Nintendo has released a new trailer for Super Mario Bros. 3. The classic NES platformer is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in Europe. It will arrive in the eShop in North America at a later date. Super Mario Bros. 3 was originally released in 1988 and introduced several iconic power-ups, such as the Frog Suit and Super Leaf, which also appears in the latest Mario title, Super Mario 3D World.



      • The WII u? HAHAHA. You got to be KIDDING ME! That piece of trash is about as good of a product than poop itself! HAHAHAHAH

        Got a shitty product opened but nintendo wont let you return it for a refund? Then you BETTER CALL SAUL!


          • Woah woah! We got a mental person here. If you ever need a lawyer you call saul! If you go to court there not going to take a retard who thinks he’s a robot commander for nintendo seriously and someone who is that passionate for a toy! yes wii u is a toy and a crappy one and thats why im suing nintendo for fraud! For saying that they were making a powerful next gen system when its barley stronger than last gen! FRAUD. also brainwashing losers like you and not SAUL.

            you have a case and its not legal! than you better call my fat ass!


            • you forgot that last gen consoles weren’t that perfect either both ps3 and 360 upgraded their systems after 2 or 3 years or more of being brick console’s, the ps3 internet were slow come paired to the slim one and their failed attempt to (copy) make a remote controller for it, the first ps3 also would freeze sometimes. and the 360 were worse it didn’t had a wireless internet at all you either had to buy a wireless receiver or plug-in a ethernet cord to get on the internet, plus a lot of people had the red ring of death which most people lost their systems, the wireless controller were a pain and still are, also the first 360 had a flexible and soft cover when every time you touch it while the system were on it would leave a big-ass ring on your games. I could go on more about other consoles being a system with flaws. PS, PS2, PSP, XBox, N64, GC, Wii, but I’m sure you get this much at least.


  1. This game rules! It never gets old, although i have to say im dissapointed that they didnt bring superior Snes version of this game to eshop.


  2. Nintendo having to rely on 25 year old games…….. WOW! What garbage im not saving their ass like i did in that donkey kong case 30 years ago! BETTER CALL SAUL!


  3. I like old games on the Wii U this means I dont have to have all my old SNES/NES consoles out with wires all over the place with awkward controls.
    This one being my favourite of the mario bros series :)


  4. Love the game but wth is with the old graphics? At least release one of the MANY remakes that looks a little updated. I hate how Nintendo will remake a game with updated graphics but still serves the old.old.old version up and expect people to just take it? I understand it’s retro and classic but what about 1 game with Retro/Modern graphics?


  5. I have bought it too many times already… I will pass this go around. Plus the emulation seems bad. The flashing on the right side of the screen is still there from the Wii VC version. That bothers my eyes for some reason. sigh…


  6. PPL are this excited to pay yet again to play the same rehashed garbage over and over and over and over again…Humanity is truly a lost cause.



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