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Pokemon Bank Removed From Japanese 3DS eShop, Western Release Unclear

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Nintendo Japan has taken the measure of removing the Pokemon Bank from the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eShop. The application was supposedly removed due to the influx of users accessing the Nintendo Network yesterday and bringing the service to a halt. This means that users cannot download the Pokemon Bank anymore and currently cannot access the features of the game. Nintendo Japan hasn’t made clear when both the Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter will return, or if the western release has been delayed. However, Nintendo has clarified that the 30 day trial for previously registered users will restart when the app eventually returns.

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103 thoughts on “Pokemon Bank Removed From Japanese 3DS eShop, Western Release Unclear”

    1. Because if High Command angers the countless millions of soldiers and civilians in the Pokemon Division, it will be a very bad day for us all…

      1. well NC, it’s not just Nintendo, apparently Steam and PS Network are also overwhelmed with the amount of new users registering on their servers, no doubt because of all the new Nintendo/PS4 owners thanks to X-mas…

            1. I’m sure they will counter attack with them having no issues due to the “Cloud System” but I don’t care…

              I’m a patient life form, I’ll wait 1000 years if I have to, to see them rot…

              1. Don’t worry, Nintendo Commander. My forces are doing everything they can to destroy the Dorito chomping, Mountain Dew sipping degenerates known as the Xbots. That filth shall soon be wiped off the face of the Earth.

              2. Considering xbots drop an additional $$$$$ extra for online, something they already pay for through their cable provider and is in essence a massive rip off along with their micro transaction games and…. Oops I’m digressing. I would hope MS would beef up their bread and butter that they make tons of $$$ off of is essentially the point.
                I must say though if Nintendo was really projecting a high install rate for the holiday and especially with exclusive sales knowledge, you would think their server capacity would’ve been upped substantially for all the influx of new nintendo cadets. This just looks poor on Nintendo, especially when they are pushing their next gen system with that horrible name. ( just rename it Nintendo U already!! The Wii name is doing nothing but holding it back)

            2. …I assure you many many more people opened an Xbox One than a Wii U this Christmas. They probably just were better prepared. If anything, this is good for Microsoft as they are the only company able to take in all the new customers.

                  1. Sweet, but what I meant by evidence was something more along the lines of a link which adds support to his (and your) claim, and not me just blindly taking your words as if they are true. like a link showing the amount of sales they’ve had over the holidays? I just want something more credible than a user comment.

              1. Everybody already has their new systems. The servers being down won’t affect having new customers because people aren’t going to buy an Xbox because their PS4 temporarily can’t connect to the internet. Only insanely spoiled kids will be able to say. “Mom, the servers are down for my brand new game console, so can you buy me another brand new game console because the problem is temporary?”

            1. Nintendo and Sony came out first before Microsoft entered the fray. Sony was CDs, Nintendo was cartridges, the argument and fight started when Sony decided to stop giving Nintendo CDs to use for games and instead started using CDs themselves. Nintendo stuck to its trademark cartridges and then later on progressed to CDs but while still retaining their cartridges. Microsoft went from Windows to a “why not, we’ll join the party” So the XBOX came out then it became a trifecta instead of a single battle between two titans…. Yep, there were three. Now you have multiple consoles not just the big three companies.

          1. The PS4 as far as I’m concerned has to deal with PC where in Steam and PC have to deal with the new game (still in Beta testing even though it is out) Warframe. How those two correlate between Nintendo, Sony and PC, no clue. The price of this comment, priceless.

      2. Oh, they have NC, they have.
        Go to twitter. Search: Nintendoamerica — You’ll see the masses are armed with pitchforks and torches.

        If you have a bunker to hide in, best you get there soon. If Nintendo doesn’t get the network back up, …well, they just better..

        1. Don’t worry…

          I’m not a part of High Command at all…

          I merely lead some Nintendolings in my part of the world…

          1. ;D Well, best to find one anyway. Lol

            Honestly, I’ve gone from mad to worried. I hope to God if Nintendo has have a mind, they’ve backed up whatever was on those servers. I can tell you without being in our IT department it does not take 36 hours to reboot or repair.

            Absolute best case scenario is the only guy at Nintendo that can fix the servers is on Holiday? Worst case scenario, the servers were not backed up and they melted down. Sending Nintendo back to the 1980’s

  1. 3 million Japanese trying to use a service at the same time plus the other 3 million trying to hunt on monster hunter 4? It is a miracle skynet did not rise.

  2. It’ll be back, clearly it’s insanely popular. I’d wager a guess that they weren’t fully aware of just how popular it would be, and need more servers, or a dedicated server to just pokemon bank, and things will be good to go again.

  3. All joking aside, it’s because the eShop had such an influx of activity. Yes people did find holes in the Bank (pun intended) and were able to trade over their illegal Pokémon, but this is purely due to the Nintendo Network overloading. Nintendo should’ve accounted for this, but they didn’t, because they’re reactive, not anticipative.

    Hopefully everything will be fine by the day’s end and the Western release of Pokémon Bank isn’t delayed as such, or if it is, it isn’t delayed by an excessive amount of time.

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  5. People were still able to get hacked Pokemon into the game, which means the entire reason for Pokemon Bank existing failed. They are going to have to beef up their security measures before they bring it back.

    1. Depends on what kind of hack was applied, were they with modded stats or random run through in the grass to encounter them? Did they go into full detail what was caught and classified? Are the event pokemon, done through event only but the event triggered via action replay through an item that was generated, cause it?

  6. Aww too bad. Hope they extend the free months we get to use the system. I don’t want to have to BUY the usage lol! Just transfer everything over really quickly and never play Black and White again :P

  7. Yes, “delayed” in the West because of Japan. Still waiting on that Flipnote Studio 3D western release “delayed” because the Japanese overloaded the servers.

    Are you hiding something Nintendo?

  8. i wonder how long the delay will be if its delayed, i know these things happen and this might also cause a slight issue with the free pokemon we were due to get with it!

  9. I have a question.

    I imputed the Nightmare DLC for Sonic Lost World & while it was trying to download it said “Error”

    I imputed the code again & it said I already used that code but it didn’t download.

    I don’t know how to get it & I would hate to lose it. Any advice?

    1. ”Hey, I dont know what Im talking about and I think Im always right so Instead of understanding that’s not Nintendo’s fault, Im going to blame an entire country” -Al 19999 and some ppl on this site

    1. Just like to point out, this came from todays Newswire, so it looks like its still on schedule, despite the trouble in Japan.

  10. i think that been delayed, can i remind everyone that these release dates can change at any minute plus the people had to get the posts before chirstmas and might lack last minute changes

  11. You would have thought Nintendo would have been more prepared for this! They had better not delay the UK release of Pokemon Bank otherwise I may end up not playing their games anymore!!!

    Total let down!!!

  12. Some news sources indicate the Nintendo Network will be offline, possibly overnight, to fix these issues. There’s every chance Pokémon Bank could be released tomorrow in the West as advertised, and that it’s only pulled off of the Japanese eShop temporarily (in much the same way that A Link Between Worlds was pulled off from the Japanese eShop too, that was the big Boxing Day release for them).

    In any case, we’ll find out tomorrow whether or not we’ve got Pokémon Bank on time, or if it has been delayed. This is purely due to the Network being overcapacity. Sounds like Nintendo had a pretty damn good Christmas overall. Shame they’re reactive and not anticipative, but oh well…

    1. NOA seems pretty confident Pokemon bank is coming tomorrow. They even put out a press release for eshop games, with it included.

    2. its good news that nintendo is getting more vict…i mean nintendo owners, especially wii u owners and the bad news is the overcapacity of their servers, i bet they never anticipated this, they may have anticipated some wii u owners but not to the point of “y no we go to eshop? y we get error?”

          1. I don’t know the information on the delay is accurate (never heard anything direct from Nintendo), but tomorrow everyone will find out for sure.

              1. Yeah, I know, they sent out the official notice this morning. I have a feeling they made the call at the last minute. Too bad for the Pokemon players. It sounds like it will be back up soon though cause they haven’t delayed the promotion that went with it.

  13. And I had 2 boxes full of Pokemon ready to be transferred over tonight. I’m sick of using the same old Pokemon online damn it.

  14. i never saw the day that the servers of nintendo would be flooded, did not say it will never happen. i was looking forward to pkmn bank/transfer but if that is whats causing the servers going down (part of it) then thay should find the best way to lessen the stress like maybe using a thumb drive to act as a box or something (back up)

  15. Pokémon Bank has been delayed for US also:

    Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International have postponed the launch of Pokémon Bank and Poké Transporter – two software applications that were originally scheduled to launch for Nintendo 3DS on Dec. 27 – due to a large volume of traffic to the Nintendo Network service. Due to the high traffic, players are having trouble setting up Nintendo Network IDs and downloading content in the Nintendo eShop on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. We truly regret the inconvenience, and wish to reassure everyone that providing a solution is our top priority. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your continued patience.

  16. Pokémon Bank has its placeholder on the eShop, but isn’t available to download. The issues with the Nintendo Network have been so severe that they’ve had to scale back on services worldwide. That’s… actually quite alarming coming from the biggest dedicated videogame company in the world.

    Hopefully this will all be resolved in a week. If it takes a number of weeks or months, people will be even more outraged.

  17. I checked on the e-shop, now it says TBA.
    I hate it when it says TBA.
    UK release better not be delayed any further, or else I shall summon an army of potatoes to throw their flip flops at them.

  18. This is dumb, these nerds should have thought it through did they think only a few people would use this of course lots of people would access it so why not make it so we could store extra pokemon on are ds ds card

    1. I'm fucked without Pokemon

      You don’t make sense. We should be able to store it on OUR 3/2DS SD card, but then that’d take up more than 1000 bytes of space, at least.

      1. Depends on how many gigs you decide to use for your SD card, if it’s 16 gigs or 32, you’ll be fine. 128 gigs? A slight bit overkill but that’s plenty of storage. xD

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  20. I'm fucked without Pokemon

    Seriously?! Nintendo are just being dicks. My fave game, and I don’t give a shit about a “Paid SERVICE”. Service? Fuck me, it’s just a traffic causer!

  21. I'm fucked without Pokemon

    I don’t know, not until they find out all the other countries have it for free and they don’t have it.

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