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Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot Heading To 3DS eShop

Spanish developer CoderChild will bring what it terms as a “super hardcore platformer” to the Nintendo 3DS eShop before the end of the year.  In the video above, you’ll play as Cubit the robot and guide him through various levels with just the use of one button. And if you think that sounds simple, the developer has added 24 unlockable achievements, three different endings and two game modes to appeal to the platformer whizz.

But Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer also focusses on music, where studio boss David Márquez de la Cruz says keeping to the beat and following the musical patterns can help with the timing of jumps. The game’s also said to feature some cameo performances with EnjoyUp’s Nec from Chrono Twins, and Dani from Unepic.

9 thoughts on “Cubit: The Hardcore Platformer Robot Heading To 3DS eShop”

  1. Nah, I have Runner 2 on Wii U. Both on my Wii U and my Nintendo 3DS, I have more than enough to play at this time!

    1. You are right it does remind me of bitrunner 2 specially the added character cameos. The simplistic gameplay, 8bit graphics., retro-ish music. But that cant be a mad thing can it.

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