Wayne Brady’s Mii is reportedly being distributed through Nintendo Zones in North America. The Whose Line star has been spotted by several users over Nintendo of America’s StreetPass weekend which took place from December 14 to 15. Wayne Brady has been promoting Wii Party U in a string of adverts for Nintendo over the last couple of months. If you’re a big fan of the comedian, now’s your chance to grab him at a Nintendo Zone near you.



    • Maybe, i personal love choking bitches. oh i see you have that piece of poop for a picture. if so can you do me a favor? can i go to sony’s console for now on? i really hate nintendo because they treat you like your 5. im sick of carrying that lard on my back. Seriously, the only hope for wii u is my rated mature game. YOSHI THE YARN killer!! Buy it please or ill unravel THE YARN. HA, im so cool arnt i. cooler than you eve bee as in. a honey bee. you need to check out my sick ryhmes my adrenaline is high because i got no respect yo got to medal detect my metal ball ho, you got to bust it like motha fucking mojo. ha yo, you think you can touch me? well im as fast and creepy as a flee im a beast as that can see. so if you liked an =y of that youy might like my game yoshi the YARN killer.

      excuse my awesome speeling errors. im king.


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