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Club Nintendo Japan Adds Animal Crossing Magnets

animal_crossing_club_nintendo_magnetsClub Nintendo Japan has added Animal Crossing magnets to its slew of rewards. The items display the faces of two characters from Animal Crossing: New Leaf – secretary Isabelle and her brother Digby, who’s also in charge of the Happy Home Showcase. The set of two can be redeemed by members of Club Nintendo Japan for 250 points.


  1. u enjoy those magnets japan…u enjoy them while u can…I will have vengeance… VENGEANCE!!!!!

  2. that cute :) hay is ths page moderated to? might as well block all comments if it is. thats wat i do when i upload a youtube video on social media and i cant handle criticism.

  3. Whoever complaints about these Japan exclusives not being available in Europe/North America, shut up! Here in Norway (or Scandinavia, for that case) we don’t have Club Nintendo!

    1. While I understand your frustration and I get that Japan his their homeland, EU & NA make up for the majority of their sales (that’s why we have a Club Nintendo to begin with) we deserve to be treated better, so how about you stfu.

      1. I pay just as much (even more with taxes) for games than you do, why shouldn’t I get anything back for it?

  4. The American Club Nintendo needs to get some better rewards. All of the rewards they’re currently offering are SO boring. At least to me. And when on earth are they going to ship out the Platinum rewards to people? I’m STILL waiting for my Majora’s Mask CD.

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