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Child Of Light To ‘Fully Support The Wii U GamePad’

Ubisoft has confirmed that the Wii U version of Child of Light will fully support the Wii U GamePad. In an interview with Nintendo Life, the artistic platformer’s creative director, Patrick Plourde, said that details regarding Wii U-specific features will soon be revealed. Child of Light will launch in 2014 for a number of consoles, including Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In terms of the Wii U, has any consideration been given as yet to how the GamePad or Wii Remotes will be utilised, such as pointer controls for the second player or use of the touch screen?

Plourde: The game will fully support the GamePad. More details pretty soon.

32 thoughts on “Child Of Light To ‘Fully Support The Wii U GamePad’”

    1. And why wouldn’t i? Nintendo are trying to utilize that game pad for the most gimmicks possible in all their new games. It’s fucking MANDATORY to use it in super Mario 3d world just to raise a few platforms. what. the. actual. fuck. Streamers I’ve seen play the game practically ALL use the pro controller.

      Gamepad = FLOP
      Off Screen play = NOBODY USES IT.

      Stop making a big deal out of this shitty gamepad nintendo.

          1. More subtle? Ignoring Move copied Wiimote design. Ignoring Smart glass copied GamePad? Ignoring Don’t copied smash bros. Ignoring Sony copied Mariokart. Lastly ignoring 3D Mario world was the best selling next gen exexclusive. What Microsoft’s and Sony fans rather buy 3rd party over their first party tittles. Nintendo don’t need 3rd party never did never will.

          1. Those trolls, they are so stupid! Bunch of haters, that must be so scared about the real life. This site needs moderation for a better reading experience. I mean, INNOVATION IS HARD, CRITICISM IS EASY! The good thing is.. there is still some SMART people here with good references about NINTENDO and with a constructiv approch in there comments. Peace!

      1. Sounds like you are just salty the GamePad can do things remote play can’t. All remote play can do is you can be further from the console but that’s it.

      2. I respect you don’t like the game pad, but we DO use it. Do you not own one? The off screen play is executed perfectly.

        You really should keep that part out of your generalizing comments. It’s simply not true.

      3. The gamepad for your information is a very good idea and I’ve started using off tv play more. It’s a clever idea to not play a game with my TV needing to be on. You’re clearly blind..

  1. Can’t wait!
    It looks like I’ll need to invest in some external memory soon; there’s just too many games on my list for my Wii U to hold them all.
    I doubt even my eventual-PS4 could hold my list for long.

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  3. I am sooo gonna get this game. I have gotten ALL ubisoft games. They are all very fun to play. And I LOVE rpg and this looks so epic. I can fly and all….. some sweet exploration for this game. I cant wait.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!

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  5. I just thought of sudden. Sony nor Microsoft know the real percentage of their bricked consoles. How I know? Will the 8 core consoles wrapped under the Christmas tree ain’t counted for now is it? Boy I don’t want to see the looks of their faces on Dec 25 on chances those console are bricked too.

      1. Also includ the unopened Bricked Box ones scheduled to be playec on Christmas day. So they will have to pay to get their Xbone fixed.

  6. I will say this, I was a die hard Nintendo hater before the Wii u. Rican honestly say that the Wii u tablet is the most innovative thing I have seen in gaming for quite a while. I am 30 years old and have two kids and honestly can say it is worth every penny. There is nothing like watching football while playing Mario at the same time!!

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