Digital Foundry: Vita Remote Play Isn’t Quite As Good As The Wii U GamePad

Respected tech enthusiast site Digital Foundry has experimented to see whether the PlayStation Vita Remote Play is anywhere near as good as the Wii U tethered to the Wii U GamePad. The publication states that while it’s a neat concept, the Vita Remote Play simply isn’t as good as using the Wii U with the Wii U GamePad. Here’s what they had to say.

“It was perhaps a bit much to hope that Vita Remote Play could match up to the Wii U GamePad, or even Nvidia Shield’s performance. Nintendo built its system around its controller – ultra low latency was built into the design, while Vita Remote Play simply doesn’t have that priority for Sony.”

However, whether we’re talking about image quality, latency, frame-rate – or the simple fact that 1080p gaming doesn’t always translate well to a five-inch screen – we couldn’t help but feel that we were getting a less than ideal experience, and that nothing compares to just picking up the Dual Shock 4 and playing PS4 games in the conventional way.

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      1. um either way the gamepad still uses the remote play better than the vita. what you said doesn’t mean anything about this article. i like using the gamepad :P

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              1. NO.

                The gamepad is what makes the Wii U what it is. Without it, iw would be as unimaginative as the Xbox One.

                To not accept the gamepad is to not accept progress. I call tose sorts of people “cavemen”.

                  1. Nope. The gamepad makes the Wii U stand out.

                    Even if it didn’t have the gamepad, Wii U would still be better. Why? Because Wii U actually works and has actual games.

                    1. Though I love Nintendo, I’m always gonna pick up my Pro Controller over the gamepad. I use my gamepad at times, but the Pro Controller really is better.

                    2. Really? I have yet to hear a person talking about the Wii U or even getting one.

                      Yes, the gamepad is what’s making the Wii U stand out, but is it really working out for Nintendo? No. There’s nothing wrong with the traditional controllers. Don’t get me wrong, the gamepad is a great idea, but you can’t just expect gamers to adapt to such a drastic change.

                      Honestly, Nintendo would’ve been better off making a controller like the Gamecube, THEN having the gamepad as a secondary part of the console.

                  2. I completely disagree with that. The gamepad allows for things that were not possible – you sir are clearly blind to innovation to games.
                    You can use it for an inventory, map and many other things, prevents game interruptions.

                    It’s an excellent idea. .

                    1. You can still do the same thing with the traditional controller.

                      Prevents game interruptions?… So worth the $300+ dollars!

                      The gamepad has been really innovative!!!

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        1. I might hate Nintendo for the wiiu being underpower(worst decision ever) but i have to admit i do enjoy gaming on the gamepad..

          1. Would you rather have the Wii U the way it is or would you like it to be a lo more expensive so that it’ll be as powerful as the other two consoles? (Even more expensive, perhaps.)

            The gamepad itself is very expensive to produce.

            That’s why the Wii U’s price is so high.

        2. What did you expect from a device made for playing handheld games on its own vs a pad made for remote play?

      2. Nope. I have no interest in using the “Pro Controller” Might buy one for Smash Bros…other then that I have no use for one. The Gamepad does everything the “Pro Controller” does and more. Why people hate that is baffling.

        1. Lol! Thr GamePad is nothing but a clunky distraction that holds back perfor,ance of games on the Wii U.

          1. Bullshit.
            It’s a controller that does everything a traditional controller can do, PLUS MORE.
            Inventory management, radar screens, hidden secrets, alternate visor views, hot-swapping gear made easy, stat tracking and management, and tons of other things are possible due to that gamepad.
            These are things a normal controller cannot do as smoothly, if at all.
            You’re talking out of your ass if you think it’s the gamepad holding the system back.

            It’s the lack of marketing and a small library that’s holding the system back, despite the fact that quite a few of the games in it are really good.

            1. Ignoring that by majority you mean the so-called “hardcore” gamers which isn’t a majority when it comes to Nintendo games, to begin with. (As a lot of the people who buy Nintendo products aren’t what’s classified as “hardcore” gamers in the traditional sense {like casual players, many women gamers, children, etc.}. This is how the Wii managed to outsold the other two consoles despite its lack of power.)

              1. You made the claim so it´s your job to prove it.

                70% of all male PS4 uses are fags!

                Give me statistics that prove otherwise


      3. I don’t own the pro controller. That’s for Republicans that grew up playing Microsoft and Sony. I enjoy the Game Pad because I’m a man with man size hands. I’m also more comfortable with it being so wide. Wait that’s your moms ass. Sorry. Sharing my thought is only fun for me.

        1. Really? “That’s for Republicans that grew up playing Microsoft and Sony”? I grew up with Nintendo, has always played Nintendo and will continue playing Nintendo. Love the GamePad; playing games like WW HD, ZombiU or Pikmin 3 (with Wii motes) would be terrible. I tried it with WW, having to pause all the time is really annoying.

          But the Pro Controller is great when playing games like Need for Speed, Assassin’s Creed, Tekken, Splinter Cell or other 3rd party games not utilizing the GamePad.

        1. I have my pro controller from day one with my wii u… i never use it. Only when my friend come over and wanna play with my like on fifa or Injustice…… the pro controller if just for multiplayer games.

      4. i really enjoying Wii U Gamepad not pro controller

        1: Wii U Gamepad is Strong Superior to Xbox One Controller Dualshock 4 controller and mouse keyboard

        2: Off TV Play is best for Wii U Gamepad

        3: Wii U Gamepad is not Gimmick, it Second Screen Between TV and Gamepad Just like Nintendo DS

        4: Wii U Gamepad can use Mini-Map like ZombiU

        5: in the Wind Waker HD, you can Switch Items so Fast on Wii U
        Gamepad Touchscreen rather than Start menu, Dungeons Map and Open World Map on Gamepad

        6: Wii U Gamepad is bigger

        7: Wii U Gamepad is a Revolutionary for Me

      5. Heeyy, I LOVE off TV play…watch your mouth! ;) (seriously, I play 75% of my games off TV and on the game pad.)

      6. Not all games use the gamepad. There are options to use the Wii U Pro Controller. It all depends on the kind of experience the developer wants to create. Shitty or not, it’s part of the Wii U experience and there’s no way to get around it if the game a Wii U Nintendo exclusive.

        I hope you understand that comments like that is bound to upset people and if they’re fans of a brand, they’ll take it as a personal attack on them. One shouldn’t troll unless they wish to offend.

      7. Indeed, but that’s not what the article’s about. They are talking about remote play, in which a Pro Controller is irrelevant.

  1. Honestly… Playing Assassins Creed 4 on the Vita wasn’t all bad. There was no latency and it looked gorgeous on the OLED.

  2. somewhat true. although the vita can use wifi to play outside the house. both are great in their own way.

    1. I hear it is not as smooth if you do not play it under same network.
      Think Sony themselves confirmed that.
      That was the only thing I thought PS4 + Vita had on Nintendo.

      But sure its subject to change, once our communication networks evolve to certain point.

      But switching from pro controller + TV, to the gamepad, is certainly more comfortable, than switching from Dualshock 4 + TV to Vita.
      And the reasons are obvious.

  3. Well the gamepad is part of the Wii U. The Vita is a nice handheld but it should only be a handheld.

  4. Not quite as good? It’s not even close… It has noticable latency and is capped at 30FPS. Wiiu is 60FPS with ultra low latency.
    Also the Wiiu seems gamepad seems to have the best image quality when streaming because of macro blocking on the other platforms.

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      2. Ignoring that both PS3 and PS4 can do remote play. So what the rel differance one has 8 cores and the oher doesn’t. them both use move too.

    1. Yes, because 60FPS is universal for every title! (no)
      How the game pad AND how remote play performs is based on the title. Just like how a console, handheld, or pc is.

      1. WiiU renders things 3 times over for the consoel and the gamepad and then the seperate persepective for the gamepad. So its using a lot o power.

      2. Mmm what? Remote play can’t play ANYTHING at 60fps because its capped at 30fps. Wiiu gamepad can do 60FPS no problemo and there is a good amount of games on Wiiu that are 60FPS or at least exceed 30FPS.

        Also I’ve tried playing battlefield 4 on remote play and the lag was noticable. As was the 30fps lock.

        All in all. Wiiu off tv play is way way way superior to Vita remote play and Nvidia shield. Period.

        1. So, you admit that the game pad plays some games at 30 FPS but complain about the Vita playing something at 30 FPS? You contradict yourself.

          1. Cmon man…. Listen remote play is capped at 30FPS Wiiu off tv play does 60FPS. Also Wiiu has much less latency.

            I got a ps4 at launch and I am playing it right now. It’s great, but the fact of the matter is remote play sucks compared to the Wiiu gamepads wireless streaming features and I don’t think I want to get a vita for remote play anymore.

            1. You claim vitas remote play is inferior to the Wii U gamepad, yet you dont own a vita.

              Makes a lot of sence.

              1. I claim vita remote play is inferior to the Wiiu because it has more latency (a lot more) and is capped at 30FPS and has loads of macroblocking.

                The wiiu is the best off tv play device. FACT

      3. Did you mean when Nintendo makes a game it’s on fucking point and it works unlike when 3rd party devs half ass make something for Nintendo after being paid off by microny to make a shit version. I wonder how long they will survive with all their great IPs.

  5. I’m a bit skeptical, Remote Play already worked fine for several PS3-PSP games, I’m finding hard to believe it hasn’t been optimized for PS4-Vita

    Also, what it’s a selling point for me on PS4-Vita is not on Wii U, cause it’s not supported on all games. I’d rather have Remote Play on all games, with different levels of quality, than only have Remote Play on selected titles

    1. Wait did this dumb as just say what I think he said?
      What games don’t have remote play?

      Ok now look at the list of wii u games with remote play
      Ok now look at the list of ps4 games supporting vita play
      And step 3 is feel bad

    They’re going to be soo mad hahah I can’t stop laughing!
    I can see the boards blowing up now!
    Hahahaha dude the fucking gamepad displays a couple milliseconds BEFORE your tv!
    Haha nintendos on their shit

  7. Digital Foundry has been sucking majorly lately.

    Lens of Truth is far more reliable

    But glad they spoke the truth here

    1. Well I have no magic, just internet, and what internet says , goes until I can find some more green potions


    1. Someone’s butthurt their ps4 purchase sucks. No you listen here you slimy bitch, sony did it first. They made everywhere my sony news because they were “obviously” the greatest. So when we get to compare and realize
      “Hey maybe sony isn’t the best at a lot of stuff…most stuff, well don’t sucks at everything I mean look at the fucking ds4 battery life” don’t be butthurt when we rub the truth in your face,

      Like you did to us with how great your graphics were for how many years?
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      1. My silly country is advising people to not buy the PS4 and specially the Xbox Done ahahahahahahah!

        1. I dunno sounds like your country is pretty smart to me?

          Playstation network is as joke, the xbox has waymore features that kick the shore out of “remote play”
          There’s no worthwhile games on the playstation 4
          And barely on the xbox one but it’s better then SQUAT!

          And also the controllers are GARBAGE! Literally a 7 hour battery life ON A CONTROLLER! It’s probably that fucking light, and a lot of people have rubber comi g off their sticks. Sony is desperate for money and they are crashing and burning. I won’t be helping them, I’ll be kicking ponies in the teeth as they beg to come over and play my fucking smash bros.

          1. If you’re playing video games for more than 7 hours, then there is something wrong with you. Go outside and see life for what it has to offer, instead of spending more than 7 hours of your life on video games.

            1. Pro controller is 80 hours.
              Not really fair to compare DS 4 to Gamepad, since one of those has an LCD screen always on.
              But anyways, stay classy.

          2. Stevey, I have never had a problem with the Wii U gamepad’s battery life. I never play a video game for so long anyway. If you are playing to the point where the gamepad’s battery is red, then you need to put it down and do something else, because it isn’t healthy to play videogames for too long.

            1. That’s what I do.
              Then again, I dont have time to play games unhealthy periods of times.
              And always drop the gamepad on the cradle after I finish.
              Though since I keep brightness at max, battery lasts 3 hours with luck.

  9. Yet again, shit that doesn’t belong on the site and is only posted to spark flame wars. This is not Nintendo News. Also, to anybody that was butt blasted by Digital Boundary claiming the Wii U isn’t powerful and agrees with them on this: You’re a hypocrite.

  10. I own both the PS4 and Wii U now and I have to say its great that both systems can be played without the TV but I think Sony might need to fix the lag issue because even when I’m close to my Wifi Modem it still lags but not much. I think it might be my internet speed which isn’t the best for Wifi

    I do feel like the Wii U Gamepad is much better but really its also pretty limited as well.

    1. Limited? Your a shitfuck!
      Would you rather have a quality experience
      Or be able to rely on wifi for when playing video games, when your nowhere near your console?
      And deal with lag and fluctuations.
      The answers pretty obvious dickfart and sony has a lot more shit to fix up before that, ALOT OF SHIT
      The playstation network Fuxking sucks right now and their customer support is treating people like shit,

      I say play ducking vita games on your vita
      Which lo and behold should ya look at that?!?

      1. Wow, its true what they say, Nintendo Fanboys are moronic when fighting XD

        I meant limited by the range of the system and the fact you can’t use the touch screen when in Off Screen play unlike the Vita + PS4 remote play.

        I own both PS4 and Wii U and I love them both. Reason why I have both is because I’m unbiased. unlike you fangirls

      2. Looks like a social reject is mad! lmao

        “Or be able to rely on wifi for when playing video games”

        Yeah relying on WiFi for games sucks. That’s why the Flop U not coming with an Ethernet port is such a disastrous mistake.

    2. In your internal network, your internet speed should not be the problem.
      Wireless network works at least at 54Mbps.
      Should be more than enough for lag free gaming.
      Unless your router sucks.

      Is your PS4 using wireless or Ethernet cable?

  11. well, you compare two shitty products so…..
    the gamepad is a waste, forced waste that doesn’t do much but just interferes!!! (have a weak console to just focus on a gimmick) ill never ever use the gamepad unless if nintendo is dumb and they force you. its a lost cause and the vita isn’t even meant to function as a wii u gamepad anyway.

    my diagnosis…… nintendo is retarded. the only thing that can save the horrible wii u, is software and nintendo catering towards there hardcore fan base (gamecube) but as you see they are babying everything and making shit like wii fit. also they need to give you an option for wii u pro for every game.
    for all you retarded fanboys who are probably crying like a little bitch because your only real friend is wii u. if they save the software and give us a kickass line up down the road, things that arnt just uninspired mario and zelda, wii fit. then ill at least respect it for not being wii.

      1. no, don’t want to. its way better hardware wise. away better than the 3ds. what did nintendo use, it has like the shitiest speakers and it seems cheap ass fuck, oh yeah and that wasted 3d gimmick.

        3ds kills vita otherwise. why its shit. most of its good games are remakes and ports haha some of them are even wii games!!! there is no reason to own one unless if that ps4 bundle is decent enough priced.

        1. Your opinion. For me, PSVita is ten times the handheld 3ds was. I believe me once you get one you will understand. I was skeptical before I bought the Vita as well, but now I love it..

          1. It is the “games” that make a system. That is why the 3DS is ten times better than the Vita. The Vita might have the ability to produce better graphics, but without games to take advantage of the graphics, it is pointless to own the system. It’s like owning a cell phone without any cell service…

          2. The 3DS has an epic Library and is getting all kinds of localized shit. The Vita had hardware advantages. That’s it . If you want to defend that piece of shit, you’re very lost on the wrong website. Glad you’re enjoying the purchase tho.

          3. Ps vita is far from being better than the 3DS, but its an amazing console, and its getting a shit ton of indi games and RPG’s.

      2. it has potential though and sony just does a great job out of getting out messes, and they learn there lessons. they are turning the vita around everyday now and doing really smart things. something nintendo will never do because the fanboys like everything nintendo does and accepts it like an xbox yard.

    1. First, Wii Fit U is a good game. Second, Mario has amazing titles and third, how dare you say Zelda is uninspired. Ha! I chortle at your ignorance.

      Also, I don’t know why you think the gamepad is a bad controller, because I think it is the best controller ever made. I enjoy my hands being spread apart more than compared to a typical controller which has them too close together. I like having the large screen to switch back and forth from T.V and gamepad, makes it so off T.V play is actually…playable (unlike the Vita…so small)

      The gamepad just “feels” right. SO much more comfortable than the 360, PS3, Dual shock pro and xbox one controllers… I’d say the Gamecube controller is the only controller that beats the gamepad and that is ONLY because the GC controller has the greatest button layout of all time.

    2. My diagnosis…… Sony is retarded, the only thing that can save the Horrible PS Vita, is software and Sony catering towards their hardcore fan base (PS3) but as you see they are babying everything and making shit like Littlebigplanet. Also they need to give you an option for remote play. For all of you retarded fanboys who are probably crying like a little sissy because you only friend is Vita. If they save the software and give us a kickass line up down the road, things that aren’t just uninspired Gran Turismo, then I’ll at least respect it for not being CD-I

  12. I love gamepad and its sad people hate it. There are some shits in gamepad, like NFC, that cost nintendo huge amount of money to built in(it NFC on gamepad costs 3 times more than the whole 2gb of ram in wii u). But the motion controls inside and the screen even though its resistive, feels wonderful.

  13. I have to agree it does not work always. I preferred the wii u but why cant nintendo get this right in game usage.. they have mastered it on the 3ds n ds its just now bigger guys. Only thing vita does well is trophies and messaging….i miss swapnote..its sad no way to message friends now.

  14. Lol, it would be pretty damn awkward if it would be the other way around. Nintendo has designed the gamepad as a part of their console, so it’s the least to expect it to work well. Sony has designed the Vita as a stand-alone handheld, the remote play is just an additional FEATURE. Of course you can’t expect the remote play of PS4 + PSVita to work as well as the controller of a console which has been designed specifically as a part of the console. The Vita is its own system, the Gamepad is merely a controller, as simple as that.
    Oh, and I’ve tried remote play with the PS4 and Vita and it works pretty damn good actually. People shouldn’t judge before actually trying it themselves, it’s kinda pathetic.

      1. Indeed, Sickr and Staff would be smiling printing money like crazy for every comment, ohh well… At least they put cheap ads on the site… It’s something…

    1. hahah this is the song that plays for the fanboys when you say something thats not worshiping nintendo. something snaps inside of them. there psychopaths, like that reject above us that said you deserve die just for not worshiping nintendo. he once said that i and everyone a care for deserves to die the slowest and most painful death and he would just love it and pee and dance on my grave. what a loser he obviously is a loser in real life.

      they start sweating and there blood vessels start to pop. all over a plastic box hahahah.

  15. Nintendo did a great job. and i’m loving the gamepad everyday! i just wish the distance was higher. but there’s alot of random wifi around my neighbor hood :(

  16. I love how they say “isn’t QUITE as good”. Almost like it’s even in the same ballpark. Even when these fools are painted into a corner and must admit Nintendo is better at something they find a way to diminish it or give it a backhanded compliment. Fuck them

    1. Another Nintendo fuckboy getting angry because not everybody praises and worships Nintendo. Lol the GamePad’s remote play is only slightly better than the Vita’s! DEAL WITH IT!

      1. Ignoring a vita lacks NFC technology and you need internet for it to work. Also ignoring future Wii au games will require 2 gamepads.

  17. Well obviously. The Vita is smaller and not built around the PS4. It is an advantage that the Vita can take a game anywhere, but how many people actually game outside their home? I know I don’t even take my 3DS anywhere… I only use it indoors.

    1. Not going to the practicality of the remote play through internet with PS Vita.
      But wouldn’t you rather play, I don’t know, maybe some Vita games if you were on the go?

  18. I found as the years have progressed more and more I take my handHeld systems with me less and less… I usually take my 3DS with me everywhere though because of street pass and not really to play it. I find it kind of funny that handhelds are being used primarily and households and not so much on the go.

  19. Well to be fair the vita is fully portable. And the fact you can take it anywhere and it gives you ps3 style graphics AND has the added bonus of remote play is impressive within itself.

  20. I like the gamepad, it´s pretty great.

    I like getting a new controller with each new system, it makes the experience feel diffirent even if the games are somewhat similar. I remember when my friend came home with Tekken 5 or 6 for PS3, it did not take long before we realised that he had pretty much bought a game that we had played 1000´s times on PS2. Same controller, same controls, same game but in HD.

    I can also use my Gamepad as a handheld to play VC games because my crappy HD TV can´t play the old games without unput lag. That´s a big plus because i need my Super Mario World and ALTTP fix every 6 months or so

  21. Frankly, I still don’t really see the point of off-TV play. Also, as someone who hardly ever travels, it’s a feature I would hardly ever use.

    1. Ignoring the point Nintendo proved at E3 was someone can watch TV while the other person can still play or 4 players can still play with no TV.

  22. The Gamepad is really what makes the Wii U so great. I like having a second screen to take with me throughout my house, as well as lay on my bed and use the system. It is not a gimmick, it is actually useful. We all have our opinions, but I believe the Gamepad is a innovative device for console gaming. I would rather it stay than go.

    Ignore the trolls and people trying to start arguments over an opinion and just enjoy what you have. We can’t force someone to change their thoughts. That person has to do it on his or her own.

  23. The Gamepad is cool and game made specifically for it are awesome, what is cool is having options. You have games made for the Wii motion controllers, gamers made for Pro controllers and games made for Gamepad and games made for Wii Balance board. I love the variety and the options. When went to the arcade when I was young, they have all kinds of controllers, joysticks, steering wheels, jet flying sticks, guns, etc. I am surprised no used the Wiimote and Nunchuck to make a game where you controlled a Samus with a jet pack using motion controls.

    1. Funny how one game (Mario 3D World ) debuts and Digital Foundry,CNET and UBisoft all of a sudden kisses Wii U’s ass.










  26. I wish the Gamepad could be used as a controller with the screen off. Then the battery would last much longer. I prefer the Pro Controller and will probably just sell the Gamepad on Ebay since it is the Zelda version and will likely sell for $175. The remote play is nice on the Gamepad but I never use it since I just can’t play on such a small screen because I am just so used to my 50″ TV. The remote play on the Vita sucks because there is no triggers so yes the Wii U definitely has better remote play. I would really prefer if they sold a Wii U with a Pro Controller packed in with the console instead of the Gamepad. I think the Gamepad should be an optional accessory. My wife and I enjoyed playing Super Mario 3D World but I did not like that they had certain levels that required the Gamepad to play just because they added unnecessary touch features and a couple times it was so stupid that you have to blow on the controller. I have no problem with “Gamepad Only Games” but if the game is supposed to be compatible with the Pro Controller then let it be 100% compatible. Do not have stupid idiotic features that require the dumbass touchscreen and blowing into the controller since that is just retarded. Touch screens and TV based game consoles should not be mixed. Touch screens should be reserved for handheld devices. The Gamepad would have been great if it also had a DS/3DS slot. Then it would have been possible to transmit the DS/3DS games on the big screen. Now that would have given me a reason to like the Gamepad much more.

  27. Wow really? The controller that ships with the system works better than the optional Vita?? Who would’ve guessed…….

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