Grab A Copy Of ZombiU For $14.99 At Best Buy

Popular US retailer Best Buy is currently selling the well-received ZombiU for the cheap price of $14.99. ZombiU originally launched with the Wii U to mixed reviews. However, the reviews of the game on the Best Buy site are largely positive. It’s certainly worth giving the game a spin for $14.99.



    1. In Canada, Best Buys are regularly selling ZombiU at $20, so it’s probably not permanent but not the hugest discount. That said it’s an absolute must-have at either price.


  1. at the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 all the games on the Wii U will be at $ 10 because nobody kupobati and console shall not exceed either the fifth million ..


  2. WTF!???? My FireFox Donottrack me is blockin 3 social networks and 6 companies trackin me from this site. Its funny because in Redtube there was only 1 company and social network to blocked. I suggest everyone to use Donottrack me in FireFox, we are watched, spied and tracked otherwise. And its creepy.


    1. I agree. The scariest thing in normal zombie games is your controller’s battery dying. Everytime you meet a Zombie in ZombiU, you die a little inside. My scariest exoerience was when I one time were shooting on one Zombie walking towards me in the dark, and I suddenly heard the soumd of my gun being out of ammo. At the same time, a Zombie attacked from behind. If I’m not wrong, that was the last time I played it.


    2. Yep. No longer are you like, “Oh well, I’ll respawn or restart at a save point.” oh no. You die. Which makes it much scarier than most “horror” games these days.

      most horror games these days are just gore and graphics. That’s not survival horror.


    1. I once read a comment on a site and in one line I knew they were an idiot!!
      Or maybe, just maybe, things are better understood with a second chance or more time. You might not like the game still, but to judge it so quick is really just putting yourself down, not the game!!


  3. Sure, it received mixed reviews, but you can’t deny that Zombie U is an interesting game that uses the GamePad in good ways. I think it’s worth owning for $15!


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