Cut The Rope: Triple Treat Is Swinging Over To 3DS Consoles

Zepto Lab together with Activision has announced that its adorable Om Nom is due to head onto the 3DS once again to pick up more delicious candy. Cut the Rope: Triple Treat is due to land on the handheld console this March, and combines the original Cut the Rope, as well as its two expansions – Experiments and Time Travel.

The delightful 3DS game will feature more than 50 hours of gameplay and over 650 levels, tied with in-game achievements and online leaderboards to add extra spice to the sweet-infused title. Zepto Lab has neither denied or confirmed an eShop release for the game, but will release for retail on March 28.


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  1. As far as iOS games go, Cut the Rope is pretty fun. I reckon it kept my attention for 10 minutes, rather than 5.

  2. 50 + hours of gameplay and THREE GAMES IN ONE……that’s……..A MEGA AWESOME DEAL! and there are over 650 puzzles and its on a portable!

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