Rareware Inspired 3D Action Platformer Lobodestroyo Could Come To Wii U If Funded

Lobodestroyo, which is an action packed platformer which is modelled on the legendary Rare titles from back in the day, could well come to the Wii U, if the game is funded. The developer behind the game has currently raised $19,280 and still has six days to go to reach its goal of $35,000. The game is an action platformer with an emphasis on item collection and exploration. Taking on the role of Mutt, a naive and unlikely hero, players will run, flip, and dropkick across 9 unique, interconnected worlds.

Thanks, ObiBoing


  1. I dunno, I wasn’t really all that impressed with the trailer tbh. I’m sure a lot of animations and designs are simply placeholder, but this honestly looks like a platformer you’d find on sale in the iOS App Store.

    *sigh* guess I can only dream about Banjo-Kazooie 3…

    1. Not to be down putting but I wouldn’t even bother dreaming Banjo-Kazooie 3 as it’s Rare’s and MS own Rare now….

  2. That’s funny. Tadpole Treble is actually close to its Wii U goal, but this is up there instead. Hmm…

  3. funny that this website only gets big hits on negative articles instead of the positive ones :-/

  4. On Topic: Nintendo, you freaking better back the hell out of this game or else you’ll never see another colorful platformer like this again… until the next mario game

    1. Dude. Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is a colorful platformer that will be released early next year. Haha

  5. I see this as another Mighty No. 9 as in a well loved game brought back in a new skin by a different company cause the big name companies that own the originals don’t care to develop these games anymore.

    This just looks like a banjo game but wih a wolf instead of a bear. I may back this one :P

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