Pokemon X & Y Trump Cards Due To Be Released This Month In Japan

Game Freak and Nintendo have confirmed that the Pokemon X & Y Trump Card sets will go on sale in the middle of December in Japan. The Pokemon X & Y Trump Cards sets are priced up at 525 Yen. The size of the playing cards will be 58 x 89mm, and the Jokers will be based on the Legendary Pokemon. The Trump Cards have only been confirmed for Japan.

Thanks, Pierson


    1. It’s the ugliest fucking thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It’s like they couldn’t think of any more Pokemon designs so they picked them out of the recycle bin…

      1. no they aren’t :1

        gen 1 has some of the most un-imaginative designs, I mean yea there is a ice-cream cone that is alive but that’s not as bad as straight sewer waste with a face

      2. It has nothing to do with nostalgia and everything to do with liking better designs. Even little kids that grew up with later gens would agree that Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise are better designs than Chestnaught, the fox thing, and the frog. Idk their names but even gen1 names were better and more imaginative. It’s not a matter of opinions you either agree with me or you’re wrong.

      3. that’s a dead lie :1 its just the nostalgia

        if Gen 6 was Gen 1 then you wouldn’t be saying that

      4. That’s just an assumption and there would be no way to prove that and the guy is right that kids that grew up with later gens would like Gen 1 designs and pokemon more but either way its all opinion based like someone else said above. There is no”right” or “wrong”

      5. Muk looks badass. Swalot looks like a fucken moron, that’s one way you can compare gen1 and later gens. It’s understandable the more pokemon you make the more you run out of ideas. Also muk’s name read backwards is kum.

      6. If gen6 and gen1 switched places I would be saying that the designs have really improved because they used to suck.

      7. Chesnaught is not ugly and clearly was not pulled out of a dumpster. His design obviously took much artistic talent, time and creativity to make.

  1. That actually seems pretty cool. I’d love to shuffle these cards into a deck while I’m playing with someone. It’s be awesome to draw one of the Kings and win the game!

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