Darksiders Artist Joe Madureira Draws Link


Joe Madureira, the creative director and artist behind the Darksiders franchise, has taken a stab at drawing the iconic Link from the Legend of Zelda series. Darksiders is a title that is clearly inspired by the Zelda franchise, so it’s unsurprising that one of Madureira’s first images is his own portrayal of Link. Madureira drew a younger version of Link, because that’s the version he says that he personally prefers. He also says that would like to  draw other recognisable video game characters in the future. Who would you like to see him draw next?

My take on Link from the Legend of Zelda games. It’s sort of an amalgamation of all the versions of Link from all the games. I like young Link for some reason, more than the ‘badass’ older Link. Go figure!

This was so much fun I’m going to hit some of the other characters on the massive list you all generated in the coming weeks. Inhuman has me pretty swamped, but I will make it happen


      1. Since the Wii version of TP is non canon, only the first Link, from SS, was left handed.

    1. Every Link is different for the most part. Some are right handed and some are left handed ITS NOT A BIG DEAL.

      1. Yeah it is, but don’t hire him to work on Zelda games. Make him start a new up. And not darksiders

  1. Thanks god he’s not a Nintendo artist. That link looks kinda like a faggot, I mean look at those eyes

      1. Haha sorry about that, I was jus pusses earlier after talking to some playstation fans. Blind blind ass people. Kk let me reiterate what I mean so you understand AND don’t think I’m a homophobe.

        In this era where we Zelda fans must feud over different animation styles,
        All I want is a link who is a handsome young man

        Or a devious looking hero.
        I’ll take twilight princess or ocarina link cuz they both looked like cool dudes and had eyes I could look into.
        If this link was real and had eyes like that I would be turned off of the game too.

        Now back to the real issue here! Aren’t gay people just the worst haha with their big bulgy anime eyes

  2. Trust me, Joe. You’re not the only one who thinks young link and toon link are the most bad ass ;) Seriously. What is more awesome than a child discovering their destiny to save the world?

    1. Good question, the answer is nothing!
      Or maybe it’s turning into an adult but you actually still a child, and knowing you don’t have the time to live… Only to quest!

  3. I think Vigil Games just dying when THQ fell apart was the saddest thing. All the other studios whete just clawed away, simple based on “how many sales?” while no-one touched Vigil :/

  4. He looks nice. But, it doesn’t look like the kind of art style I’d ever want the Legend of Zelda to pick up. It is too anime-ish.

    1. Agreed. The day they do this, is the day I might have something negative to say about a Zelda game. Not as bad as if they make Lego Zelda tho, the day they do that, it’s suicide for me. There is no good left in the world, and I’m not holding out for a hero of time to be born

  5. Some great stuff there, I give him a lot of props, as an artist myself I love seeing things such as this….

    1. You blind Sheeps still beg Nintendo for features that current gen have for like 7 years? Jajajaja#WiiFailU

      1. Enjoy your little spot in this microscopic corner of the universe…

        Soon you Xbots will be cleaning our toilets and work as slaves building our ever growing 3DS forces and soon Wii U…

  6. This style is very reminiscent of Joe Madureira’s comic Battle Chasers. It’s clear that most of the people here only heard of him from the Darksiders video game series. Joe Madureira is one of the most coveted artists in the comic book history.

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