Nintendo 3DS Gets Draw Your Own Manga And Comic Books App

Comic Kobo by developer Collavier allows users to draw professional manga and comic books and it’s coming to the Nintendo 3DS in the west. Creative users will be able to have  up to 80 Pages on a single save file and have 80 saves. Users will also be able to take snapshots of their work using the Nintendo 3DS camera and also transfer it to the PC. Comic Studio will be available in Japan on January 15th and will cost 800 yen. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the western release.

Comic Kobo allows users to choose a panel layout, and then create multiple layers, add color, and choose a speech bubble type. The app will also feature a gradient button to blur colors, a font button to change size and direction of font, and the ability to modify black-and-white photographs, choose pen thickness, erase lines, and add straight lines, shapes, or sound effects.

Thanks, Retrogaminglord



  1. PC-3DS transfer ? Might be a possible path to load program files for an exploit. 3DS softmod hope confirmed ?!?! XD
    I personally don’t care anyways because the 3DS is a disappointment in my eyes but if others like it…


    1. lol. and the XL is LITTERALLY 5x better in terms of feel comfort 3d effect screen battery life no fingerprints but stil shiny ect ect.

      3ds is the best console ever out now.


      1. Lets not only say the good things about the XL…Cause I hate it and like the original much more. The XL stretches the image due to games being made for the 3DS not the 3DS XL.


      2. To me they look basically the same except XL is bigger…. I like the XL better because my game appears to me in a larger format. It doesn’t strain my eyes as much.

        Plus I got the X and Y XL which looks WAYYY better than my plain black 3DS.

        Everyone has their opinions..


      1. because in the UK that $8 will be £8 which is actually $13, if it’s $8 then it should be £4.50.

        Y800 is £4.60 but we will have to pay something like £7.99 & thats why it’s too expensive.


    1. And so, when no-one expected it anymore, Flipnote got re-incarnated.

      We might even be able to message our friends again… a guy can hope.


    1. I’d say you’ll get the app banned, but since someone else will anyway, nevermind. Live it up! It won’t take long for and potential online connectivity to get neutered from the app. :)


  2. nice, so it might cost about $8 usd or $10 usd, either way its would be a bust buy. off topic, rareware should sell banjo, conker and perfect dark to nintendo as rare purposely made those franchises shitty because how micro treated them, bad. so if nintendo buys then nintendo will restore their image.


  3. ………………………………….Give me a second while I go spaz out in the next room…………………Okay I’m back. I am so glad to hear that it’s coming out here. As a writer, artist and animator. I’ve always wanted to make a legit if not official looking comic/manga. because my current comics are on rotting paper. I cannot wait to transfer them. I know that there are computer programs that are better, but Its easier and more fun to draw on the 3ds because it’s on screen drawing, unlike my current tablet. However If i were able to afford a cintiq tablet then this would be a different story.


    1. If it can be sent over spot pass to other 3ds systems. That is, unless it’s an online sharing site where people can rate your comics and comment. Colors3D has a maturity section where you can draw with or without censorship (As long as it’s in the maturity section.) Then it’s technically “Okay” to post things such as that I guess. but in the world we live in. people will most likely not respect the rule.

      As far as we know about this. All it says it that you can transfer it to PC. I would imagine it having some sort of sharing option. (Miiverse would probably be the primary choice) especially since they have NNID, it should be easier to target those who threaten the community.


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