Zelda Announced For Super Smash Bros


Nintendo has announced today that Zelda will be a playable character in the forthcoming Smash Bros game for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. We’ve yet to get a firm release date for the eagerly awaited Super Smash Bros, but it is coming sometime next year.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


      1. More than Generic Anime Childhood Friend Zelda from SS.

        And it’s like you’re forgetting that Peach is in SMB2, a variety of the side games and, most recently, Super Mario 3D World, in which she was completely playable.

      2. It’s like you’re forgetting that the first Peach appeared in GameCube, a little before 3D World. Don’t try to make Peach look like Samus, fag. Because she’s not.

      3. You cherry picked that one, buddy. You completely ignored the side games as well as Super Mario Bros 2. She can still do shit.

        Also, ‘fag’? Really? You’re resorting to insults? And out of all the ones you could have picked, you chose ‘fag’? Grow up.

      4. Let’s not forget how much of an awful borefest Skyward Sword is.
        Every other Zelda FTW or GTFO!

      5. All Zelda games are good, except the CDi ones. SS is also a really fun game, it has one of the best dungeons ever with the time sphere mechanic. please, be respectful of others opinions.

      6. It’s too early/or late depending on where you live for such words as fag. And it’s a video game, it’s non-fiction beat em’ up. Be who you want. Stop being so angry. Have a glass of someshit called chill.

      7. I’ll grant you that this isn’t the OoT Zelda, but the TP Zelda makes more sense turning into Shiek, than SS Zelda. I would imagine it has something to do with that, and likely, due to the fact that it still looks like TP Link (and Ganon should follow suit again)

      8. His bangs are going towards the right [his left]. He has certain armor that TP Link has that SS Link doesn’t.

        This is TP Link, but it does have a slight SS flavor to it. But the base model is still TP.

      9. TP Zelda has NOTHING to to with any kind of sheikahs. SS’s one was along with Impa most of the time. Also, she’s a FREAKING GODDESS, not “only” a sage.

      10. But Impa has nothing to do with Zelda turning into Sheik either. They can’t make Zelda turn into Sheik that looked like Impa from SS!!! That wouldn’t look like Sheik at all. Impa has no mask, isn’t wearing blue or anything. Might as well just have Zelda turn into Impa lol!!!

        Twilight Princess AT LEAST had concept art for Sheik in the game while to the best of my knowledge, SS does not.

      11. There’s no reason you should be calling people a fag, unless you want to prove you are ignorant and an idiot that can’t just write something without starting to call people names. Well, for your stupidity now I call you an idiot, happy? Asshole.

      12. Peach is the 3rd most important videogame character. The order is Mario, Luigi, Peach. Peach can do whatever she wants no questions asked. Zelda on he other hand has to meet certain criteria.

      13. I would say Mario, Peach, Bowser. Leading man, leading lady and leading villain is how I always thought of it.(unless the main lead is female in which case leading male is second.)

    1. Who cares!! The SS design sucks anyway and at least she’s in the damn game so get over it and the TP design is the best one anyway imo. Also maybe she will get the skyward sword alternate costume but for now stop whining

      1. Skyward Sword was a much stronger entry in the series than Twilight Princess. There are three types of Zelda players, and Twilight Princess only suited the playstyles of one of them (The Hero, the kind of gamer who treats Zelda solely as a linear adventure).

        Skyward Sword’s sword mechanics are difficult to learn, which is why the story is built around that fact: Fighting Ghirahim the first time is super incredibly difficult. The second time, despite how much more powerful he is, he’s a breeze, not because you have more hearts, but because you’ve gotten so much better at the controls, and Ghirahim’s dialogue reflects how much Link has improved as a fighter.

        It’s true that the pre-dungeon quests were made a lot more linear, and the distinct lack of towns gave the game a lot less content at times. But it made much better use of that content than Twilight Princess ever did, as TP put the majority of the heart pieces in generic caves that required only bombs to get through.

        Twilight Princess was a total mess as far as exploration was concerned. It had a huge overworld, but it was mostly empty.

      2. I put Twilight Princess over Skyward Sword any day simply because the art style was my favorite. Link turned into a Wolf, Midna was the best side kick in the history of the franchise and is the 3rd best character in all of the games behind Zelda and Link who are interchangeably 1st and 2nd, the story was a blast, the dungeons were my favorite, Zant is my favorite Zelda villain, I did not see the Ganondorf OR the Midna plot twist at the end, the boss battles while they were repetitive were the coolest looking bosses in the entire series, the overworld felt the most like an open world adventure (kind of like Skyrim) and the puzzles were the hardest for me. It was the first Zelda game, or game in general that proved to be an actual challenge for me.

        Oh, and the game was the first Zelda game I ever played.

      3. I concur. Twilight Princess definitely had a better overall impact and the sales reflect it. TP was more in tune with the direction people have wanted Nintendo to go with the Zelda franchise and more closely resembles what we saw at Spaceworld 2000 than any Zelda game since.

        While there is nothing wrong with having a ‘preference’ that Skyward Sword was better than Twilight Princess (to each his own,) it’s my humble opinion that I think a lot of people that say that it is are either in denial because it was so far removed from what they were expecting that they convince themselves it is somehow “better” than TP to take the sting of disappointment away, or are just trolling to draw attention to themselves because they know that if they say that Skyward Sword is better than Twilight Princess that people are going to into a conniption-fit.

        The way I look at it is like this. If you took Link out of Skyward Sword and replaced him with some other character would anyone have given that game more than a passing fancy? Maybe, maybe not. However if you took Link out of Twilight Princess and replaced him with some other character would that game have sold as well? Probably not, but the fact that the popularity of TP is not based on Link or Zelda, but on Midna the Twilight Princess I think would have made it still sell very well. TP had a memorable character and most people play it because of the ability to turn into a wolf with Link and interaction with her. However any character turning into a wolf would have been cool even if the character was brand new.

        To be quite honest, I think Nintendo would have been better suited to take Skyward Sword and make it a totally new franchise and left Link out of it. Perhaps having the story exist in the Zelda universe but not having Link as the main character. THEN people would be asking for Link to be inserted in there and at the point people would except Link in that world and a iteration of a Skyward Sword game with Link would have done huge numbers.

        You give people what they are asking for FIRST before you give them what YOU want to give them. I think that Nintendo should seriously think about spin-off games based on characters from Majora’s Mask, Skyward Sword, Windwaker, and Twilight Princess. I would love to see and action-adventure style game ala ‘Bayonetta’ or ‘Heavenly Sword’ with Midna as the main character.

      4. I suspect that probably more people agree with you than are willing to admit, but as I eluded to earlier a lot of people says SS was better because they want to stand out or they are trying to play off disappointment. And there are those few who truly believe it is better without any caveat and that’s cool. To each his of her own. Everybody doesn’t like the same things. It’s what keeps the world interesting.

      5. No it just completely bombed and is considered to be the worst zelda game of all time. I’m pretty sure that is worse than sucking, so I guess you question you are asking is really directed at yourself, right?

      6. You might be the challenged one here. Thinking Skyward Sword is the worst ever. Troll harder.

      7. Skyward Sword is one of the best zelda games, even if it is a very flawed game , it’s story, gameplay and graphics were very good, either find a good reason to say that it sucks or shut the fuck up

      8. The best part of SS was the story. It made SO MUCH SENSE. The art style was a step back from TP and the game itself was repetitive. The graphics were good though, but that’s what you expect from the Zelda franchise. Top quality.

      9. What was so great about the story? It was predictable, poorly written, and didn’t add anything interesting to the Zelda universe.

      10. 1.I don’t know why people use predictability as a reason to hate something. NOTHING is unpredictable now-a-days. That means you personally hate every single movie and every single videogame… everything is predictable, because virtually everything has been done before.

        2.No Zelda story is poorly written…

        3. It added probably the most interesting thing to the Zelda universe… the existence of Demises curse on Zelda and Link! Speaking of the curse (which happened at the end), the ending of SS was one of the best in the series and really flows well into the Zelda universe and explains why there are incarnations every thousands of years.

        A good story with a bad ending is a bad story, but a bad story with a good ending can be a good story. It’s always about the last impression you have and SS leaves you with a great last impression.

        SS is a good game with a good story.

      11. We all “knew” there was a surprise at the end, we just didn’t know “exactly” what. I think people expected Ganondorf/Ganon to appear and when it was just Demise; it was shocking.

      12. I’m not saying it wasn’t obvious but still there was no warning about that pointless ganondorf clone that is nowhere near as good

      13. graphics please it looked like a gamecube game, even wind waker looked better than that

      14. Yeah…no. There many, many people who love Twilight Princess and consider it to be the best in the franchise.

    2. There is a Skyward Sword Zelda stage, because Sakurai felt like putting it in… I wouldn’t be surprised if a Twilight Princess stage is in the game as well (bring back the Bridge of Elden?)

      He also made Link his TP look, so why would Zelda be different from that? Clearly Sakurai favors the look of TP over SS as he should, because TP has the best art style hands down.

      Zelda U should go back to being realistic and NOT cartoony.

      1. Actually, if you look at the Link from Brawl, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword…they all kind of look the same anyway… It’s really just a swap of a color here and a darker shade or lighter shade here.

        Link hasn’t changed much since the initial change from Melee.

      2. If I were to pick an art style for this particular game, I’d go with the one in the tech demo a few years ago. It has enough life to prevent things from feeling dull without being too cheery for the kind of Zelda they seem to be going for, and it still reminds the player that Link’s quest isn’t a joke. Plus, it’s so clear and detailed and pleasant to look at in my opinion.

      3. To clarify: I’m referring to the next big 3D Zelda game for Wii U, not the smash bros. Zelda.

  1. Interesting to see that the same Zelda model is being used from TP. It’s my favourite Zelda! Does this mean this will be her look for the new game?

      1. I don’t think they’ll put in ‘Toon Zelda’ or Tetra, because it seems Zelda is already utilising an attack involving Spirit Track Zelda’s pink Phantom (it’s in the Zelda screenies on the official website). Unless that’s an assist trophy, then I could be wrong.

      2. But Link and Toon Link have pretty much the same move set so if they would add Toon Zelda that would probably be the case for her and normal Zelda aswell. And Toon Zelda/Tetra was actually supposed to be in Brawl.

      3. I think it’d be an assist trophy. I don’t seem them animating that to appear as a normal move out of nowhere without it being weird.

        Plus, realistic Zelda with a Toon Zelda based move seems weird.

      1. That’s your opinion, and Skyward Sword is a great game by the way. It plays a little different but it’s still amazing, and I would replay that far before Twighlight Princess. Skyward Sword at first glance is the only one NOT better looking than TP in my opinion, but after taking a closer look and playing I even like her way more. I would love to have the one from Link Between Worlds, but obviously he wants to match Link and Zelda to the same style. Different skins with different versions would be awesome instead of just different colors. Even if it’s DLC I would pay to have every Link/Zelda skin. Let us hope…

      2. I did not like Skyward Sword, because Zelda looks SO different from every other Zelda throught the whole franchise.(but it makes sense WHY she looks different). Because, since the curse, she is destined to fight evil for all eternity. Zelda will never look like SS Zelda ever again. She will always appear miserable and hopeful for the return of the “hero.”

        Also, Zelda is more powerful and appealing the way she looks in TP. Zelda is a princess who should act proper without emotions flying around. In SS she was removed from the princess role and has too much character… that’s not a princess, that’s a happy peasant.

  2. I don’t get people sometimes. People started to whinge when Rosalina was announced, freaking out that she would replace Zelda. Now that Zelda’s confirmed as a returning character, people are whinging that it isn’t the Skyward Sword Zelda? Who cares? It’s Zelda! I had no doubts that Zelda would be a returning character.

    The way I see it, those in the original Smash Bros, and those in Melee that aren’t complimentary characters are going to return. Those in Brawl that were updated as complimentary characters (e.g. Ike from Roy to compliment Marth) will be updated (so I expect to see Chrom replace Ike to compliment Marth). Until proven otherwise, I’ve got no reason to doubt this logic of mine.

  3. Skyward Sword Zelda was pretty much just a generic anime childhood friend so I’m glad they didn’t use her design in this. She wouldn’t have fit and really, having Zelda not be in the more common Princess attire as the default choice wouldn’t be the best.

    TP Zelda looks like Princess Zelda, is capable and pretty cool and her design has a Sheik design to go with it, from when they were gonna put Sheik into TP (which is what her Brawl design is from). I honestly think it fits better.

    I think Skyward Sword Zelda could work as an alt. costume though much like the Male Fit Trainer and Tetra can work as a Toon Zelda sort of thing if they were to implement her into Smash 4.

    1. Agreed 100%. Only kids think that the TP design choice is bad but then again the kids are also the ones that want someone like “Shrek” or Reggie in the game so they have no credibility in they’re opinions

      1. I’m 29 and although I don’t think the TP is a bad design, I think it’s possibly my least favorite. Not all people, whether kids or adults, think the same.

      2. TP princes design I agree was the best choice. Just my opinion. They gave Zelda a facelift. Look at her she is beautiful and mature.

      3. You know what would be interesting is to use WW HD Zelda. She has a Sword and she can carry bombs. But then again she would be less unique from Link.

    1. That was just a tech demo which was showing the Wii Us power. That was nothing for Zelda U. Auonoma also stated that the artstyle will be completely new. Something we never seen before.

  4. Maybe the Zelda you guys are bitching for will be an alternative costume, we can always hope, but there is no as seeing for sheik , so yeah idk how that would play in….

    1. why do you think they announce the chracters? 2 charcters, 3 items, 2 moves, 3 stages all in THIS month? because they are making the game.

      1. I would like this game to remain spoiler free the fucking habit of coming to this website to check for news and it pops up like geez why did I come here. And if not this website others report the same. Just wish it said spoilers before I clicked on the link. I tend to ignore the topics because I want to be surprised when I play the game. But i already knew what the game had when smash bros brawl had came out thanks to the smash bros dojo. Go underground smash bros go underground.

      2. Well I personally would like to see Wolf O’Donnell in game, so this is a good idea to see if he will come in this game, or else I can die.

  5. It would be nice to see alt costumes instead of just colours. I mean it would kinda be funny if they had Chrom and “Marth” as an alt to marth

    Give peach her normal (SMB3dW) dress. her elegant (Brawl/4) Dress. Full Princess Daisy instead of recolour and perhaps her sports dress.

    Link could have simple tunic, Armoured tunic. Magic Armour and Shadow Link.

    TLink: WW Link. ALBW Link. WW Pyjamas, “Bunny costume”

    Marth: Chrom, “Marth”, Roy

    1. I want Princess Toadstool to have her classic red hair costume from the 80s as an alt, if that happened, I don’t care what else happens, I will love this game. Somehow I don’t see it happening though lol.

      1. she has never had red hair. it was brunette. But yeah that would also make a good Alt.

  6. Nice! Zelda’s a cool character so im fine with it, now I just hope when/if they still keep ganondorf (the former more likely) that they use the ocarina design. Didn’t really like the hair net ganondorf lol

  7. I know I’m late to the party but I just bought Luigi’s Mansion 2 to celebrate the final months of his year…

    Wii U next time…

    1. Late to the party? Well, I have just bought my 3ds! And since I spent all my money in it, I couldn’t buy any 3ds game, so I downloaded Oracle of Ages… this is what I call late to the party, haha.

      Enjoy your acquisition. :)

      1. Haha, well I guess…

        Hopefully you have some money soon to buy a 3DS game as well…

        I saw several people buying the Wii U today, I’m so proud…

        And I saw some Xbox One’s there too, disgusting…

  8. For those of you living in a dream world, Nintendo is on fire, like an old barn burning to the ground.
    Twitter and Facebook are full of enraged people who feel like taking a chance on Nintendo was a huge mistake. Some people are returning their shit because they can’t update or redeem games they wanted to play over Christmas break.

    the eshop is still down and the pokebank has been up and down in the Japanese eShop.

    Nintendo can’t afford fuck-ups on this scale, after this thread, I’m done for a while. So you can all go back to your peaceful world of silly trolls and Nintendo being perfect.

    1. too aggressive/immature mate but you are right Nintendo didn’t need such a mess at Christmas, hope it doesn’t mess up a potential Wii U revival….
      One thing’s for sure, any casual gamers returning Nintendo hardware today will not forgive or forget :(

      1. There isn’t anything immature in his comment, not even aggressive really. It’s a just a short analysis of Nintendo’s recent mistakes and that their fanbase (especially on this website) have been way too forgiving.

    2. Yup Nintendo is indeed in hot water but fanboys think it’s a wonderland at Nintendo right now. Fans aren’t happy at Nintendo’s kid only policy, bad servers, lack of must have software, dead ips that they don’t want to revive and and an awful 1st year for the Wii U. Not to mention investors that invested in the “success” or the Wii U. Either Nintendo changes some policy and listens to what fans want (not for everything) but a good amount or they will suffer next year.

      1. Um the lack of must have software is your subjective not a fact. Example you think Pikmin sucks yet I love Pikmin. So um no.

    3. You probably won’t seen my reply, seeing you said you’ll be gone for a while, but I agree with you. I was a die-hard Nintendo up until the Wii U was announced.

      To be more accurate, when they claimed it would bring back the hardcore audience, then a year later, they treat Nintendo Land like their big AAA title for the system.

      Nintendo has been on a streak of illogical decisions; they’re trying to sell the Wii U as a family console, not realizing that this demographic doesn’t exist. They have to stop living in the past and get out of their comfort zone.

      Zelda Wii U will be last chance I’m gonna give them. If they, say, finally decide to implement legitimate voice acting, I’ll conclude that they finally learned something.

      1. they don’t need full on voice acting just have gibberish and call it hylian or something

    4. Stop whining none of the new wiiu owners are on twitter or Facebook crying over something that always happens on the holidays. So quit your bitching and play something.

    5. The reason people can’t update, redeem games or anything of the like is because it’s Christmas time and a many thousands of people that got a new system are trying to update it at the same time resulting in the servers overloading and thus this happens. And fyi his stuff also happened when the miiverse update came to 3DS due to a lot of people updating and whatnot at the same time.

  9. Wait, it’s not Skyward Sword Zelda? Sakurai basically picked the most boring of the bunch instead of selecting the one Zelda that Link (and by extension, the player) had a good reason for saving.

    Don’t anyone dare say crap like ”well that one is more of a fighter”. My response: No, Twilight Princess Zelda wasn’t any more of an action girl.

    Even then, remember that this game has the villager from AC and fucking Wii Fit Trainer, rendering that argument 100% invalid. It’s an illogical choice, that’s all it is.

      1. I’m not even raging, I frankly don’t even care. I’m just pointing out that it’s an odd decision , and that the arguments supporting it don’t make much sense. Just so you know it’s a little rude to assume someone is feeling a certain way when they actually don’t.

      2. I think you have a point. After all the magic of Smash Bros is seeing characters that we know dont fight, fight.

    1. The argument is not which Zelda looks more “like a fighter.” The argument is that more people prefer the TP Zelda look, because she looks more realistic. Same with Link. More people prefer the realistic approach to Zelda while there are a few who prefer a cartoony version( for some reason..)

      TP Zelda was most interesting to me. I just don’t think of Zelda as a bubbly Princess/girl next door(like in SS). I see her as a serious, but strong woman who would gladly be taken prisoner or die for her kingdom.

      Smash Bros doesn’t “add fighters,” hence why Ryu won’t make it in or anyone else from a fighting specific game. Sakurai said it himself. He wants to add in non-fighting specific characters and design movesets for them. Hence Wii Fit Trainer and AC Villager.

      1. TP was probably the most different Zelda of them all. It’s the only “realistic” Zelda in a sense. Sorry but Zelda STARTED cartoony (even HAD a cartoon). People prefer a cartoony version “( for some reason..)” yea that reason being that it’s how Zelda has always been besides TP. TP fans are the odd ones out, not the others. I’m not knocking ANY of the fans who favor any game. I’m just stating facts. Zelda in Ocarina of time was serious but smiled and giggled and wasn’t a stiff character like the one in TP. Tetra/Zelda in Wind Waker was again serious at times but not stiff and had more to her. So yea that’s why some people prefer the cartoony styles of Zelda.

      2. No, Zelda fans that like the cartoony version are the odd ones out. If you look at what the “internet” is saying as a whole (including people who don’t play Zelda but still judge the art style) more people prefer TP.

        Can’t just look at Zelda fans in particular. Super Smash Bros isn’t about making everyone happy by catering to each franchise individually, it is about making the masses happy as a collection of franchises.

        People in general like TP Zelda more than SS Zelda.

      3. When I say TP fans are the odd ones out I mean in the sense that their particular game in the series is the odd one out in terms of graphical approach. And unfortunately what is said on the internet is not always true and why I don’t go by what is said online. But either way I haven’t played a Zelda game I don’t love so yea….still gotta play a few though (Minish Cap, Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hour, both 4 Swords games, and Majora’s Mask). And I got enough shit for not playing Majora yet from my friends so I don’t need more lol. I have it on my VC but I’m waiting for the obvious HD/3D remake they are gonna make.

      4. Same here. I have never played a Zelda game that I have not enjoyed(well except for Majora’s Mask). I also have not played them all. Mainly the originals, Phantom Hour Glass, Minish Cap, Oracles, and I have not finished Wind Waker or Majora’s Mask.

        I tried playing Majora’s Mask, but I don’t like it. It’s no where NEAR as good as Oot, but it has this little “cult following” if you will.

        It’s good if you like the time restraint, if you don’t then chances are you’ll feel relief when you beat the game and not rejoice (which is what you should feel!)

      5. Yea I keep hearing people saying how Majora is the best and the darkest, I only watched my brother play back during its release so I can’t really say. The time restraint thing back then would have probably pissed me off but now that I’m older I probably won’t mind so much, but maybe I will. I wasn’t into Pikmin or Pokemon when I was younger now I love Pikmin and have caught over 600 pokemon lol. Funny how your taste changes as you get older.

      6. It’s true about getting older. I tried playing a Metroid game when I was younger and I’d get stuck in the first part, first room with no enemies. I think some games are just made for an older audience, because younger kids are not “smart” enough to “get it” yet.

        The time restraint only bothers me, because you KNOW you will run out of time at some point and you have to do the whole “go back in time” thing to gather more time. Plus you get like 3 or 5 days or something and 5 days in video game time is like 20 minutes so overall you have and hour and 40 minutes(maybe shorter) to complete “everything”…. Pikmin has a timer, but no where NEAR as crunched for time as you are in MM.

        Also, personally, I don’t find ANYTHING dark anymore, because I am into some crazy stuff. My favorite genre is horror/psychological thriller so I’ve watched Saw, Grudge, Hellraiser, True Blood, Dexter, Silence of the Lambs, The Human Centipede, Martha, Marcy May Marlene, Hard Candy, Grindhouse, every demon possession film created and many more. (plus some things that are so bad I shouldn’t mention… :P)

        Needless to say, Majora’s Mask is childs play compared to all the things I’ve witnessed. I sometimes get annoyed when things in video games are brought up as “disturbing,” because I have yet to find anything worth cringing over in a video game…. people are such wimps.

  10. I knew Sakurai was outdated. Used both TP versions of Link and Zelda. Only good thing about that is that we will have TP Ganondorf which is the best design for him.

    1. he used them because he liked them better (as he should, because they are the best) not because he is outdated.

      1. and actually, this time I said that Sakurai himself likes TP Zelda better than SS Zelda… he must, or else he would have used the SS Zelda.

        He always has a reason for why he makes something happen. Clearly SS Zelda was not meant to be the default Zelda in SSB and in all honesty, makes complete sense.

        Hopefully SS Zelda is a costume to chose so the couple of people that are sad now can be happy.

      2. I’m not really sad either way, I don’t really use Zelda much. I’ll be happy with whatever the game ends up being as long as online is perfectly smooth and full of options. We can’t have another Brawl in terms of online.

      3. I am a huge fan of Zelda. The thing that makes the argument over “which Zelda is better” pointless is that I am arguing based on LOOKS while other people are bringing in character, story, and other crap like that.

        SS Zelda is the second best in terms of character (ST is my favorite), but the best overall when you include her importance in the story. While TP was barely in the story and really didn’t matter in a lot of respects. However, the best Zelda design is clearly TP and should be the representation she has in Super Smash.

        She’s gotta look her best!!!

      4. That’s a good argument. And I think I said it earlier but I’m not sure. But when I saw SS Zelda in pics before the game was released I thought she was ugly, but after playing and seeing the graphics and motion as opposed to still shot, I grew very fond of her appearance. I seriously hope though that there are different skins for everyone instead of just different generic colors. That would be great, and Wii U can certainly handle it, and I’m sure 3DS can too. Doctor Mario as a skin for instead, Paper Mario as another skin, Fire Mario, even throw in Referee Mario from Punch Out lol.

      5. I definitely agree about the skins. There is no reason why Zelda can’t look like her incarnation from SS. Especially when Sakurai KNOWS people wanted her to look like that in the first place.

        We know they are coming with Male WFT confirmed as a skin for Female WFT.

        I will beat someone down if Female Villager isn’t included, because it would be a perfect opportunity to add more females to the game. So far it looks like we have been getting a lot too! It’s exciting stuff, I feel like females have never been so fairly represented in a fighting game before and not just in numbers, but in modesty as well :)

      6. No two cloned Wii fit trainers are enough. I rather add an all new character. It would be nice if WOnderful 101 could be on there. Red, Blue, Pink and Green. I doubt it. Game released too late. Same for X and Bayonetta. No chance I know. I wish they could at least be on Wii U version though.

  11. Sometime next year, Sometime next year…… damn Nintendo and their waiting game. Waiting is for casuals.

  12. You know, it’s interesting that her moveset is almost completely hidden. Usually the new character has at least 3-4 moves that are shown in the picture, but she isn’t really fighting in any of them. It seems like they’re definitely switching her moveset since she can possibly summon enemies. I’m not sure how I feel about that yet because I really liked her old moveset. It’ll be interesting to see her other moves.

    As for the SS vs TP debate, I’m glad that it’s Zelda from TP. Cmon guys, she was possibly the greatest Zelda, even better than OOT’s continuity. That being said, Skyword Sword is a great Legend of Zelda game so I don’t get all of the hate. It’s not as dark as some of the other Zelda games, but the plot is still pretty good and the scenaries were a nice change of pace.

    1. I really hope they are changing up her moveset. I like her old one, but it was the same thing from Melee (just a little stronger). I like the idea of mixing it up a little.

      If Sheik is still in, I hope her moveset changes too, because she was better in Melee. Sheik was unfortunately nerfed in Brawl :( and Sheik is in my top 3 favorite characters…

      1. Good point and it does help to make the game nice and different. I still play Melee occasionally while I mostly play Brawl and I intend to play all three of them when the new one comes out. (Although most of my time will naturally be on that one) It’ll be fun to see what the rest of her moves are.

        I agree that Sheik was a lot better in Melee. Her moves really leave her open to counters in Brawl since they’re pretty slow. I’m sure that she’ll do better in this one and they will definitely improve her. Maybe she’ll even be her own character in this game which would be cool

      2. I can see two really good options for Sakurai.

        1. Make Zelda her own character and remove Sheik from the game. As much as I love her, I really love her moveset even more. I can totally see Impa as her own character with a Sheik-like moveset. By making Zelda stand-a-lone they can boost her speed and make her stronger as well as give her a NEW down B move that was originally meant to summon Sheik.

        Now, obviously there is a huge chance Sheik is in the game. So…

        2. Sheik has got to be more like her Melee incarnation. She had chain grabs and she had more powerful attacks.

        I’m hoping for one or the other. Both would be too much Sheikah power lol! While the second idea is the most plausible, but Impa’s inclusion would be an interesting surprise! :D

  13. Everyone is complaining about Zelda’s design (despite the fact that TP Zelda is the best Zelda) when no one is speculating over whether or not she has new moves such as summoning a suit of armor to attack her foes?

    Of course it could be an assist trophey, but perhaps not!

    Also, why has Sakurai not shown us Sheik?

  14. Why the hell is Twilight Princess Zelda summoning a Phantom from Spirit Tracks? Isn’t that considered a time paradox since they are from two completely different timelines? O.o

    1. We have Link, Toon Link and Toon Link in the 3DS versions. Isn’t THAT a paradox?

      Plus, Sakurai has always given characters moves from a variety of different games. Take Mario for example. He doesn’t shoot fire balls OR get a fire mushroom at any time in Mario Sunshine, yet he uses F.L.U.D.D in SSB AND can shoot fire balls.

      Every character has moves from different games that were set in different times.

      Also, in Zelda’s case, she was “given” her moveset. She never used the powers of the goddessed in the Zelda series, at least, not like she does in SSB. Sakurai probably figures, now that times have changed and Zelda has had some of the spotlight in other games, he can change her moveset to reflect that.

  15. How about we stop complaining about the game and just be glad she’s in the game. You know… If there’s any complaints. Let’s see you come up with a Legend of Zelda game. Have fun kiddies.

    1. I am SO sick of SO many people saying that Skyward Sword sucked, or was boring etc. What’s wrong with people? It might not have had every feature of past Zelda games, but it sure didn’t suck. I thoroughly enjoyed SS from beginning to end. I also loved the touch of romance they threw into the game. I always wished there was more of a romantic connection between Link and Zelda, and I got my wish in SS (sorta). I will never understand people’s negative attitude towards Skyward Sword. Though that last boss was kinda odd. And I got sick of having to fight that giant nightmare creature over and over (I forget it’s name).

      I’m surprised Nintendo doesn’t add Tetra to the next Smash Bros. as well.

      1. Skyward Sword was a beautiful game and if you have been playing Zelda since the original 2 or 3 games at least the story was just great. I loved the game except for endless flying, and revisiting the same lands over and over, and enemies being way to easy once you master your master sword controls. Honestly though in terms of flying, really Ocarina of Time had lots of open field space that could have been filled in when riding Epona, and everyone knows about the endless sailing that they fixed for Wind Waker. So it’s not like other Zelda games didn’t have flaws. But after playing them would I change them? Nah.

  16. People who are saying Skyward Sword sucks and is the worst in the franchise obviously haven’t played Zelda II.

      1. SS would have been better if you didn’t have to play the same three stages 5 times each time but search for something different. I was tired of doing that.

    1. Well, it’s updated, like Mario, Luigi, Link, Peach, etc. They aren’t copy and pasted from Brawl if that’s what you mean.

      Compare Zelda’s face from SSB4 to Brawl and it looks like a completely different person.

  17. Welcome to the gaming community, where no one is ever happy with anything, we all want more, more, more, more, more, more, more or something different, different, different, and we are hardly satisfied with video games, yet we love them. >.>

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