Nintendo Apologizes For Nintendo TVii’s Unavailability In Europe

Nintendo has apologized for the absence of Nintendo TVii in Europe. Originally planned to launch last year in the continent, the Wii U application allows users to engage with TV shows and movies via the Wii U GamePad. The 6.2-inch touch-screen controller can also be used to search for programming from subscription services. Nintendo TVii has been available in North America and Japan since December 2012.

“We would like to apologise that we were unable to bring the Nintendo TVii service to Europe in 2013 as originally planned,” Nintendo said.

“Please continue to keep an eye out for further announcements regarding this service in the near future.”


      1. Not really Nintendo’s fault there for Oceania, our tv network in Australia is way behind that of Japan and the US. The current system can’t deliver that amount of information that Tvii needs, it’s more the matter of Nintendo working with Aussie networks to upgrade or somehow work around the problem.

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        and you also had to save banks using public money so if i were you i wouldn’t act all high and mighty about the current economy crisis

      2. The UK’s in financial turmoil, but unlike the Eurozone, it’s one set country made of four member states, unlike one currency divided between how many individual member states?

        Nice going. If the Euro ends up bankrupting half of Europe, the UK won’t be affected. The strong £ means the UK has more buying power. The Republic of Ireland on the other hand is a different matter.

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      4. Yet the £ has more buying power than the €.

        There are other reasons why the general UK public wants out of the EU, and those are mostly due to legal or trade reasons.

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      6. If the UK’s economy was worse for wear, the Euro would be stronger than the Pound. It ‘still’ isn’t.

        The fact of the matter is, the UK has its own problems, and will resolve its problems on its own (somehow). The EU has issues across multiple countries, each dragging the other one down. The two countries concerned most are France and Germany. Go read about EU member bailouts and how much that’s put the Euro in the mire.

        Back to the topic at hand, chumlee.

      7. Well giving the fact I read more than 6 news papers from 5 countries in the EU and 1 in Europe. I can’t honestly say I hv a more global view and don’t believe what the financial time tell u.if u
        want a stay deluded.well I can’t help but again this topic (Nintendo matter) and how they doing in Europe is a symptom of our economy in EU.

      8. You can read 20 newspapers in as many languages and I still wouldn’t give a damn.

        Anyway, topic at hand: The reason for its delay is because there are many member states that make up the EU, each with its own terrestrial TV networks, catch-up services etc, that it’s almost impossible to find a ‘unified’ platform like there is in both America and Japan (where, you guessed it, they share the same terrestrial networks). Europe’s answer to that is the Astra Network. However, the main customer of Astra is BSkyB, and so far, there hasn’t been a deal struck whereby Sky services are available to the Wii U.

        If all we get are regional/territorial catch-up services, it’s better than nothing. However, with Internet TV being more commonplace especially in Europe (despite the ailing economy across the frontier), something akin to that would also work. We just don’t know, but there should be a Nintendo Direct soon with this as a main topic (alongside Pokémon Bank, because 7+ million Westerners want it).

      9. I don’t think the satellite network will be a problem, ASTRA network also include a lot of European Countries (13 countries if memory saves)and most of the European countries use pal system except France, Belgium, Grece and Russia who use a SECAM system. Saying that their TVs are PAL and Secam compatible so technically it should not be hard for Nintendo to broadcast. What I do believe slowing the process is the authorisation to Broadcast in the different European countries. I know for fact that France is a b*tch to get an approval. And I do believe Nintendo wants to launch in most European countries, which could explain why they are late.

    1. Oh, so you’re saying that the four persons I know + me, are the only people to buy a Wii U?

      1. Wait, I don’t know you.
        You should check on your friends, one of them might have gone Judas on you.

  1. Hmmm o.O they shouldn’t of even bothered bringing it up unless it was finished if you ask me. I’m from the UK but I forgot about it until now. xD

    1. really…?
      okay for me, dosent matter, but i hopped that would be good thing, for a better sale of the console.
      i dont need and use this media stuff.
      my PS3 never was onlline… no diashow etc. just retail games and dvd’s.
      but i know that a lot of people love this stuff.




  3. Fantastic.
    When can the rest of the world expect an apology for such a useless app?
    I see that it can control inputs,
    add DVR ability and it would be an amazing asset.

  4. Why cant they put up the NFL, Baseball, Basketball in Europe too? Id love to have somewhere to catch up with Baseball other than shitty internet sites where I watch in a small square. Fair enough I don’t care about NFL ot Basketball but need to bulk it out

      1. Pinwheel: Wii U will fail

        NC: It won’t…

        Pinwheel then says damage control……..

        either my sense of logic suddenly warped, or Pinwheel is warped, NC answers with 2 words and thats damage control? it’s not even a full sentence Pinwheel, you dingus

  5. what people forget is Ninentdo TVii is a way to Nintendo to pass advert on it, promote games which will come soon. broadcast event you can’t go such as E3 etc. For the consumer is the additional experience…. anyway Nintendo TVii was included in the retail price, it something which will be crap at first and I am sure will be good as the time goes by. If there are clever enough they will be to broadcast Zelda or Mario animes, If there are very very clever they will broadcast anime related to 3rd party game such as tales of series.

  6. Im starting to lose all faith in Nintendo. First it was Flipnote, then Poke’mon bank, now TVii? At this rate, Nintendo might as well just post all their games as TBD… Im starting to lose faith in the company I have loved since a child. :( Great job letting down your fans Nintendo.

  7. Yet another apology, this was supposed to be out at the consoles launch, it’s too late now to bother with it, Nintendo are just lazy now.

  8. I get the feeling we’ll get this announcement:

    “Nintendo of Europe regrets to inform you that Nintendo TVii is unavailable across Europe due to a conflict of interest in different regional television providers. We apologise sincerely for the lack of this service.”

    While Nintendo TVii isn’t exactly a deal-maker, it would be a killer sucker punch to all of us if we, the collective in Europe and other PAL territories, missed out on this.

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