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Jennette McCurdy Plays Mario Party: Island Tour In Advert

Nintendo has teamed up with Jennette McCurdy to promote Mario Party: Island Tour. In a new advert for the upcoming party game, the Nickelodeon personality forcibly shows a cowboy how to properly use a lasso to collect multiple Goombas in the minigame Git-Along Goomba. Mario Party: Island Tour launches this Friday, November 22, for Nintendo 3DS.


      1. And from Judging Amy, Strong Medicine, Over There, MadTV, The Inside, See Anthony Run, CSI, Medium, Zoey 101, True Jackson VP, Ben & Kate.

  1. From I Carly,
    Maaaaan I would bang Jeannette McCurdy. We’re both 18, she’s blonde and I’m black! The pieces are all in place, now I just need to meet her,

    I’d bang Miranda cosgrove too.
    Call me up girl!
    It’s yo boy stevey,
    -Steven Harper

    1. Very VERY well written show. And I’ll fucking curb stomp anybody soulless enough to call this show bad, cuz they either haven’t watched it or don’t like comedy. It may not be YOUR thing but it’s very far from bad

      1. Yeah because your idea of a good show is only ones where some kids are looking to the camera and going “Don’t do this” constantly and pretending to be a sitcom.

      2. Wow! Are we best friends or something? How do you know so much about me??? Man, I’m so glad you’re here to tell others about my likes in dislikes in my stead, that way I don’t have to waste time soon it myself! Ily bubz #bffs5lyf

  2. I’ve seen more worse ads then this I actually think its a good one.

    @Stevey” Jennette McCurdy is Actually 21″ not 18 I just looked it up on Wikipedia and Nathan Kress also from Icarly being 21 yeah people do look young

    I wanna play this game so bad the minigame a look so good.

    1. That’s not the aim of the commercial….. (Same message to the same guy thinking the same as your post (above)

  3. Who are these nobodys? I’d no idea who she was until I read the comments. This is as bad as Rufus Hound and they paid her as well? Spend some money and get a recognisable celebrity please.

  4. i can’t follow nintendo’s marketing-strategy anymore. ad campaigns with disney and nickelodeon kids or parents with their little kids. is it really that what nintendo wants? do they want to cement their status of a casual- kiddies-game-company?
    here in my country (europe) they only advertise on kids-channels for months now! this is so sad for the left core-nintendo-fans who are still there since the golden age of nintendo.

    1. They need to focus on changing their image to appeal to older generations stat. These corny ads with terrible acting need to stop,

  5. I had no clue who the heck this girl was until I searched her name. Now I know why I didn’t know. iCarly (o _ 0) Ugh…..

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