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Reggie Fils-Aime Answers Questions From Siliconera And Assistant Editor For Zelda Universe

Siliconera and the Assistant Editor for Zelda Universe, Melena, recently had the chance to catch up with Reggie Fils-Aime, Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo of America. During the interview, Reggie answered questions ranging from Operation Moonfall, Monolith Soft, gaming innovation, the state of Nintendo in 10 years, and regional games being developed in America by North American Studios.

When talking about the greatest innovation in the past ten years in the gaming industry, Reggie gave quite a simple answer.

“It’s gotta be the WiiMote. The WiiMote introduced a completely new style of play that arguably set an industry standard for motion controls, and let the consumer experience games in an entirely new way. The thing, I think, that’s really set Nintendo apart from the competition is its focus on new styles of play. We’re always looking for ways to innovate, ways to bring new and fun experiences to the consumer. In the end, it’s all about the software, and all about how you experience that software—and controllers have a huge effect on that.”

The WiiMote did set an industry standard when it came to motion controls, as Sony decided to release a very similar peripheral called the Playstation Move after the release of the Wii. The Xbox 360 later released Kinect, which was very much entrenched in motion control and had a camera that tracked your movements for motion control gameplay. Nintendo “revolutionized”  the last generation of gaming with the WiiMote. Reggie also believed that the 3DS was one of the biggest gaming innovations of the past ten years.

“So here’s what’s interesting. The question that you asked me is “what was the single biggest innovation in the video game industry in the past decade?” if you would have asked the question differently, during my tenure, what was the gaming system that arguably has redefined the industry, I would’ve said the [Nintendo] DS. Because if you think about it, it was the first system that had a touch screen, a built in microphone—and the types of games that that enabled? You know, in many ways, it’s the forefront of what’s happening now with mobile and touch and things of that nature. The system that sold over 150 million globally?”

What is fascinating is that the DS pre-dated devices such as the iPhone, which was released in 2007 (the DS was released in 2004) and was the first system to successfully utilize touch screen technology. It paved the way for companies such as Apple to utilize the touch screen and it not only changed the video game industry, but the tech industry as a whole.

Reggie continued to defend the Wii U’s lineup of games, arguing that the system has had a steady stream of games since July. In addition, Wii Fit U will release in January, Donkey Kong in February, and Mario Kart in Spring 2014, and Super Smash Bros. with no set release date, yet slated for a 2014 release.

Nintendo is also looking to the Americas in terms of original titles. Nintendo has two studios based in North America: Retro Studios and NST.

“The fact of the matter is, we have two internal studios that are based in the U.S.: we’ve got Retro, and we’ve got NST. In addition, there are a number of key relationships we have with companies based here in the Americas. The team that did Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, for example, is up in Vancouver. We’re looking to build more and more relationships with great developers here—developers who can take some of our best franchises and help create fantastic content.”

When speaking about Monolith Soft, Reggie emphasized to not take too much into account when looking at the end credits of games. He is even credited at the end of some games that he had little to no involvement with. He did hint though that Monolith Soft is working on something major, possibly Project X, and had a huge smile on his face when talking about it.

“They may be there [in the end credits of those games] but I would be careful looking too much into that. It’s funny with those end credits, I see my name pop up and it’s like, I have nothing to do with this game! I mean, I appreciate the credit—but I’m not always directly involved with them. We’ve shown some footage of a new Monolith Soft game, though, so they are certainly working on something! [Reggie smiled wide when he mentioned this.]”
Reggie also reflected on the revolution of the WiiMote, and how he would have seen it if he had been told about it when he first joined Nintendo. He also mentions about how Nintendo is always aiming to bring fun to their consumers, and regardless of the hardware, how will the experience be for the gamer?

“Let me put it this way: when I joined the company, if someone would’ve whispered to me, Hey Reggie imagine—we’re going to have a remote that, when you move it, things happen on the TV—and then, we’re going to have a remote that has a screen displaying different things than what’s being displayed on the big screen! I would’ve asked, “All right, are we going to do this in ten years? In twenty years? When are we going to do this?”

I mean, the wonderful thing about Nintendo is that we’re always thinking about what’s going to make people happy? What’s going to be a great experience? And then we create the content and hardware to bring it to life. So, what are we going to be doing ten years from now? I don’t know what the hardware is going to look like, but I can guarantee you that the software is going to make you smile.”

Finally, when talking about Operation Moonfall and Operation Rainfall, Reggie had this to say:

“I have to tell you—it doesn’t affect what we do. We certainly look at it, and we’re certainly aware of it, but it doesn’t necessarily affect what we do. I’ll give you an example. I mentioned earlier that our head of product development had a bet on X versus Y—we also had a bet around localizing Xenoblade.

I wanted to bring Xenoblade here. The deal was, how much of a localization effort is it? How many units are we going to sell, are we going to make money? We were literally having this debate while Operation Rainfall was happening, and we were aware that there was interest for the game, but we had to make sure that it was a strong financial proposition.

I’m paid to make sure that we’re driving the business forward—so we’re aware of what’s happening, but in the end we’ve got to do what’s best for the company. The thing we know [about petitions] is that 100,000 signatures doesn’t mean 100,000 sales.”

This makes it sound far less likely that Majora’s Mask will see a re-make for the 3DS, like Ocarina of Time did.

One of the journalists present for the event, Melena, summed up her thoughts on her time with Reggie with this:

“I was humbled by his professionalism and dedication to fans. Reggie made sure to reach out to everyone at the event, and was open to input regarding marketing strategies, Nintendo Direct, and reaching out to new Nintendo fans.” Melena, Assistant Editor for Zelda Universe

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  1. What is fascinating is that the 3DS pre-dated devices such as the iPhone, which was released in 2007 (the 3DS was released in 2004) and you call yourself “MyNintendo News?” DS was 2004 3DS was 2011

        1. “There’s a ton of pressure and it’s not like I’m gettiing paid.”
          Lol this guy is cooler than Sickr.

          1. I’m not trying to say anything I’m just saying I see no revenue from this site, I write on a volunteer basis and certain things are expected of me. I screwed up, I fixed it. At least I bother to interact with you guys in the comments.

            1. You might not want to piss him off though. It’s impossible to piss off Sickr or Alba and that is why they rarely ban anyone :P

        2. I was going to say, most of it is just a copy + paste off another article with a paragraph or two that’s been slightly re worded. there’s not much pressure in that. I know that may seem a little rude but i think ‘a ton of pressure’ is a bit extreme. it’s also a very unprofessional thing to say. I write articles myself on my blog MyPinwheelNews. (Plug – Check it out)

            1. I’m not a simple blogger, I write for several sites and copy and pasting is not acceptable. It is a lot of pressure when you have so many stories to cover in a single day.

    1. fixed it was my screw up. This was a lot to write up though. Melena is a friend of mine and I actually know more than this interview but I’m not willing to share until her story comes out.

  2. ::sigh::

    Reggie, you’re awesome, but “WiiMote?” As NOA President, you of all people should know “WiiMote” is a prohibited term for the Wii Remote per Nintendo’s own requirements. Any game that calls it a “WiiMote” in the game or even in the manual will fail submission instantly. You know how many bugs we had to write up for devs calling it a WiiMote? And how many weekends we had to give up and new builds had to happen because a dev would have called it a WiiMote 5 hours into the game? If Nintendo isn’t even calling it by its correct terminology, how can you expect devs to? >_<

      1. I had a hard time trying to understand his post??? I got lost with the bugs and staying up late…might be me having the hard time understanding??? Anyone else?

    1. So lame…i call it the controller, or wiimote…go do yourself in and stop complaining over lil shit like this

      1. A game will fail submission, and miss its deadlines, causing employees to have to come in specifically for one word being misspelled, or a game even being delayed because of it. That affects the game’s sales, the stockholders, etc. and the personal lives of the employees. People can get in trouble for “lil shit” like this and have, since it not only means another couple weeks for a 2nd submission process, but also thousands of dollars to do so. That’s my point. Devs believe the term is “WiiMote” and when they use it in the game it makes a ton of people’s job that much harder.

        It doesn’t matter what YOU call it, it matters what example Nintendo’s setting by calling it something that they specifically forbid devs and publishers calling it. If devs hear the NOA President calling it this, they assume it’s correct, and then suddenly they fail submission because of it. Anyone who has worked on games for any platform knows how important correct terminology is. Please know what you’re talking about before trying to start an argument. If you called it a WiiMote in an indie game, guess what? Your game’s not coming out until you fix that “lil shit,” pay for another submission, and wait for another approval process and hope you got it right this time.

          1. Okay, why? I simply was stating how much of an impact using just one wrong term can actually have on game development, for all those saying who cares if anyone does it. So I guess me giving up my holiday was okay so you could enjoy Call Of Duty? Try appreciating the people that work on the games you play is all I’m saying. I’ve known people who have gotten fired because they missed something as simple as “WiiMote.” So it’s not complaining, as the commenter I was replying to inferred. Thanks for your snarky reply to it though. Didn’t finish reading it, don’t need to know. It wasn’t meant for you.

    2. Its more of a slang term. You can’t really use “gunna” in a game, you have to use “going to”. WiiMote is just a quicker way of saying Wii Remote.

      1. You can use “gunna” in a game. The best localizations use region-specific slang and humor. The Mario & Luigi and Animal Crossing games are fine examples of that.

        And trust me, I worked at Activision on Technical Requirements Group team. It’s not slang, it’s strictly prohibited per Nintendo. Meaning if you refer to the Wii Remote as a Wiimote, your game will not see the light of day on any Nintendo console. We had games rejected because of this. People got in trouble because of this. No one got in trouble for a game saying “gunna” – that’s not a Nintendo term, they don’t care what you localize, but correct Nintendo terminology is crucial and non-negotiable. They have a chart of what you can and absolutely cannot call each and every peripheral, button, service, etc. There are pages of terminology you MUST abide by or you cannot release your game.

        You couldn’t just call it the Revolution, right? When you create a brand, and an innovation, and you register the trademarks, you do so for a reason, and you don’t want people calling it something else.

        People don’t understand this for some reason. It’s way more important than you know. Should a game slip by and Nintendo finds out you used “WiiMote” later in the game they will demand a fix, and back in the Wii days that didn’t mean a patch, it meant a whole new build. And then guess what? You had to make sure the new build still worked with old save files and there was a lot more testing to do. Simply because someone thought one word was nothing to whine about. I can’t tell you how stressed and panicked people got when a prohibited term was found last-minute before submission. It halted all progress and new builds were required, even if that meant the team pulling an all-nighter or working on a holiday. Try explaining that to your 4-year old why you can’t be with them on their birthday. Had they just used the correct word, it would have been so much simpler on everyone.

        Games that fail due to terminology have ZERO exceptions. A new build must be submitted, and a new huge fee paid. That’s a big deal. Especially to producers who get bonuses based on submission rates and deadlines being met.

        1. Not to mention people who love to whine about games being delayed. If you care about that, then you should care about proper terminology being used in game. Otherwise, the game can get delayed, especially if you have to resubmit around the time everyone else is for key holiday releases that stockholders are waiting for. And that’s a big deal.

  3. I actually know more that was said at this event but one of my extremely good friends was present, so I can’t really say much until they publish their story. What do you think about Reggie’s comments?

      1. He doesn’t think it will happen. Doesn’t think the numbers really add up. This is from an American standpoint though, who knows. I do know though based on his body language, he was negative about it.

        1. But was he talking about Zelda: MM specifically in that part of the interview? (The only taste we got is him talking about Xenoblade.) Makes sense if so, though. I know they were interested in it and fans want it, too, but it wasn’t one of the more popular Zelda titles. People either loved or hated the 3-day repeat concept. Though they had Majora’s Mask in Link’s house for ALBW, so that may be a tease. Doesn’t guarantee anything though, I know.

          1. Yes because a friend of mine actually was AT the event and specifically asked about MM. Siliconera didn’t publish everything. We’ll have more when my source posts her experience.

  4. uh-oh. it looks like nintendo plans to keep on making more gimmick consoles instead of giving what gamers want. it seems like they will never learn from their mistakes. which is a damn shame cause I’m done with this company if this shit continues next gen. smh.

    1. You really don’t see why they’re doing this? They see Xbox and PlayStation becoming practically PCs with controllers, and they want to be differentiated. My friend actually said that the only 2 consoles he’d ever need are his PC and a Nintendo console. To be honest, I agree with him. Nintendo actually bring innovation to the table that transforms video games AWAY from PC.

      1. True innovation is taking what others have done and do it better which is what Nintendo used to do. Throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks is not innovation. It worked with the Wii, and failed with the Wii U. Period.

        “INNOVATION” is a buzz word Nintendo likes to to direct your attention away from the trick they are pulling to keep the wool pulled over the sheep’s eyes.

        Anyone can take random shots at a dart board and ‘hope’ to hit the bulls-eye. Winners look at best and aspire to be better than then best by doing what they do better than they did.

        I’m just glad that the sales numbers finally have caught up to the bureaucracy and failure of Nintendo business model to the point that they can’t hide behind empty promises and propaganda anymore. Nintendo just released 6 big-budget, AAA,1st-party titles (including possibly the biggest and grandest Mario game every made) and it has done NOTHING to help the Wii U.

        NOTHING. Not only is the Wii U being outsold by two consoles that have maybe 1 or 2 must-have games a piece and are 100-200 dollars more expensive, they still are lagging behind the PS3 and 360 in sales and BARELY sold more than the Wii.

        While you can take this info with a grain of salt because it is coming from Sony, they claim that the PS4 is already up to 2 million sold worldwide. Now I don’t know if that is true, but I fully expect both the PS4 and XBOX One to outsell the Wii U lifetime numbers by the turn of 2014 easily.

        If the biggest and baddest Mario game ever doesn’t turn things around for the Wii U, you can forget about Wii Fit U or Donkey Kong doing anything. Mario Kart 8 will move some consoles as that title usually does, but by then it’ll be too late. The Wii U will be well behind the PS4 and XBOX One which means that 3rd party studios will have even LESS of a reason to port their games over to the Wii U because according to them the reason why they don’t is because of the low install base and lack of widespread appeal.

        Reggie says that from now on the Wii U will get a steady stream of games. Well that’s nice and everything but again, it’s too late. No one cares anymore. They’ve moved on. Core gamers were holding out hope that Nintendo would drop a Starfox, Metroid, F-Zero, Wave Rave, new IP, etc within 2013 or at least an announcement of it even if they game is well off into the future. That’s not an unreasonable request. They did it before with Zelda HD. That’s why people are patiently waiting for it and aren’t complaining about the lack of info. They told us that it is going to take a long time. Anyone that has been a gamer longer than 20 years knows that Zelda games take at least 2-3 years. So they can do it.

        Now that the PS4 and XBOX One are here, core gamers don’t have to wait. They’ve given up and moved on.

        Casual gamers could care less about the Wii U. They left the Wii craze and adopted tablets and smart phones and the AREN’T COMING BACK. Casual gamers don’t care about if Nintendo makes a Starfox or Metroid game. They don’t even know what a Bayonetta is and they certainly aren’t waiting for Smash Bros. You know who does? The Core. But since Nintendo wipes their arse with the core you will see low sales for those games as well. Some people may go to GameStop and buy a USED Wii U, but that doesn’t help Nintendo all that much.

        On a side note I can almost guarantee that Smash Bros U either will not have online mulitplayer or a stripped-down version of it. Count on it.

        So all Nintendo is left with are loyal Nintendo fanatic that think that every Nintendo does is gold. Well, like I said earlier Nintendo can’t behind BS anymore. All you are left with now is fools-gold.


        1. The 2nd-screen experience is nothing new, though. Game & Watch had it, Nintendo arcades had it, GameCube and GBA had it, the Wii and DS supported it a bit, and then of course the DS itself and the 3DS. All of those were moderately to highly successful, save maybe the GCN-GBA support. So it was a pretty logical decision to incorporate it into the controller in conjunction with the TV. And honestly, it worked really well when they first unveiled it at E3. It was fun and showed promise.

          Then they released it and a year later there hasn’t been much to really convince people. I don’t think it’s a bad idea, I think they just aren’t innovating enough on the software side.

          Mario did help sales a bit but not nearly as much as it needed to or Nintendo expected it to. In my mind I can see people thinking of it as a cheaper Mario game though, even though it packs a lot. But at a quick glance it may feel like a watered-down game. So maybe a Mario Galaxy game would sell better.

          The Wii U isn’t selling horribly, it’s still doing alright for itself but it needs to pick up big time especially with the other 2 consoles being out now. But even if PS4 and Xbox One are selling better, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Those roles were reversed last gen with the consoles and handhelds, but eventually the PS3 and PS Vita caught up and started selling really well, years after launch. I think it’ll be a harder struggle for Nintendo, but they can pull ahead.

          I don’t see that happening this holiday though. But after the holidays, Nintendo will have a few more AAA titles, and Sony and MS have to keep going at their pace. If the hype dies down for their consoles after the holidays, or the releases are slow for them too, they could find themselves in a slump too. People spend a lot during the holidays, but as a casual purchase the rest of the year, the lower-priced Wii U may be the choice for people.

          As for the casual gamers from the Wii’s success, I agree, I don’t think Nintendo’s gonna win them over this time around. And right now the feeling I get is Nintendo desperately sending mixed signals of who they’re trying to appeal to. I mean, you can appeal to both, but it seems right now that they’re trying to act “hardcore”, but then advertise only to casual gamers for the holidays… I don’t think Wii Sports Club or Wii Fit U or even Mario Bros. U is gonna reel them in. Too similar for too high of a cost, and still no GamePad support that convinces people it’s a must have just yet.

          I wouldn’t predict any of the 3 to be a clear winner yet. It’s too early, even for the Wii U. The next year will be crucial for all 3. Things can drastically change one way or the other for any of them.

          1. “The 2nd-screen experience is nothing new, though. Game & Watch had it, Nintendo arcades had it, GameCube and GBA had it, the Wii and DS supported it a bit, and then of course the DS itself and the 3DS. All of those were moderately to highly successful, save maybe the GCN-GBA support. So it was a pretty logical decision to incorporate it into the controller in conjunction with the TV. And honestly, it worked really well when they first unveiled it at E3. It was fun and showed promise.”

            I disagree. A handheld experience and a console experience are too different things which is a major reason why the 3DS sells good and the Wii U does not.

            The GameCube-GBA thing did not go over that well except for Zelda: Four Swords. We all remember the epic of of E3 2003 and Pac-Man Vs.

            The Wii U GamePad was designed to work like a tablet. It was that crowd Nintendo had in mind because it is that crowd the used to be playing the Wii. Rather than go after the core (which Fils-Aime told a bold face lie when he said that the Wii U was designed for the core) they tried to go back after that casual audience again.

            For a number of reasons the casuals are not interested. Main reason is because of confusion of what it is assuming they even know about it. That’s why Nintendo choose to show off SM3DW at The Pottery Barn rather than Best Buy or GameStop.

            I don’t even know how to respond to you saying the Wii U is selling “alright.”

            The Wii U is barely selling better than the Wii with Super Mario 3D World sitting on store shelves. Just sit there and think about that for a few minutes…………

            …it is getting outsold by four console. 2 of which are 7-to-8 years old and 2 of which are 100-to-200 dollars more expensive, are buggy as hell, and have few games. Why? It’s simple. Sony and Microsoft said we are going to give you want you want. Nintendo says, “we are going to give you what we want to give you.” Well that’s fine. That’s is their prerogative. It is also the prerogative of consumer not to buy the Wii U which is why people aren’t.

            Nintendo doesn’t do everything wrong but making excuses for what they do wrong and pretending that everything is okay when it isn’t is how things don’t change and then get worse. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Ask Microsoft.

        2. You take this too seriously, they are right, Wii had a new awesome controller, while Microsoft and Sony still stick to the same one, at least we had something new and different and not a 4th PC with a controller, why make the same thing Sony and Microsoft is doing? You idiots want the same shooting games, the same consoles, the same ting over and over!

        3. couldn’t of said it better myself….. and i cant believe i actually read all that. im not even going to attempt reading the person below you, just shows how much i give a crap what most people even have to say on here because like you said they think every single thing that nintendo does is gold.

          1. Truth hurts and you can tell by the reaction of people. It’s not different that sports. Everybody drinks the Kool-Aid of their favorite player/team. They can never do anything wrong. They are gonna win the championship every year. Every call against their team is the worst crime against humanity. Etc, etc, etc.

            It’s idolatry basically. I’ve been a supporter of Nintendo longer than most of the sheeple have been alive. I’ve owned every Nintendo home console except for the Nintendo Color TV Game. However I’ve owned many other consoles as well. if something is wrong I voice my displeasure. Otherwise how would they know anything was wrong? Sad part is a lot of so-called Nintendo loyalist either don’t think anything is wrong or they think that the Wii U just has a little boo-boo and needs a band-aid when it has an artery cut and needs a tourniquet.

            1. completely agree. there is so many things nintendo is doing wrong now i cant even name them all. its just amazing how dumb the fanboys are. if anybody is going to kill off nintendo, its the corporate slaves for acting like everything they do is gold.

              haha i was just talking this over with someone, how nintendo fans are just stupid but we said the only nintendo fans that are smart are the ones that were with nintendo form the beginning. basically been playing since the nes era. nintendo is fucking up horribly now and are lacking overall in a lot of areas.

              1. At this point the only thing Nintendo can do to salvage the Wii U (of course after firing Iwata and Fils-Aime and giving Miyamoto his pension) is to open the door to independent developers. Let them develop for free. Maybe even just let any developer that wishes to develop for the Wii U develop for free. Create a new division that is designed to help 3rd-parties and independents understand the Wii U architecture and how to unlock the power it has. Even have staff from Nintendo to help with development so that companies do not have to circumvent manpower away from games that they are developing on the PS4 and XBOX One. This way game can be built on the Wii U from scratch which would eliminate crappy ports of 7th-gen builds.

                Next thing Nintendo needs to do is a Pokemon MMO. Don’t care about their condescending attitude towards public feeling as tough we do not have the ability to parent our children and they must do it for us. They need to get over themselves and do what must be done. A next-gen Pokemon MMO is a virtual diamond-mine.

                These are simple things that Nintendo can do to salvage the Wii U. It’s gonna take hard work but that’s too bad. The made this bed now they have to lie in it. First things first. The Goof Troop needs to be fired. I want them to be publicly fired at halftime during the Super Bowl! Maybe even contract Vince McMahon to do the honors.

    1. I’ve met him, he’s a really nice and humble guy. We had a nice conversation back in the Wii days. I had a better Brain Age score than him :D Got his autograph. Back then he was still Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Shortly after that he became NOA President. He also came up with the successful Bigfoot Pizza (and the Big New Yorker) if you’re old enough to remember that from Pizza Hut.

  5. this guy is a fucking idiot. worst noa president ever. he has no idea how to run things good, besides wanting shitty pick up and play titles. gtfo, a pizza delivery lard that has no experience with games is a retard. “hey i got a job at pizza hut, hire me nintendo!!!!” for you who have shibata are lucky, and if you really think that guy is worse than reggie your an idiot.

    “we shouldnt localize xenoblade because its one of the best games in a decade” gamestop makes a deal, best selling in america, better sales than japan and europe conbimed. gamestop reprints it, for 90$, its the best selling pre owned game for like a week. the last story “yeah who needs that shit” it sold better than in japan even…….

    he doesnt think MM remake will sell!!!!! get this pizza walking shitsatin out of here along with is retarded memes that only entertain the lame.

    1. Quiet… he says he gets paid to make sure the company progresses forward. This is the guy who made Pizza Hut the success it is. The guy knows what he’s doing.

      1. no he doesnt, hes an idiot. pizza hut and nintendo is a completely different thing!!! haahahahaahah its just hilarious even talking about this. “games is like pizza” no its not you shitstain.

      1. I could form sentences and thoughts better when I was three.

        Luckily he’s not a professional gamer making money for tournaments, but the NOA President making sure Nintendo stays profitable and competitive. Being good at Mario Kart hardly qualifies you to be a company’s President. He’s actually quite good at many games he plays and he actually plays them all. Even Miyamoto says he doesn’t play games. If Reggie played games all day to get good at them he would have no time to you know, run a company >.>

        Worst President ever? Really? The guy is why Nintendo’s moving forward with so much like online play, HD graphics, and other tech that Nintendo had been weary of before. He’s a smart guy, and he knows the market well. He has a proven portfolio inside and outside of Nintendo.

        Furthermore, Xenoblade did not sell nearly as well as you may think it did. GameStop selling it for $90 was not indicative of it doing well. GS had exclusive rights to it and purposely drove up demand by creating a short supply. The game was at the end of the Wii’s lifetime, it was a very valid concern wether or not to localize it since that requires time and money and may not recover the costs for that. If you don’t understand marketing or economics, don’t comment on them. Like he said, 100,000 signatures does not mean 100,000 sales. If you believed in it so much why didn’t you personally fund its localization? You obviously would have been a billionaire with your confidence!

        Nintendo has always and will always know how to run their business and make a profit. They make mistakes, but 99% of the time they make the right decisions. You have no idea what goes on at a corporate level. They have to make choices that sometimes the fans don’t understand.

          1. im not, reggie is the one that didnt want to bring it” oh look it sold the best in america as well, reggie is a fail and only wants shitty pick up and play.

        1. “Nintendo has always and will always know how to run their business and make a profit. They make mistakes, but 99% of the time they make the right decisions.”

          yeah and thats why we get repeated problems. “we wont make the same mistakes with wii u as we did with 3ds” we will get the core back (caters to casuals more than ever) keeps on making failed gimmicks after the one hit wonder wii (3d gimmick, nobody uses that, its all about the games, and wii u failpad) the online sucks, they are years late with hd. the list goes on and on, nintendo also sucks at advertising and they run there business like a bunch of baboons. they have been fucking up for years, take that fanboy out of your ass. have you been ignoring everything or are you that much of a corporate slave. they ar now kiddie garbage and just milk the same 2 franchises.

          reggie is also a huge fail, with iwata.

          1. Every successful console has actually been behind the rest graphics- and power-wise. Game Boy, PSone, PS2, Wii, Nintendo DS… People have been calling Nintendo a gimmick since the GameCube days and have been saying they wouldn’t see another day since then. It’s an old, tiring prediction. The truth is Nintendo stays profitable, more so than any other video game company in the industry.

            They make mistakes, especially with the Wii U and 3DS marketing lately. I agree to that. I don’t think the Wii U is bad at all, but they do need to market it better and get some games that really define the system. I think even this holiday lineup fails at that. It very well could change next year. It took MS and Sony a couple years to really pick up.

            Everyone said touch control was a gimmick, now everyone does it. People said voice control was a gimmick for things, that’s in everything now. People said rumble and analog sticks were… Motion controls were… 2nd screen was… all those things are in many devices now. A gimmick isn’t a bad thing, everything is a gimmick because everything is designed to sell and attract customers. Sony was trying to tout 3D before Nintendo. They all have innovations that people will see as gimmicks. I for one love 3D, it adds a lot to it if done right. But that’s up to the dev. And plenty of people use it, even on other consoles.

            I’m actually trying to be very civil with you, but it’s clear you’re just some online troll who likes to cry about everything. I’m a fan of Nintendo, yes, but also a fan of MS and Sony. I just like good games, period. I’m not blind to the mistakes Nintendo makes, I do think they have a lot to do this time around. It’s hard to take people seriously though when they say shit every two words and cuss like a spoiled 5th grader who thinks it’s cool. It’s actually just embarrassing you. If Nintendo was in your hands for even a second it’d probably go bankrupt and catch fire. I think I’ll just trust Reggie and Iwata. The guys who saved Nintendo after the GameCube. Nintendo has survived in this industry across 3 decades now, and as a company for almost 125 years. They are the reason the industry even exists after their “gimmicky” NES with that gimmicky light gun and those gimmicky peripherals that people loved and those inferior graphics. But you know, I guess some potty mouth immature troll knows what they’re doing. let’s hand the company over to you instead. >.>

            1. Also, doing better in the U.S. doesn’t mean much. 550,000 globally isn’t all that much, and the U.S. only did about 41% of that. Xenoblade was a bit higher with 840,000 global, but that’s still not THAT great really by today’s standards. The U.S. accounted for just less than half of that.

              But you have to look at what he said and use logic: they’re not fortunetellers. They get paid to analyze trends and try to accurately figure out if the risk is worth taking. Sure those two games sold better in Europe and the U.S. than in Japan, but that’s the point. At the time, they only had Japanese numbers to go by, and those weren’t very strong. So then you have to ask is it going to be more or less in other territories? If it’s gonna do just as bad, then it’s not worth it.

              I think the ONLY reason it did so much better here is BECAUSE Nintendo was debating it. It created the demand. Had it just released as normal, people wouldn’t have cared as much, there wouldn’t have been any sense of urgency to pick it up. Look at The Wonderful 101, it didn’t sell well at all. Had they said they weren’t going to release it here though, people probably would have demanded it more, and had it been a limited release like Xenoblade, it probably would have got bought up much quicker.

              So maybe it was actually a brilliant marketing decision. By your own admission, it worked, right? So how can you still say that was a fail on Nintendo’s part?

              Plus you’re all talking like he definitely said it will never happen for MM. The article says that was their impression based on body language. Before you call for someone to be dragged down into hell as a shit stain, maybe have a little more to go off of first. All the guy said was how they tackle each game and make decisions. EVERY company does that, not just Nintendo. Plenty of other games from all companies and on all consoles have had exclusive releases in Japan or Europe or U.S. but not the others. Sometimes it’s the right decision, sometimes it’s the wrong one. Games no one thought would sell actually do. Like I said, they’re not fortunetellers, they can only analyze the situation and guess at what’s best. That’s all Reggie was talking about, don’t take it so personal.

              Plus, calling anyone a fanboy usually means you’re the actual fanboy, because obviously you have such a hatred for Nintendo you probably have a hard on for MS or Sony. Maybe not, the thing about internet comments is I have no idea who you are and vice-versa, so I won’t presume to know everything about you based on 1 comment. But I can praise and criticize all 3 console makers. If all you can do is criticize one, you’re probably a fanboy of the others. Oh the hypocrisy.

              1. Think of it this way: You spend $5,000 on making something. It sells horribly, and you barely made $5,000 back, or maybe you only made half of that back and are in the red. Do you shrug that off and spend another $5,000 to release it in another country? I’m pretty sure you’re gonna take a step back and reconsider it. it may be best to cut your losses. Or you could gamble and hope it’ll sell better the 2nd time. That’s all he was talking about, and I think that’s perfectly rational and is what makes a smart businessman.

                1. (And I would say that even if it was the Sony or MS President, ’cause guaranteed they do the same thing, as do all devs and publishers, and they’re all smart businesspeople for it.)

  6. “How many units are we going to sell, are we going to make money?”

    Yes, Reggie, you /are/ going to make money from a Majoras Mask remake. You’re gonna make a shit ton more money from that than the money you waste on those stupid advertisement starring people no gamer cares about that aren’t selling Wii U consoles.

    1. They’ll make money, but is it enough to cover costs of new teams to redo the graphics, add 3D and touch screen support, possibly a Hero Mode, etc.? There is a lot more to it than you’re probably thinking. That’s why they have many meetings and discussions as he mentioned. People who go to college to major in business and marketing have a lot to consider to ensure it’s a success and it makes the most sense to go one way or another. MM probably would turn out a profit, but had they done that instead of ALBW, I doubt it would have sold as many as the latter. Aonuma even said he wanted to do MM but wanted to do a new one first. I think that was the right decision. I’m addicted to ALBW, I don’t think I would have stayed up all night every night for a MM remake. I’d play it casually and probably get bored having gone through the original a few times already.

      Their ads DO suck lately, Nintendo used to have awesome ads. But they will always have a separate marketing budget and it would be used on that regardless. And the ads are geared toward a different audience than you probably, to people who DO know or care about Penelope Cruz playing a game. It’s sad, but people want whatever celebrities want. It’s a proven marketing strategy. I cringe at those commercials though.

      The new Wii U commercials are kinda funny, but I don’t like them because they paint the Wii U as too kid-friendly and too family oriented and they keep saying it’s an “upgrade” like it’s an add-on. I think it still confuses people. But it’s not like they had to choose between a commercial or a Zelda game. Plus, they have limited resources. They’ve mentioned before, a remake of a Zelda game means not making a new game in the series. I’d rather have a new game. That’ll drive sales more than ports and remakes, which people complain about more. If you’re gonna try and convince people of buying a new system, you need to give them a new experience. Classics are fun, but not if that’s the only thing being offered. You wanna spend your money and time on something you have’t played several times already.

        1. Not sure if that was a jab at me or just in general, but let me clarify:

          Nothing wrong with being kid-friendly, I just think their ads are focusing too much on that and as a result, Nintendo may be discouraging so-called core gamers who will always think Nintendo is JUST for kids. There’s a difference between fun and kiddy, and tons of kids actually want the M-rated games nowadays. True gamers can appreciate any kind of game at any rating.

          But the new commercials clearly are trying to win over parents, and that’s fine, but it may come at a cost of losing the people that have a better chance of buying Nintendo’s console this time around. I don’t think it’ll be as appealing to “casual” gamers as it can be to “core” gamers (ugh, I hate those labels, but you know what I mean).

          Meanwhile you have MS and Sony who constantly are saying Nintendo is for 7 year olds and younger, so they market themselves as the badass mature console. Sure they have kid friendly games too, but they try to appeal to the older crowd marketing-wise.

          Nintendo has always marketed themselves as all-around, but it just felt like they’re trying TOO hard in these. It felt like the 80’s commercials again, haha.

      1. When did they have ‘good ads’? Those Super Mario Sunshine commercials still haunt me. 0_o

        Though I vaguely remember Galaxy 1 commercials, pretty good.

        I’m all for a Majora’s Mask remake. I, for one, gave absolutely no care for anything Zelda until they released Ocarina of Time 3D. Since then, I’ve purchased every “Modern” game (WW (& HD afterwards), Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword), then everything available for virtual console (Along with Four Swords Adventures for GC).

        I’ve played pretty much every game except for Majora’s Mask, I’m saving it in hopes of a 3DS remake in the future.

        To consider it, they already have most of the assets needed to create Majora’s Mask; most of the character models are the same, so are textures, they have the engine set up, most objects… What’s missing? They slapped the original together as a modification of Ocarina of Time, they put SMG2 as a modification of Super Mario Galaxy… Do it! They’ve hooked on many fans with OoT 3D, get those same fans to buy MM 3D. It obviously won’t require the same development time or budget.

  7. I don’t know why, but when I was reading about Project X and the he “smiled” I feel as if they might show this game off on Saturday at the VGAs!

    I can dream, right?

  8. DarkLink.

    Ignore the low-lifes who can only find a sliver of self-worth by bitching about a blog like they own it.

    You and Silvershadowfly do a fine job. I don’t even give a shit if you guys DO use copy/paste sometimes. I come here to get news, and I get it. Everyone bitches and moans, but they keep coming to MNN because it does a great job of pooling news and general gaming articles from all over.

    I’m not saying the blog is perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. I had a blog for a year or so, and it was exhausting to keep it going, so I can empathize and can’t believe these little shits (the ones who act like assholes) feel they are justified in arrogantly micromanaging the site.

    1. Honestly I do my best not to copy and paste, but with quotes it is an inevitability. There is more to this story that I simply cannot post, but thanks for the support.

      1. yeah dont worry about these babies. they literally cry every other day that there leaving and they come back the next post!!!!!!

        they obviously like the site but they have to bitch about every thing they can find, well i dont have a problem with any of these articles and when people complain i just dont understand why its such a problem. i kinda think this blog has some of the biggest babies as users. im pretty sure other sites dont have users that complain every time there is a new writer or a article that isnt 100% positive, i mean other websites publish the same things you do most of the time but yet they will complain about it here but not on the other sites.

        also its not there website, they like want it to be exactly how they want it. what a bunch of pathetic losers. i remember when alba was here at first, she got a lot of hate, so did this other guy that left haha. so its just fanboys acting like 5 year olds. dont even listen to a lot of it.

  9. Yeah, some mistakes, but eh, was actually an awesome read, thanks so much Darklink, any news on the new X games gives me tingles haha

  10. They haven’t really been doing what is best for the company, neither they are doing what is best for gamers.
    Of course not all those 100k people who signed wont rush to buy the game.
    But it doesn’t mean that people who hasn’t signed it, would not buy it either.
    But if they wish to bring more gamers to the platform, they have to take risks, like they did with Bayonetta 2.
    My life wont end if the first one does not come on the Wii U, but it would be a plus.
    They can never woo the casual COD and Fifa gamers to Wii U, so they should start with gathering as many unique games to the platform, as possible.

  11. what the fucking problem with these guys and their fucking bibles, go do a blog, and see who gives a shit, @steve @xpander @icezeama

  12. I want my X… Gimme my X, pleaaase, I’m looking forward to it so damn much I’m about to re-watch both trailers again :'(

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