IGN Scores Mario Party: Island Tour With A 5.5

IGN has reviewed Mario Party: Island Tour and has given the game a score of a 5.5/10. While the review praises the ambitious download play and gameboard designs, it trashes the minigames and the new single player mode. Aggregate site Metacritic has the game at a score of 64 with eight reviews having come in. Have you played Mario Party: Island Tour for the Nintendo 3DS yet? What are your impressions of the game?

Mario Party: Island Tour’s single-player campaign is laughably bad, and the ambitious, content-rich multiplayer options and unique game boards are ultimately dragged down by mostly boring minigames and unfortunate system-jerking motion control. A group of friends might only have fleeting good times with this collection.



    1. That was exactly my thoughts when I heard about the title. Mario Party isn’t a game people organize and meet up to play. Mario Party is a game for people already together to just start up… you know, like a board game.


  1. There hasn’t been a good one since 3 or 4, and honestly Mario Party is one of those games that doesn’t feel right if your friends aren’t with you. It’s essentially a board game, and board games electronic or not are infinitely better in person as opposed to online.


    1. Exactly, it totally would have done better on the Wii U, hell could have even used the game pad for asymmetric play and I’m sure they could have made a lot of fun games using that. Who ever decided to make it on the 3DS was dumb.

      Personally, I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, but at least being on the Wii U would have made a lot more sense.


      1. I hope it takes inspiratiom from Nintendo Land’s asymmetric game play, they can make lots of creative 4 vs. 1 with that!


  2. Considering it’s on a handheld and it has no online multiplayer, I expected shit reviews. Ah whatever, two other masterpieces are released today.


    1. Oh wait it’s not even online? Ha sorry but I don’t see 4 people getting together and playing this in the same room all that often. And yea I got the 2 real masterpieces myself so I’m happy :)


  3. What I hate about Sony and Microsoft (and their fanbases) is that they hype up games like Knack or Ryse, and they turn out to be shit. Nintendo hyped LBW and SM3DW because everyone knows that they’ll be critically acclaimed. Nintendo didn’t hype up MP: IT because they knew that it wouldn’t be the best.


      1. That’s because Pikmin 3 isn’t as popular as Zelda or Mario, so they weren’t sure if critics would give it good scores. I didn’t expect Beyond Two Souls or Knack to get shit scores.


    1. you must be seriously mentally handicapped to say something like that, i guess you’ll also say that if mario bros came out today they wouldn’t be a gaming revolution, ya fucking moron, ya bastard, i’m sick of your shit, you should die in the streets


      1. Since Audrey and Rich left, IGN Nintendo is terrible. It’s back to the same old same old. They are one of the most notorious gaming media outlets out there though so their scores are noteworthy and carry some weight, for better or worse.


    1. Agreed. When has IGN ever had an un biased opinion of a game. They even said Kid Icarus Uprising didn’t support the Circle Pad Pro, when the case said it does. IGN = 6_9


  4. I always wished Nintendo would try harder with the Mario Party series. Every time I get a new one, I feel like it could have (and should have) been MUCH better. They always feel too much like the same old thing again. I haven’t enjoyed a Mario Party game very much since Mario Party 5. Though each one has something I like. This series needs a major over-haul.

    One f the things that burns me out on these games is when I can’t turn off specific mini-games that I hate. And then I’m forced to play them over and over. I always hated the 1 Vs 3 mini-games. I hate being forced to help my opponents. Sometimes I’ll purposely lose just so my opponents don’t win more coins.


  5. I have the game and it’s actually pretty good maybe not better than say 6 or 7, but still worth it to pick up and have with. The board play is a bit slow moving, but the boards are all very unique and most of the mini games will get you going. The com difficulties range from very easy to extremely hard for all players. Great game if you get past certain little pet peaves. And a game does NOT have to have online play to be good for those of you who feel that way.


    1. This game is amazing. Don’t listen to IGN. Sure, the boards are a tad boring (At least Star Speedway or “The Mario Party 9 Board”, was) but the Minigames are extremely well made
      People who look at IGN for the sole opinion will never get a good game. After all, these are the guys who gave every CoD game a near perfect score


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