Respected technology publication Digital Foundry has praised Nintendo’s highly regarded Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. The site was extremely impressed that Nintendo had managed to deliver an extremely fluid 60 frames per second without a single hitch. Digital Foundry then went on to say that Super Mario 3D World is a textbook example of how to build a classic in the modern age.

At a glance, the visuals may not appear particularly astounding, but the skill with which Nintendo has managed to mesh modern technology with great art certainly is and Super Mario 3D World is a textbook example of how to build a classic in the modern age.

Mario titles demand precision and a quick response that call for a solid 60 frames per second update. More so than most games aiming for this goal, EAD has managed to deliver a 100 per cent consistent update. Every moment of the game, every menu transition, and every element of the user interface all operate at 60fps without a single hitch. Shooting for 60fps is no small task and requires cooperation from the entire team throughout the development cycle, but Nintendo takes it further by taking a zero-tolerance approach to frame-rate dips.



  1. Great game. It does not only work 60 fps entire game, but it has literally no load times. It does comes with a cost of graphics, the entire game distance is blurred out constantly.


  2. It is pretty. Not as pretty as it could get, which is another reason they need to show Zelda, but looks nice.

    Game isn’t THAT good though. It’s a solid 9/10, no question about that, but it just doesn’t have “that magic”.
    Levels are too basic to feel that exciting, end up feeling very similar.
    Controls are a huge step back from Galaxy, which were like butter, the 8 point controls aren’t as accurate, long jump isn’t as controllable, no triple jump, run button is okay, but the delay boost is terrible, too many occasion of stopping, taking a step back and then running, hoping the boost hits in time. Back flip is useless because it’s not high enough or controllable enough, but mainly because of the charge time to make it happen. In multiplayer jumping someones head happens way too often, and it’s annoying, throws off jumps.
    Too many levels based around 1 power up, generally the cat suit, which makes the whole game based on, getting through an area with a specific suit for it to actually be enjoyable, assuming you can get the suit, which is even worse because it means having the find the suit in a toad house, do the level, and try not to get hit, which isn’t as easy when your controls are a step back.

    Also, the game was called Mario 3D Land, because it used the 3D, it had a very specifc design where it relied on depth perception which the 3D was used for because it has 2.5 levels on a fixed camera, and had levels that weren’t too crammed and complicated. 3D World has no 3D, the levels are both complicated and crammed, there are 1-4 people on screen and the camera is still the same.

    It’s a great game, but it wasn’t designed for the WiiU. The thing i always admired about Nintendo was that they make a game specifically around the system it’s for, every game from Metroid Prime 1-2 and the change to MP3, and the same with the Pikmin series, to the reasons why 3D Land was made.

    Should have thought of it the same way instead of “well 3D Land and Mario Kart boosted our 3DS sales, make those games for WiiU”


    • Well some people think it’s funny when their friends makes them miss a jump or whatever in-game…

      And there is a reason to why a cat tail is in the name just saying…


      • It’s not even about it “being funny”, you’re both trying to make a jump and you collide into each other making one person over shoot the jump and the other fall down like a rock.
        It’s a design fall, thanks to the camera angle, and the fact the game wasn’t design to contain more than 1 person, all they did was say “make the platforms a bit bigger”. That doesn’t solve a problem.

        And okay? The cat suit is a good power up…that wasn’t a complaint, the complaint was that the levels rely too much on a single power up, particularly the later levels, which makes the levels feel less interesting, or approachable from multiple playstyles, something most 2D Mario do pretty well, even the “New” series, and something 64, Sunshine and Galaxy avoid all together by making the levels about skill using the abilities you already have to the fullest, throwing a power up as a sort of variety or use to do a specific task like break an object, rather than a necessity


          • No, that’s not the problem, that would make it worse, it’s some of levels are just designed wrong.,

            One example, i get in a level, right from the start, giant boo to the left blocking a green star. I need a fire flower or some kind of power up to get rid of him, for a short amount of time, a second or two.
            I move forward, end up getting one. Now i have to go back, oh the floor is moving away from me by the way making me slower, i have to hit the boo, then use the “long” jump, to go through him, assuming the jump in far enough, or he stays invisible enough, then get it, then get back through him again, but with no room to take a run up so i can get the boost, which i can’t do anyway because i need to shoot the fireball, which is on the run button, and i can’t wait for the boost because he’s already gone visible again, so i pretty much have to take damage, loosing my power up, or doing it from the start, or taking a power up that i might not get before i start the level, unless i get lucky, and can do a eye of the needle space roll to the side of the ghost, which is difficult to do because the camera angle is shite….or i could just have Galaxy controls, jump, do a spin, grab it, jump do a spin.

            What a fucking mess. It’s just not that good, it’s a huge step back from Galaxy, it’s exactly what i said it was, it’s Nintendo saying “3D Land boosted 3DS sales, so make that”


              • Great, isn’t that fun, oh wait, no.

                Besides, that moment was where i lost tolerance with the game. Id already be fed up by the point i got to there, and just wanted the level to be over.

                So in it’s defence, i may have rushed through it, but doesn’t change the rest of the game.


        • You also forget that each has a different jump. A friend and I played for hours and did not experience anything you did. We actually used each other to reach things when a suit was not available. The level design is awesome and using a specific characters ability to your advantage is key. Luigi over jumps all the time, while Mario falls like a brick. Its how it was designed. Sorry if you dont like it, but I love it and it adds challenge.


      • hey look at that mnn nintendo fanboy, hahahah looks like he didnt outgrow being a baby. hardly surprised. here you guys can dance and clap clap clap along with him and that kid representing you guys!!!!!


      • you throw somebody off the cliff repeatedly if have the chance. the mario series is the new mario party. it ruins friendships…. not really but its funny.


    • Have to disagree with you on most of that. The only real complaint I have with the game is the lack of online multiplayer which could of potentially made it even better than it already is.

      I adore this game, not quite as much as I did the Galaxy games, but its pretty damn close.


      • I duno, i can appriciate games on a level of just enjoyment, and turning off my brain and having fun, blasting away, but im very critical on subjects like controls, pacing ect.
        It’s the reason why i can’t stand Skyward Sword on the simple fact that Fi is the way she is through out the entire game, it renders the game unplayable to me now, but also the reason i see something like Wonderful 101 nesrly perfect, because i see where every control is designed a specific way, and the subtlety of its design, which glides over alot of peoples heads, on top of the fact it makes me feel like kid waking up on a saturday morning yet challenges me and treats me as an adult.

        Same reason a super polished game like The Last of Us, is just a pretty good game with pretty visuals and animations but not that intereting in terms of gameplay, and as a game “pushing the boundaries” in storytelling is on the level of CDi games, it’s just cutscenes, Ellie is boring, i care way more about Legion from Mass Effect, a fucking robot, than i ever would about Ellie.
        Yet a game like Dark Souls, which isn’t very polished at all, has glitches every now and then, framerate issues, and weird collision, map issues, is so damn good because it plays better than any action RPG ever, lets me enjoy the game as an adventure, and is incredible satisfying everytine you succeed in even the smallest of victories.

        So i find it hard to enjoy 3D World that much, it’s just got too many gameplay issues that take away the control i have.


        • I can totally see where you’re coming from with the criticism and stuff, but I think I’m the kind of gamer who is prepared to look past what I think are minor criticisms if the overall experience is good.

          There isn’t a game in history that you couldn’t write a big fuck off list of complaints about! But sometimes they’re so dwarfed by the list of positives that they become irrelevant.

          By the way, have you played AC4? The game is absolutely incredible imo (apart from the boring animus sections). Take everything that was right about AC3 add a load of amazing stuff and you get AC4!


          • I can look past flaws, that’s why i mentioned Dark Souls, but 3D World just isn’t that interesting, in both level design and gameplay, it’s just disappointing…

            AC4 is great, i reckon if i skipped Brotherhood, Revelations and 3, id enjoy it, gameplay wise, more than 2, it’s just designed alot smoother, don’t feel like the game’s being an arsehole 24/7. I actually like the Abstergo stuff, i’d love to see a full game like that, but obviously deeper, where you find yourself in corporate espionage, and like uncover really dark stuff.

            Still not the evolution of the series that im waiting for, which better happen before they decide to take the game to Japan…but it’s still really good.


            • The open world pirate feel is pretty stunning!! They absolutely nailed it. Although I liked certain aspects of 3, 4 makes it look like an abortion.

              It looks amazing on the PS4 as well which kind of adds to the immersion!


          • AC4 … Nothing like pirating and pillaging! ;D I get so caught up hijacking ships, I forget there’s an actual story line to follow, Lol.

            My overall goal is to take out a Man o War.


      • Thanks.
        It’s the truth though, it’s a huge step back from Mario Galaxy.
        And i know people will say “well it’s not Galaxy, it’s a total different game”, which yeah it is, but have worse controls is inexcusable. Part of the reason Mario Galaxy is praised so highly is because the controls are perfect, control is the exact word, the game is never hindering you, you can make jumps as high as you want, long jumps as short or long as you want, do back jumps whenever, use spins at any point during a jump, you’re given complete control over traversing the environment, which is THE most important thing in a platformer, next to camera, which they also didn’t get right in 3D World.

        Im not saying it’s a bad game, it’s just a disappointment, and i did finish it feeling achieved or happy, i just felt let down and disappointed.


        • I felt the controls were pretty tight in Super Mario 3D World. Level designs were it’s strong point too… it’s only weakness was it’s bosses.

          And no one says you HAVE to use the cat suit (or whatever powerup). And that might be SM3DW’s strongest point… there always seem to be multiple ways to an end.

          Plus I gotta give kudos to Champion’s Road. Way harder than Galaxy 2’s final galaxy.


  3. Before few days I was playing this game then suddenly the frame rate went down and the game was so laggy. I had to restart the game to fix this problem. I don’t know if this is going to happen again.


  4. digital foundry really likes to praise polished turds dont they?? maybe if i shit in a box they will praise that too?? oh wait…… thats what fanboys praise is nintendo’s shit they keep on giving us. well the wii u really isnt so much different than shit in a box when you think about it, like that toilet pad and wiidust4u. that thing has 3 mario games and its still the number 1 hotel for spiders!!!!!


    • That’s shocking really. I thought PS4 was supposed to be a “power-house”. This proves that the CPU in PS4/X1 isn’t as good as everyone thought it would.

      If it was then it would be 1080p HD at 60FPS. This is mean to be 8th gen….My word Sony haven’t done a good job at all!!!


  5. Something has really sparked me.

    “. The site was extremely impressed that Nintendo had managed to deliver an extremely fluid 60 frames per second without a single hitch”.

    Well duh! The console was designed to give of 1080p HD @60PFS.

    Nintendo are not stupid to give us something hasn’t isn’t full HD. Lay off Nintendo people!!!


  6. Good news. But, I have to say, I can’t ever tell the difference between fluid frame rates vs. not fluid frame rates….

    I don’t know why people are always mentioning it as an issue or something to be praised. It’s like the issue with HD graphics between consoles. They all basically look the same so why bother worrying over minor things that, in all honesty, don’t really matter.


  7. I’m just reading the comments, and the haters, trolls, and people arguing and talking shit on a nintendo website are really sad and pathetic. When’s the last time you kissed a girl, if ever? That’s what I thought, go back in mommy’s basement or whatever. Have fun wasting your life.


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