New Accolades Trailer Released For Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo has released a brand new accolades trailer for Super Mario 3D World, highlighting the praise it has gotten across the board from reviewers. Super Mario 3D World came out today in North America and comes out November 29th in Europe. For those who have played the game, what are your impressions so far? Does it live up to lofty expectations, and can it revitalize the Wii U?



  1. I cannot wait for this game. I’ve finally made up my mind, I’m canceling my PS4 pre order. Absolutely no point in getting one till some compelling software comes out. Xbox one as imo, slightly more compelling software but I refuse to buy until they remove the fucking kinnect.

    So on the 29t I will be getting ALBW, 3D world and AC4 Wiiu. 10 times more exciting than a PS4 or Xboner !!!!!


    1. Nice! Yeah, don’t make the same mistake on the PS4 that you did with the Wii U (if you got it at launch that is). PS4 will take a while to get anything actually worth playing.


    2. I’m glad people may be coming to their senses like this. I had to spend 2 months really debating between xbox one and ps4. And after trailers for this game, wii u won. I’m glad I made the choice, This experience alone justified the purchase and Pikmin 3 and wwhd enhanced the wii u ownership a good amount to!
      I’m also getting mh3u, and then next years line up , woooh w000h!

      Super smash Bros alone…


  2. I was pretty hyped for this & so far has exceeded my expectations and still surprised me. Had a friend steal my incincibility from me and I was like hey! Jerk I didn’t know you could do that!


  3. I am on World 6 now and I have collected all the stars for every level I have played so far. 140! The game is fantastic, it is everything Sonic Lost World should have been, but even better! I would say it is almost as good as Galaxy. Very, very fun. A must have for all Wii U owners.

    3D World is probably the best Wii U game to ever be released at this point in time. I haven’t even gotten a chance to play Legend of Zelda Link Between Worlds yet!!! :O


    1. Both are funderful! I just finished w3 and I’m saving the rest for multiplayer.
      Right now I’m gunna fire up a link between worlds! Fantastic game!
      Both are sooooo good I really can’t believe it


  4. I got to wait till Christmas to play it. It’s wrapped up. I know, Ill unwrap it and play it then put Pikmin 3 case inside it’ she’ll never know bahahahahaha


  5. Will I’ll be on Miiverse looking at the Wii u players play it. Dman I wish I can play it now. It’s right there but I can’t fucking play it.


  6. I saw the photos from Miiverse it’s beautiful. Youtube can’t quite do it. The Palm Trees, the grass!!!!!!!!! According to spec sheet, Wii U isn’t supposed to do this. Annother reason wii the spec sheet is inaccurate.


    1. Wii U can output beautiful graphics. Nintendo games on the Wii were already beautiful, but now in HD…oh man. Too good, too damn good looking.


  7. All I can say about 3D World and Zelda ALBW is they are destined for greatness! They will be those like Galaxy that are brought to every fan boy argument to shut down xbawks and gaystation fan boys (no offense to the homo persuasion). Both games are just so fuckin SMOOTH and responsive and beautiful to watch. Really loving these games right now. >:)


  8. Anything else new bout 3D Mario? How are the controls? Which controller you prefer gamepad, wiimote or procontroller? Does the R and L buttons do anything? Is the gameplay difficult or easy?


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