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Nintendo To Bring More Japanese 3DS Titles Over To The West In Future

Nintendo has confirmed that it will be bringing more Japanese 3DS titles to overseas markets in the near future. In a translated report from the Q&A investor briefing, the company’s president Satoru Iwata said that due to the Nintendo 3DS’ “overwhelmingly strong presence” in Japan, as well as in North America and Europe, more Japanese titles are likely to be distributed or published in the west within the years 2014-15.

With the recent news that Nintendo will publish the Japanese-hit life simulation game Tomodachi Collection in the west, and with Bravely Default’s critical success overseas, this can only be a good thing for fans of Japanese imports. Iwata also said the corporation had been receiving more proposals from third-party publishers overseas in order to create new 3DS titles.

“On the other hand, if you turn to the overseas markets, as home consoles are more popular, many publishers are not as focused on handheld devices. In such an environment, while we are certainly not satisfied with its overall unit sales or the results from the last year-end sales season, the fact that Nintendo 3DS has now sold over 10 million units in both the U.S. and Europe seems to be news for third-party publishers, and we have recently been receiving more proposals from third-party publishers.

“However, as many overseas software publishers are specialized in developing games for high-end home consoles, while they are very interested in Nintendo 3DS, it appears that they are currently investigating what they want to develop on our platform. Also, we sometimes distribute, or even publish depending on the circumstances, games that were made by Japanese software publishers in the overseas markets, and you can expect to see more examples of this [within] this year and the next.”



    1. Amen sir,

      However the 3DS isn’t doing so well (not kidding) when it comes to software, so what they need to do is market the hell out of these systems.

      Let’s not forget that wii u needs an overhaul on VC content, and new ideas mixed with re-releases in HD. If it worked for windwaker, they can outsource those games to other developers and upgrade them. Seriously nintendo’s time is here and now. So I agree

      Focus on the Wii U+3DS


      1. Isn´t doing so well… oh… c´mon…. It has dozens of million sellers worldwide and there´s more to come in the future. In this generation no console beats 3ds excellent game catalogue


    2. They are… They’re just working to balance localizations. Tomodachi Collections has a lot of Japanese references, as does Animal Crossing, and they’re working to make it appealing to the west by working closer with their western teams.

      Tomodachi Collections came out in 2009 btw. I would like for them to localize more and get more games like that or some Level-5 games over.


      1. if they bring ex troopers and project mirai (vocaliod) over that will boost sales as well as the other one piece games but not with jap audio they have brook in dub now so no excuse to be lazy


    3. Yea… Ignore your cash cow for a struggling system that may or may not recover in this generation… lol. Fact is 3DS is making Nintendo money and keeping funds coming in. They are not going to take their foot off the gas and risk missed sales opportunities.


    1. Nintendo doesn’t have a say there. If Capcom wants to continue being lazy and prefer not to make money, then they just won’t do it.
      I also want E.X troopers localized.


      1. What about that Earthbound everyone wanted? Wasn’t it like never translated or something. I don’t know I’ve never played Earthbound.


    1. Probably won’t happen with their plans now. If they plan to localize more then there’s little point in importing unless you’re truly dedicated to the source material. Also from Nikkei, Iwata seems to have plans of lowering the prices in emerging markets which can really only be done with region lock. Places like Mexico and Brazil, console and games are beyond expensive so people there rely more on importing so no money goes into their own market of Mexico or Brazil etc.

      It looks as though they see this as a weakness they want to fix and having lower prices in emerging markets would benefit Nintendo greatly.

      As much as I want region free this looks to be a passable answer. They just really need to localize more.


  1. Also clone shigeru miyamoto many times and/or throw his ass in the fountain of youth to work on like every first and second party developer that nintendo has. Instant world domination. Keep it a secret though.


  2. I cant read japanese and i dont like playing games in that language. same with anime, i only watch dubbed anime. i cant keep up with the subtitles in jp ._. plus reading is boring.


  3. Great. You can start by announcing a release date for Kirby Triple Deluxe. Seriously, why hasn’t a release date been released yet.


  4. Bring Mother 3!!!

    Like… I still can’t believe they didn’t see how much of an excellent game they did and decided not to bring it here.

    Im pretty sure that little mistake was the trigger to the Wii U’s poor sales (joking of course, but it could be true)

    Anyway its a good thing they are bringing more games to the west, maybe they put up some old games on the VC, like how they did with Sin & Punishment, so I definitely see Mother 3 on the 3DS VC, or on the Wii U, it doesn’t matter…JUST BRING IT!!!!


  5. Bring all the dragon quest for 3ds over and dragon quest x as well for Wii u. I’m tired of being a fan with nothing coming to the west


  6. I really hope that this means that they’ll release that second Miles Edgeworth game outside of japan. I’d really look forward to that, even if it’s just a virtual release.


  7. Is that… a joke?

    It’s gotta be. I loooove Final Fantasy (is in my top 5 franchises) but everybody knows that the whole saga wouldn’t even exist without Dragon Quest ( a franchise that is not even in top 15, an amazing saga nonetheless).

    So yeah, bassically Final Fantasy (as a whole) is a rip off of Dragon Quest, even I admit it…


  8. Seriously. Just bring over Fire Emblem 12 (A DS game that could easily be put on 3DS eShop or Wii U) now that that series is stronger than ever, and finally publish Mother 3. I actually believe that Mother 3 could be a system-seller to many on-the-fence gamers. Not the wide audience or people who are considerably reluctant, but the effort required to port this latter game, considering the fan translator’s offering his script, is extremely minimal.

    Also, does this mean we will be getting Dragon Quest VII, Rocket Slime 3, and the remake of the first Dragon Quest Monsters game? IX was published by Nintendo so I am seriously hoping this is a thing. X probably won’t make it at this point, but all three of those games could make a considerable splash.




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