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Nintendo’s Q3 Results: Wii U Shifts 2.41 Million Units In Nine Months

Nintendo has published its Q3 financial results for the 2013-14 fiscal year. The video gaming giant posted an overall net profit of 10,195 million yen (£59.5 million, $99 million), though has suffered a 30 per cent decrease from the previous year. Yet even in the black, the corporation is not out of the woods just yet as warnings remain for the fourth quarter, predicting that sales will decrease significantly “due to seasonal factors”.

In other areas, Nintendo experienced an operating loss for nine months – from April to December 2013 – of 1,578 million Yen ($15.3 million / £9.2 million / €11.2 million). There was also a decrease in net sales from the previous Q3 financial year due to disappointing Wii U sales. However, numbers still remain relatively high at 499,120 billion yen (£2.9 billion, $4.8 billion) from strong 3DS hardware and software sales.

Wii U hardware sales for the nine month period equates to 2.41 million units with 5.86 million units shifted in the console’s life-to-date. But software sales lightened the mood a little with 15.96 million units shifted this financial year, including over one million sales for Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U and Super Mario 3D World.

Nintendo’s home console numbers pale in comparison to the 3DS, though, which sold 15.65 million units this financial year, making its life-to-date sales a grand total of 42.74 million units. Software sales provided the financial backbone of the company with 57.25 million units sold. Titles such as Pokemon X and Y sold an impressive 11.61 million units globally, while The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds sold 1.85 million units across the US and Europe and 2.18 million units worldwide.

Despite posting an overall net profit, Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata has halved his salary for the next five months in light of the financial results. The president also announced that 20 to 30 per cent pay cuts would take place for the company’s board members – including Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Let us know what you think of Nintendo’s Q3 financial results by posting a comment below.

46 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Q3 Results: Wii U Shifts 2.41 Million Units In Nine Months”

    1. Yes it hurts but all they gotta do is
      1) Buy Capcom
      2) Make a 3DS player for Wii U
      3) Hire more developers to work on their smaller franchises.



      2. Is Capcom for sale? I’m not sure what that would achieve. I would rather offer Infune an in-house position with his own development team. And that’s what Nintendo should really be doing, creating more first party developers. Ones with fresh ideas.

        1. If Capcom ever is for sale, Nintendo should go for it. Many franchises like Megaman, Street fighter and MvC would be a perfect fit for Nintendo platforms. Then you have Mature games like Dead Rising, Resident Evil and DMC that would surely change Nintendo’s “kiddy” image. A 3DS player is to good to be true though.

          1. If Capcoms’s IPs are for sale, Nintendo should go for them. Apart from the Monster Hunter team, the other developers at Capcom sucks.

  1. The 5.86 million consoles sold to date surprised me. If they got it together they could still pull Gamecube numbers by 2018, I figured even that was beyond them.

    Now last time we had a failing console, the Gamecube, Miyamoto developed heart problems. Hopefully this paycut doesn’t quite literally kill him.

    1. You’re right, almost 6 million in a year is not as bad as they make it sound like! In five years with stable sales they could reach around 30 millions, with lots of great games! They should really step up the marketing, though, I can’t believe they do not see that they are failing on that part…

        1. Wait, is it not just four quarters in a year? Almost one from Wii U release to march 2013, and that’s almost four quarters ago. So should it not be 5?

  2. I hope they do better in the future, they deserve it! The news about how Iwata took a pay cut of 50% shows their the better company. And in addition: They have some of the best games in this industry!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA 2.41 million in NINE MONTHS while PS4 sole 4.3 MILLION IN ONLY THE FIRST 43 DAYS!!!!! R.i.p WiiU




              {/end “idiotmode”}

    1. yeah in 50 countries and yet in 2 years they may bankrupt :) the ps4 is to weak for my liking its power is so pathetic and laughable geez my computer is 3 to 4 times better and only with a quad core processor. power pc processor is still the best for gaming hands down

  4. I need somehow to upgrade myself to become one of High Command’s leadership…

    If that would happen…

    Xbots = Exterminated for all eternity and Sonyans reduced to a Second Class Force…

  5. Two easy things:
    1. Price cut. They’ll cop losses on the console but that’s not how they make money anyway. If someone buys a console they’ll also buy a game which will immediately recover the loss of money from the price cut, plus they’ll continue to buy games.
    2. Eliminate market confusion by getting rid of their stupid naming conventions.

    1. False they made $10 profit when the Wii U was still $350. With the price drop they don’t make a profit with 1 game being bought with the system. They are $40 short from breaking even. Would need 2 games at launch then they make $20.

  6. We all know the wii u failed we don’t need trollers telling us that.

    Is the 50% salary cut his way of staying ceo?

    Nintendo give us SOFTWARE!!
    Loved NANO ASSAULT (got 48th in the leaderboards)
    Loved CLOUDBERRY KINGDOM (player level 3150 :) )
    Enjoying Kung Fu Rabbit and Coaster Rush.
    Dissapointed by Toki Tori 2

    What I like most about wii u is playing 4 player games like rayman and cloudberry. As it is the only console I have enough controllers for thanks to wii remote compatibility.

    1. “We all know the wii u failed”
      You’re saying this after only one year? I bet you’re one of those who jumped on the ‘3DS is doomed’ bandwagon. Oh how those people were proved wrong.
      It’s too early to judge.

      1. Nah I preordered my 3DS, and preordered the XL one too. Just like the wii u.

        I only say it failed because of the 3rd party support. 3DS had and has that.

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  8. LMFAO!!!!2.3 Million in 9 months?LMFAO!!!
    PS4 sold 4.6 Million in 8 WEEKS and Still has Japan launch to come!!!LMFAO!!!!
    Wii U is dead and god knows why Nintendo think rehash Mario Kart and Smash will save it when Mario 3D World did not save it and bombed big time on sales wise!!!
    Nintendo you need to go mobile, report says if you do in 6 years time you will make 3.2 Billion from it!!
    Yet you keep wasting money trying to revive an already dead console?

    1. yeah 2.3 million if you can do the math 5.86 – 2.3 = 3.56
      meaning wii u sold 3.56 million in roughly the same time
      it’s less but it’s nowhere as bad as you make it out to be

  9. sony don’t really own the playstation no more and xbox brings microsux stocks down. both put together could never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever achieve the accolades Nintendo has so I don’t think Nintendo is worried to much about a minor set back a wounded animal is most dangerous when backed into a corner. besides I suppose if they wanted to spend some of there bankroll to buy some good companies and bring them on as 1st party it would be a nail in sony’s coffin then they would indeed own the only console that could survive on 1st party alone lord knows sony couldn’t do it. I heard they layed off people so their fat ass execs could have a raise b4 going belly up. Nintendo’s execs took a pay cut to make up for losses that earns millions of people’s respect and sony don’t actually have peoples respect just a bunch of mindless shooter based FAT ASSED couch potatos. I hate shooters 6 year olds can write those. sony and micro sux have no 1st party games that will be remember for any accomplishments. Mario is as reconizable as mickey mouse :) and Zelda has made more money and fans than all of sony’s 1st party games put together.

  10. 3DS Player Pu-Pu-Pu-Please! Ive been wanting that since day one but never get it. Its gonna take the Vita TV to do good sales for Nintendo to jump on that. Guess Im buying a Vita T v when comes out to promote it. I would recommend a 3DS Player just for the sheer amount of RPGs that i could play on my TV. Pokemon, Zelda, Mario & Luigi RPG and so on and so on.

  11. The problem is that you see weekly 3DS games coming out, while Wii U is getting like 1 game every 3 months, it’s sad!

    1. There were a lot of trolls, and sickr (the mod of the site) posted a lot of articles where the title were troll baiting. But he doesnt post as many now. and he banned some trolling users.

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