Super Smash Bros. Pic Of The Day For 11/19


The latest picture for Super Smash Bros. Wii U takes place on Skyloft with newly-unveiled character Marth. The screenshot was unveiled by Masahiro Sakurai with a caption and was taken during development. It looks like the Wii Fit Trainer got her workout. Who is the better Fire Emblem fighter: Marth or Ike?

“Pic of the day. Here’s Marth, the sleepyhead.” – Masahiro Sakurai



  1. y would anyone wanna b wii fit trainer they coudnt add zero, or sora? or shadow? tails? daisy? rosalina? k rool? midna? toad? walugi?


    1. Why waste room on ridiculous characters or minor ones when some are at risk from no longer being on the list from Brawl? The only one worth a chance is K. Rool, atleast from the ones that you mentioned.


  2. If that’s a hint towards Jigglypuff, then it could be a hint towards anyone… you can tell he’s knocked out from being hit or tumbling down. Marth rests on his sword clearly by Brawl’s animation, doubt they would change that animation when there’s required ones need to be done to this guy.


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