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Sakurai Praises Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has praised Square Enix’s Lightning Returns in his semi-weekly column in Weekly Famitsu. The Final Fantasy XIII saga has received some flack from traditional Final Fantasy fans, but Sakurai was noticeably impressed by the game and praised the evolution of the ATB system. Sakurai concluded by saying that it’s nice to pick up a game and throughly enjoy it.

I was amazed at how, even under the limitations of there being only one party member [in Lightning Returns], [the ATB system] has evolved.”

“It’s easy to pick up an already released game and simply enjoy it, but in order to generate entertainment, you need to keep your eyes peeled.”I was reminded that if you take what seems natural for granted, nothing will evolve or change for the better.”

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76 thoughts on “Sakurai Praises Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”

  1. You see people, he does other things in life than just focus on smash bros. Everyone makes it seem like sakurai has no time for himself. He just loves what he does just like many people do with there jobs

  2. The story behind Lightning Returns didn’t really get my attention, specially the English dub. But the combat and customization systems, that I have eyes for. It’s a shame the game is not on Wii U – I would get the game if it was, but I am not going to get a PS3/4 just for that.

          1. I never bothered with FF7 looks lame imo. But i have to say that while i find FF6 to be excellent its overrated imo. FF4 Ftw

          1. FF4 is the best FF. I dont really have cared for other FF games for some reason. FF4 had best character design, Kain was badass, Cecil was way better main character than any clouds or terras or other annoyin whiners. Would be nice if Square would do actually good FF for WiiU or 3DS like FF4 was. I guess Bravely Default needs to do for that.

            1. I can agree FF4 was a really fun game (loved it), but as far as to say it’s the best, sorry, but I’m out. The plot was ful of Deus Ex-Machinas, and a lot of characters got to hold the idiotic ball more than once. Teslah died because he was stupid enough to cast a spell he knew would kill him on a Golbez that was well rested and prepared for the battle, they just decided it would be fun to watch the moving hand get the crystal instead of destroying the creepy thing (same thing happens in The Last Story) and Kain’s memory loss/regain was overused. Not to mention a bunch of Fairies rescuing a character from a room that exploded and other plot holes only fixed by Deus Ex-Machinas.

              I’ll admit it had its good parts. Ceil killing Rydia’s mother without knowing it and then having to face the consequences, the twins petrifying themselves to save the others and being rendered incurable because it was their wish to stay like that and Rydia’s sudden growth were all great subplots. But let’s face it, Golbez being Ceil’s brother was really uncalled for, as at that late in game no one would even care! It wasn’t a proper subplot and changed nothing knowing who he was.

              FF4 was good, but too far from being the best in my opinion!

    1. A Final Fantasy for Wii U would be cool but I don’t see it happening especially considering Squeenix’s only Wii U game(in NA/EU)which was supposed be an exclusive, got ported to 360, PS3 and PC.

      1. What game was that? Deus Ex HR Director’s Cut? The game was already on the PS3, 360, and PC prior – so it was never really going to be a true “exclusive”, even if it was the only one with a few extra features and improvements.

          1. Yeah, because God-forbid someone ask a simple that requires a simple answer like “How does this relate to Nintendo? Obviously according to you that is an affront and personal attack. If this is a general news site then just call it that. It’s not really a big deal. I’d have no problem with it. I’m just accustomed to things making sense. Sorry you have a problem with that.

            1. I post what I want. I found it interesting as it was about Sakurai, so I posted it. If you don’t like that then you’re welcome to go elsewhere :-)

            1. I already read the article. That’s not what I asked you. I asked you, “How does this relate to Nintendo?” It’s obvious that YOU think it does and it is clear that I do not, I’m just asking you to explain the relevance to me if possible asking nicely.

              The only relevance I see is that it is the words of a guy who is current working on a exclusive Nintendo game. If he was talking about that game (SSBU) then yeah, but he’s talking about a game not only is not on any current Nintendo hardware but in all likelihood will never appear on any Nintendo console in the future (to Square’s detriment of course.)

              1. Who cares, there is still a relation in that someone who creates games for Nintendo is praising on another franchise. You wouldn’t complain if it was the other way around -_-

                1. I’m not complaining this time around. All I did was ask a question. I didn’t know that wasn’t allowed here. I wasn’t aware that I’m to be dictated to as to what I can and cannot ask. I wasn’t aware that asking questions equates to complaining and personal attacks. Forget I said anything. Carry on.

                  1. Must be shit if ur visiting others js. Also makes no sense for me to go make my own when I am perfectly content with this one, but hey nice try though.

        1. Well Sickr I thought it was awesome myself. Also, it is Nintendo news. The creator of Smash Bros. commenting on FF13 3 is epic.

  3. I played the demo which is currently on the PSN/Xbox Live store, the combat system is WAY better than the previous two installments and has a lot of depth to it. I definitely think people should give this game a chance.

    1. Yeah I played it as well. It was really fun. I wish the demo was longer but it was enough for me to get hyped even though I didn’t play the previous two aside from rentals/demos.

  4. Is the battle system the same as in the first FFXIII? In that case, no thanks. I was a really big fan of the battle-system that the SNES and PS1 installments of Final Fantasy had, ad it was a shame to see them change it after those games.

    1. It’s different. It’s far more action based now and doesn’t use a menu system. There’s still an ATB bar that gets drained when you use attacks . You can also have 3 different “Schemas” equipped which you can change freely in battle when ever you want. Schemas will give different skills so for example I could equip a Dragoon, Red Mage and Black Mage schema and in battle I could switch them when ever I want to get different skills.

      1. Oh. Sound very strange for a Final Fantasy title, but I guess I’ll try the game out when I can and see how I like it in person.

    2. I would say it feels more like Parasite Eve with bad camera and ability switching in battles. I completed only the japanese demo so i could have missed something.

  5. What i dont understand is that why theres no FF game for WiiU or 3DS, WiiU has hardware capable of FF game and 3DS has the sales and jrpg audience. Actually what bothers me most is that Nintendo has Jrpg audience people who play Xenoblade,X,Tls,PandorasTower,DragonQuest,TalesOf,KindomHearts games but theres no main FF title on Nintendo systems? its bullshit imo considering that they are developin for Xbox(system that isnt that hot on jrpgs) instead of WiiU.

    1. finaly fantasy hast been on Nintendo consoles for decades I guess. their last one was some 8 or 16 bit one…………

      1. Well the true public is on Playstation consoles. Those guys are the only one who will really enjoy playing generic JRPGs with horrible cliché characters, as long as there is boobs and explosions.
        Good luck Square Enix, but I’m sure your game will sell fairly well.

        1. “Those guys are the only one who will really enjoy playing generic JRPGs with horrible cliché characters, as long as there is boobs and explosions.”

          Well cant really disagree with that, those are the same guys who praise FFXIII and every damn Tales of game.

        1. Spin-offs. We are talking about the main series, that hasn’t seen Nintendo consoles after FFVI.

          I have played some spin-offs, some are good, others are bad (FF Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers is just a bunch of minigames hided behind a go-to-point-A-to-point-B scheme – a really bad and overrated game in my opinion), but we want games from the main series on Nintendo consoles again. And not one full of cliché, but a really fun and enjoyable Final Fantasy!

    2. 3DS has Theatrhythm. Final Fantasy may sell like shit on Xbox but they still stick it on there because the system can run games like that. Squeenix is obsessed with good looking graphics in FF games so the Wii U and 3DS would have trouble running them.

      1. I dont think WiiU would have any problems runnin FF game. Theatrhyth, was fine rhythm game but i want true jrpg FF.

        1. It would have issues with FF15. It would be perfectly fine with 13 so maybe Squeenix could do a re-release bundle with 13 and 13-2 and then have a port of LR as a stand alone game.

  6. Even though FF7 is one of my favorite games, I hope to god Cloud or any other characters make it in SSB, except for black mage, I think he could work well in smash after playing SSF2.


    seriously “how is di diis nin n nintendo newws!!!!!” *cross eyed while picking nose” this website blows. the people here are just pathetic…… if anything you give him more trouble than trolls. also fuck gaming websites i pretty much cant stand the people that go on them,( just look at the people here, you act like a fucking article on the internet is life itself) “h how is is dis n nintendo nneewws!!” people who play games are a bunch of loser basement dwellers unless you meet them off the internet.

    1. no, he doesn’t ban cause he knows people will keep coming back to fight, or whine, or goodness forbid actually read the article

      if you hate gaming websites then fuck off and stop giving sickr views

      you’re even more retarded than the trolls because you’re actually getting worked up over it :^)

  8. Honestly, i played the demo, the gameplay had been DRAMATICALLY improved. Storywise…we’ll see xD but everything else is really promising.

  9. skaurai praising the games may tempt SE to port the game to wii u but i know that isnt gonna happen, not never but its a possibility. they should rework the game to use a different engine that utilizes the wii u to its full potential and maybe i will buy more SE stuff, i already supported with pre-ordering bravely default collectors ed. may manna buy deus ex directors cut for wii u. i do own a few SE games for nintendo consoles i own. and unkownbane, they should, FFCC should remain a nintendo exclusive or until SE starts porting the other FF games that havent made it to nintendo

    1. Even if they wanted to SE is in a bad Financial place, theyre milking their biggest franchises right now to try and get themselfs in a better place. Hell, I wouldnt be surprise if they finally remade FFVII as that is theyre biggest cash cow.

  10. I think 7 beats all other Final Fantasies in every aspect; story, characters, battle system, music, it’s just perfect and magical from start to finish. I’ve tried to love 6 and though I started playing it 4 times I never finished it, mainly because it gets repeative and boring halfways through. 4 is just fine but the story is seriously old and full of cliches. However i absolutely loved everything about 13 except Snow and Lightening. The story is weird but great.

    1: 7
    2: 9
    3: 10
    4: 13
    5: 13-2
    6: 4
    7: 6
    8: 8
    9: 5
    10: 2
    11: 3
    12: 1

    Haven’t played 10-2 and 12.

  11. What gets me is that Nintendo plays games that are not release on their console and they enjoy it and give it good reviews, yet they don’t ask or fund for the game to be release on their console. No wonder they are lacking 3rd party games

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