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Wii U Sold 178K In 2013 In France

Nintendo France has finally produced some Wii U numbers and also some Nintendo 3DS figures. The Wii U sold 120K in 2012 and 178K in 2013 – which Nintendo France says was below their expectations. In total Nintendo has shifted almost 300K Wii U consoles in France since the console launched.  Philippe Lavoué, deputy CEO of Nintendo France, also said that the Nintendo 3DS sold 1 million units last year and the well received Pokémon X & Y sold 584K to date.  Lavoué also revealed that Super Mario 3D World sold 98K and the Nintendo 2DS sold 180K.



  1. Just for info.
    France have also 12 millions of wii and the market there is mainly about Sony. Ps3 sold more than Xbox 360.
    Plus, ps4 sold twice the amount of Xbox one
    It may sound strange for our american fellow so I wanted to give them the overall state of the art here in france.
    By the way, greetings from Toulouse France-pronounced to-loose (lol).


  2. Personally I will not write about this topic any place but here. Really I don’t think Nintendo was to blame on this part because lots of companies TODAY “and the last few years” went the safe route. No one wanted to take risks! It was let’s put all are money into what we know will sell “and chances are didn’t regardless”. We are seeing this now with a few titles that went that safe route and failed.

    Lots of games could have pushed the Wiiu and ended up being better for it but didn’t. Now we are at the start of the new year and we have three options now. PS4,XBOX ONE and Wiiu with at this point PS4 is really pushing to be number one.I know lots of people who said they are waiting till march to buy either a Wiiu or a PS4 or Both for that matter.

    The problem I think that is happening now is we already have systems in our hands. We just have to purchase the games. Everyone either has a ps3,360 or a wiiu and currently just wants to buy the games. Will it change? Probably.. but it’s going to take a big innovative idea on the part of whomever to make it happen.


    1. You should head over to playeressence for discussion. It is more tame than here for discussion. I don’t have anything against Sickr, it is mainly the trolls that male this site a hostile environment.


  3. Wow, those are very low numbers.
    I expect to see the Wii U make some sales in 2014 though. The release of new consoles paradoxally made people also talk about the Wii U, and this year will be the year of Nintendo considering the big games coming up soon, especially when you compare them to the nothingness of the PS4/Xbone.


  4. You know one of Nintendo Wii U’s biggest sale booster is when it gets modded, cause here in my country the only way a device will get tons of sales is if it has free(pirated) games.


  5. Wait, Nintendo shifted 300k Wii Us and it sold 120k and 178k, so they almost sold all those 300k consoles… For me that’s good for such a country as France, I wouldn’t imagine they but that many consoles, though the 3DS sold one million…


  6. it’s well known that France is the strongest Nintendo market in Europe for the last 25 years but strangely enough UK get more stuff than France cause Nintendo sell less in this country. Back in the SNES UK managed to get more RPG than France. BTW it’s not because UBI is a French company that France is a gamer country. It’s like saying the US are bunch of shooter cause they sell gun (who dat heck come up with that way of reasoning???!!) sigh!!!


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