. you’re right here but it has a lot of bad things. gamepad battery life? ~3 hours max. the innovative touch screen? is resistive, not capacitive, good luck clicking on it with fingers. On top of it it’s heavy and has some unnecessary things like NFC scanner and remote tv control.
      This is what a regular gamer who plays ps360 would see. I like gamepad but it has lots of bad things. but actually a lot of people dont want it, they just want a slightly modified regular controler

      1. Never had an issue with the touch screen so that’s a moot point. Being resistive isn’t that big a negative.
        The NFC scanner is the only reason that Skylanders is even on the console, so it’s not unnecessary.
        Remote TV Control isn’t a bad feature, either.
        As for the weight, it’s not that heavy. Unless you’ve got weak hands or hold it aloft in front of you for hours, instead of keeping it balanced in your hands with your hands/arms cradled in your lap or to your sides like a normal gamer, you won’t even notice the weight, so yet again, another moot point.

        And the battery life is easily solved by getting the new battery pack that extends it, or by simply keeping it plugged in when it starts to get low on energy.

        This is coming from a multiplatform gamer who loves his PS3.

      2. “you’re right here but it has a lot of bad things. gamepad battery life? ~3 hours max. the innovative touch screen? is resistive, not capacitive, good luck clicking on it with fingers”

        battery life is an issue yes (and i already replaced my battery with a larger one)

        the screen however is not
        anyone i asked who used it confirmed that
        it’s extremely responsive (so much so that i’m actually surprised because i didn’t think this was possible with resistive screens… some of my friends thought it was capacitive when using it for the first time) and using it with the finger is absolutely no issue at all
        the only downside is that it doesn’t allow multi touch but other than that i don’t miss anything that a capacitive screen could offer

        and NFC may not be necessary (neither is a touch screen) but it opens up some nice possibilities in the future, developers have to use it though

        remote TV control is a gimmick yeah but i’ve found myself using it quite often so i’m not gonna say no to that or even denounce it as a downside like you are apparently doing Oo

        weight was never an issue for me while using it… 500 gramms sit quite comfortably in 2 hands and even in one hand while using the touchscreen with the other… 10 inch tablets are heavier than that and they’re still easy to hold in one hand

  59. just for those that doesnt know

    PS4 has been experiencing a Hardware issues on it release date, Amazon already removed the buy of the console until it gets fixed
    Flaws listed are: overheating, missing controllers, something similar to the RROD

    Amazon reviews also are all negative toward the console due to this
    Also, users are reporting a Brick when updating

    1. well the amazon reviews are certainly not all negative
      most are positive actually

      but the number of 1 star reviews due to DOA consoles is way way too high

    2. Faulty hardware isn’t why you can’t buy. It’s because the system is sold out. lol Yes, there are some bits of faulty hardware out there, but at this moment, who’s to say what we read on the web is fact or fiction? A LOT of people have been making stuff up and spreading rumors for the sake of argument and the console wars. It’s ridiculous, but true. Also: Amazon is notorious for a plethora of fake reviews.

      Yes, I know for sure there are some faulty systems being shipped, but we honestly don’t know how many at the moment. I got mine from Amazon and it works great. Also, at one of my jobs we sold close to 300 on launch day and nobody has called or come in with any problems yet. So we will see.

  60. I’m a huge Nintendo fan, I mostly play games only Nintendo systems, I’m still looking forward to Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and others, but seeing this just makes me think Nintendo should probably just give-up on Wii U, I mean, they could maybe make a new start with another new console. But Wii U really seems like it’s done for now :(

  61. I find it so hilarious that so many people are calling this survey BS but when a survey taken by a random website with even less scientific means calls EA the worst company in the nation, it’s fact.


      1. i was calling this survey here BS (and it is from a statistics standpoint) so you were adressing me among others

      2. not sure what’s so hard to understand about my comment

        you adressed me by adressing people in general who’ve called this here survey a sham and i replied because i will not stand for this comparison

        i have my reasons for calling out those surveys as they’re statistically not relevant
        cannot be due to the way they were executed (non probability sampling)

        if you don’t expect people to reply to your comments why are you making them?

  62. Nintendo doesnt need to cater to the third parties in the west. At all. Infact they’re a dying breed that are shackled to EXCEEDINGLY toxic publishers. The indie devs are where its at.

    In this case Nintendo’s not the major factor that is stubborn or short sighted. Ye who knows little are.

    Its the arrogance. The western arrogance at play. EA is full of them. And they treat their employees HORRIBLY. Abuse of human rights, they take advantages of their people’s passion and exploit it. That is why they’re the worse company in America.

    The gaming industry is broken to its core. Being an Indie is ridiculously hard anyway.

    Nintendo refuses to have any part in that. They wont even fire their own employees.(Though their employees at their main office do work in a windowless building ._. )

    See what happens when the industry chases that mobile dollar? You get people complaining about buying games for 9$

    They need to fix their online structure for sure, but this focus on online has lead us to the point where are consoles are so damn online reliant they might as well be always online. There are a shitload of features missing or locked online (like with trophies on the PS4)

    Hell the PS4, like the WiiU doesnt even have features the PS3 has you know.

    The consoles arent like steam, we have no assurance for our games. They’re stuck to accounts that are stuck to the internet. Shit Nintendo already has our purchases tracked, Im pretty sure they already have some wonky account/hardware hybrid system going on in the background .

    So what does that say man? It means we’re getting screwed over in the long run and we let it happen. Seriously we’re going full speed ahead with this internet thing as a society. But the truth is, we’re going to hit walls, and more limitations. We’re quick to poor our money into this stuff. But its going to cause problems.One way or another. And these will be relevant and serious problems sooner than you think. This cloud gaming bullshit is not going to be fully realized either. We got problems that need solving. This industry is DEFINETLY not thinking in the long term, from what I’ve observed, their plans to be “future proof” are no where near sound. Its a problem. And they think removing hardware from the equation because they exercise a loss leader strategy is a good idea. (Mind you this is NIntendo’s first time they did that, with the WiiU)

    Look at Sony and Nintendo. Who’s debt free? Nintendo. Who’s got more money in the bank as a whole? Nintendo.All Nintendo does is games man, they’re the one’s who push software, that leads to them pushing their hardware. Outside of the few who bring true innovations in the PC space who do you see innovating with the consoles? Its always Nintendo.

    The investors may like fact that Sony is more “westernized” and are easier to sway and the fact that their stocks have more highs and lows but that doesnt mean they’re business is sound. (We’ll see how Kaz Hirai proves his mettle.)

    Why do they back Sony? Because Sony is easy for them to contorl, easy for them to manipulate. Its that simple. Dont believe me? Go back to May 22nd of this year and watch Microsoft’s DRM fiasco unfold. Watch Sony come in and smash their nuts in. Gamers can change this. But they dont. Because in the end they’re fine with and they ENABLE it.Because it doesnt affect them. Hell as long as they can get a game on the cheap they dont give a shit what anyone else is up to.

    The third parties wanted that DRM, EA wanted to control Nintendo’s online platform, much like Sony tried to with their disc’s relationship.
    NIntendo told em to get outta there with that shit. Then Lucas Arts was shut down and THQ got ripped apart.

    THAT is why Nintendo’s Triple AAA third party support situation looks so dire right now, Because the base that was there, was cut in two and they weren’t ready so they relaxed their marketing push. ( That for a system pushing the core, the launch ads screamed the opposite >_>, trying to get the Wii people to come aboard without the software being there yet was a dumb idea)

    If you want to count on someone to make money in the long run, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone as adroit as Nintendo when it comes to that.

    Some publishers dont even think they have what it takes to be able to make money on Nintendo’s platform and search for every excuse in the book, they can find.

    Nintendo doesnt need to be buttering up places like IGN. They should talk to the true enthusiasts. Fuck the mainstream game media. They’re run by god damn entertainment companies. Just there to entertain you with “news”
    The mainstream “games journalism” arena isnt here for the consumer. They’re to protect the industry. They are not real journalists. They’re people who tell you stories, and the better stories they tell the higher they go in rank. And get cool shit in the process.

    If Nintendo wants to succeed with the WiiU they have only one task. To revitalize Japan. If they can do that, and they meet their own standards and their online services are acceptable (by my standards) they’ll be golden.

    Like you say, the need more people working for them (They have like 5000 people in total) They need a European and another first party American studio for games imo.) and they need to utilize all the tools available at their disposal

  63. Actually, here’s the problem with surveys: they aren’t an accurate consensus. They usually present limited inquires as opposed to the current situations. Of course people are going to want the PS4 and Xbox One, because they are the ‘Holiday Flavour of the Month.’ Whereas currently I’ve noticed a lot of the hot Nintendo and Third Party titles have been for the 3DS rather than the Wii U.

    Because I’ve noticed the question doesn’t apply things like price or playability. If they added these things to the equation, the survey may result in a different light. I’m not saying the Wii U’s popularity would soar overnight, but many would prefer getting something affordable and can play right out of the box than have something that’s going to collect dust because the novelty wears off.

    Also you’ll note the survey never indicates whom they polled: If it was young adults and adolescents, no contest on which one they’ll want to purchase. Because they want the one which is popular as opposed to reliable. Now if it was parents, they’d more likely choose the Wii U because it’s family friendly and the fact you can play it without monopolizing the television. Not to mention it’s not hard on the pocketbook.

    So in short, all surveys are usually heavily-biased bunk. Don’t place your faith in them, folks, just like what you like.

  64. polls are never that accurate you would have to poll a wide range of people. and in the end price governs the market just as much as software when it come to gaming

  65. Most innovative thing: Rumble Triiggers………… period!

    The WiiU gamepad is not really innovative, same goes for the PS4 controller. I can agree that the PS4 controller is well made, good design and it has many feautures but innovative? NOPE!

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