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Batman Arkham Origins DLC Is Available For Wii U

Warner Bros has announced that new downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Origins will be coming to the Wii U. The three DLC packages on offer are the Infinite Earth Skins Pack, Black Mask Challenge Pack, and Online Supply Drop 1. However, the Online Supply Drop won’t be coming to the Wii U.  The Infinite Earth Skins Pack features six skins: Earth 2 Dark Knight, Long Halloween Batman, Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table, Thrillkiller Batman, Earth 2 Batman and Classic Tim Drake Robin. The Black Mask Challenge Pack sees players attempt to defeat Black Mask in two new challenge maps: Lot Full and Hidden Facility.

21 thoughts on “Batman Arkham Origins DLC Is Available For Wii U”

        1. No one should be skipping Wii U, there is so much potential in the console, and it’s bleeding stupid that people don’t want to create new experiences.

          1. The Wii U is a wonderful console. Most developers seem to be content with taking the same old games, giving them shiny new graphics, and then slapping a $60 price tag on them. It takes effort and creativity to create new experiences, and it some developers just aren’t up for the challenge. Still, I believe the Wii U’s situation will improve.

        2. Ok I am really confused. I had all of the DLC for my Wii U day one. So I don’t know why everyone is talking about it again. They did REMOVE it not long after launch to work on removing the bugs but calling this NEW is not accurate. I bought the season pass day one and got everything, including deathstroke.

        3. For some reason this game it is been sell at full $ 60 USD price tag. I report this to WB games and they answer me by saying they are going to investigate it, but I think they are not going to do anything.

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