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Game Informer Magazine Awards Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 9.25

The contents and the games reviewed in this months Game Informer magazine have been published online. The publication awarded Retro Studio’s latest title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze a impressive 9.25. Interestingly, they also awarded Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition exactly the same score, 9.25. You can see all the review scores in the latest edition of Game Informer, below.

  • Donkey Kong TF – 9.25
  • Tomb Raider Definitive – 9.25
  • FF Lightning Returns – 7
  • Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 – 6.0
  • Broken Age Act 1 – 8.5
  • Bravely Default – 8
  • The Banner Saga – 8.5
  • OlliOlli – 8
  • Danganrompa – 8.5
  • Dr. Luigi – 8
  • Repubilque – 7.5
  • Dragon Ball Z Battle of Oz – 7
  • Joe Danger Infinity – 8
  • Nidhoog – 8
  • Fable Anniversary – 8

DK Tropical Freeze: summary:

  • Seems like generic worlds, ice, beach, jungle but “the variety is amazing”
  • Ride minecarts through saw mills, dash through a forest with a raging fire, etc.
  • Great difficulty balance, bonus stages are a bit ridiculous in difficulty though that is expected.
  • Water levels return, are very fun, better to control with analog stick than d-pad. For some reason you have to access the menu to pick one or the other.
  • Dixie and Cranky add new moves that work best to reach certain collectibles or specific platforming challenges. Rotating barrels allow you to select the best Kong for the job.
  • “Local Co-op is as much a mixed bag as the first installment.”
  • 6 worlds instead of 8 in the last game. But each level is larger. Reviewer says it rather have a smaller collection of the best levels Retro can make than a more bloated game with less quality levels and that is exactly what this game does.

Thanks, Mist

117 thoughts on “Game Informer Magazine Awards Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 9.25”

          1. Well I’d rather see DK than Zelda(which gets an annual release) or Metroid. Metroid is good, but it’s not my cup of tea, and it doesn’t help that it has the whiniest fanbase in video games.

          1. Well they just hired a bunch of new people including someone that specializes in HUD and something like DK or Mario wouldn’t need specialization for HUD, and Zelda is already being made. So its either a new IP, or its a new metroid or star fox. ….after all they would have some pretty detailed maps, menues, and main game play huds

        1. Just shut up. DKCR sold six million, DKC 8, DKC2 5 and DKC3 3. DK64 sold 5-6 as well. Who are you to say you want a less popular franchise over this epic game?

  1. Whoa whoa whoa whoa! They gave Dr Luigi an 8, but Lightning Returns a 7? I’m not even going to get into the outrageous DK score. I dunno, these guys don’t seem to know what they’re doing. All of the games got high scores…interesting!


          How do you know how these games should be scored if you haven’t even played them? Don’t forget: when you “assume” you make an “ass out of u & me.”

      1. I dunno, I’d say that 4 and lower is bad. 6 should be considered as a decent game, but it gets tedious quickly so it’s not a 7. That’s really how I score. A 9 is still crazy for this game. It definitely doesn’t deserve such a high score

        1. doesnt deserve a “9”? how so? have you played it already? how do you know it doesnt deserve a “9” ? i would love to know your reasons, if not then STFU

          ps. im not planning on buying this game..

          1. I only stuff a bowl of mashed potatoes…..

            Anyway, it doesn’t deserve a 9. It’s not going at 60fps. It’s not 1080. It’s on the Wii U. It’s 2D. There’s not much too it. Do I need to go on?

            1. Ahhh in other words you HAVENT play it, please no stop dont go on, you’ll only make yourself look stupid if you do..

            2. You give gamers a bad reputation. Jesus fucking christ. Are you serious? ” It’s not going at 60fps. It’s not 1080. It’s on the Wii U. It’s 2D. There’s not much too it.” Are you reading yourself? I don’t think the game is 9 either but your excuses are plain dumb. Just because of the graphicsCome on men try harder

              1. Did you even see and read the link ive provided? just in case you havent then here it is..
                Nintendo launched the European website for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze earlier today, and with it published a brand new trailer showing it in 60fps. Tilmen from Nintendomination has kindly uploaded the gameplay trailer, which you can see above, showcasing exactly what to expect from DK and co. in the game.
                “showcasing EXACTLY what to expect from DK and co. in the game.”
                Lets just let that sink in……………..yeah i bet you feel dumb now right? Oh and it IS in 1080p although it was upscale but hey at least they made the effort, personally I think it shouldve been a native 1080p but i aint picky, again im NOT buying this game but I give credit where credit is due…

                fyi it’s ironic that you’re the kind of gamer who gives other gamers a bad name, again let that sink in as well….

                1. Every game can be “upscaled” to 1080p on Wii U. The question is rather what the native resolution is for a game, which in this case is 720p for DKC:TF.

            3. It runs at 60fps, ignorant fuck! There was a video like 3 posts before this one, and since when 2D games and Wii U games can’t get 9s? Those are the most idiot reason why a game can’t get a 9, funny, Super Mario 3D World got a 10/10 by Eurogamer and it’s on the Wii U, you’re just a troll! Those are the worst reasons ever! You are just mad that a Donkey Kong game is better than a Final Fantasy game, well, Retro put more love, dedication and detail than Square Enix did, so blame them, troll!

            4. No Zelda games other than A Link Between Worlds have been 60fps. Does that mean those Zelda titles didn’t deserve the 9’s that they received?
              And 2D? It doesn’t matter if it’s 2D or 3D, as long as it’s great, it’s great. Would you claim that Super Metroid sucks because it’s in 2D?

              “It’s on the Wii U” -> WHAT. THE. HELL. When did which console a game was on matter for how good it is?? Would you give it a higher score if it was on the Xbox 360 instead? SERIOUSLY, you’re a stupid fuck, and no one should be listening to you if you ever review a game.

            5. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ STOP BEING STUPID BITCH ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

              ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ STOP BEING STUPID BITCH ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

  2. a nice good platformer probably. nintendo wont fail with the quality of game, rememember, it was even delayed. so it has to be good.
    but not every person likes 2d platformers.

  3. I’m more concerned with Dr. Luigi matching Bravely Default. Having bought Dr. Luigi and played Bravely’s demo 10+ hours (longest for all demos available), I can easily say that the game offers up a higher score than Dr. Luigi. Dr. Luigi is still a solid game, but with the Demo of Bravely Default being completely awesome, I wouldn’t rate the two games the same score based on their content and pricing points. I think Dr. Luigi is overpriced.

    1. Well you have to remember they are very different games dr.luigi is an 8 for a puzzle game and bravely default is an 8 for an RPG

      1. I understand that – I’m saying that based on the demo, I’d give the game like a 9.5 or a 9 at least. And I’d give Dr. Luigi 7.5. I understand they are different genres.

  4. “Dragon Ball Z Battle of Oz – 7”

    Wait, Dragon Ball Z crosses over with the Wizard of Oz? Interesting concept.

    As for DK: can it be out already. I need a better soul crushing than Champion’s Road on SM3DW (and that’s without playing as Luigi).

    1. Where do you find that champions road? I thought I finished the game already. Or was it the star, flower and what ever there was worlds?

            1. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ IRONY IS STILL HILARIOUS ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

              ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ STOP BEING STUPID BITCH ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

    1. Merely trying to point out that Tomb Raider is far superior and should have been much highe-I mean, I’m sure that the admin was just pointing out that it was quite a coincidence. A little too much of one tbh. I don’t buy that tie for a second. Game Informer knew what they were doing…putting Nintendo against Sony once again!

        1. I meant more along the lines that the Deluxe version was on PS4. (Xbox too I guess, but not Wii U I believe) It’s mostly known as a Playstation title at this point.


      1. ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ STOP BEING STUPID BITCH ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

        ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ BITCH IN DENIAL ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ


  6. Well, I am at least glad it is a great game with (so far) reviews to prove it, even though I would rather have Metroid.

    1. Fanboy. . . The year has just started. Wait for smash bros mario kart or other games on ps4 or xbone an then you will be able to decide piece of crap.

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  8. lol

    D͐̏̋̐ͣ̐͊́͂̈́ͨ̏̋ͥ̆͑ͧ͘͜҉̺̙̹̞̗͚̤̻̫̼̳͖͔̩̤̘͇o̚­­̱̰̳̟̟̞̜̖̬̌ͦ͌͂ͦ̎̅ͫ̑͂ͦͩ́̚͢ ̴̮͍̲̖̖̤̯͎͎͋̈́ͫ̂̊̇ͤ̆̓̌ͫ̐ͣͣ̆ͬ͌̚͡y̆ͪͫ̉ͭ̅ͫ͊ͩ́­­̨̛̬̠̰̙̫̮̪̟͈̯̘͎̗́̀o̶̶̘̝͇̜̝͓̞͉̰̫͚ͣ̽̄̀ͅu͗̊­̏­̷̡͙̜̳̠͈͕̹͑̿͌̓̇̽͂̄͋ͯ͂̍ͣ̂̓̀͘̕ ̣̳̭̝̻̣̤̫̣̠̦̙̦̲ͣ͂̃ͦ̑ͦ̃͂ͣ̓̇͒̈͘͠t͒̎ͯ͐͂͛̏̈ͦ̐­­̴̼̖̫̞͔̺ͧͭ̅͊̾ͣ͒́̚̚͘̕h̬̖̙͙̰͖̺͛̾̐̃ͦͪ̏ͧ͌̓͘̕­͙­̟į̶̻͖̠̟͔̟̦̝̜̞̄̇̏̂ͨ̋͂̕͟͝nͨ͌͊̓̆̾͛̏ͬ̑̎̾̚­ͭͮ­̵̌ͫͩ҉̶̵̰̫̩̲͕̱̗͚͇̰ͅk͙̳̳͓̟̝̠̯̝̔ͧͤͩ̾̀͢͢͠­͙̻͙­̻̱̼͖ͅ ͥͫ͒ͧ̏ͯͮ̓ͬͯ̾̽̈̀ͥ́̀͘͠҉͈̩͍͔̲͖͔ț̶̛̛̅͌̋ͬ͌̄͜͞­­͎̜̜̰͙̰̝̝̦̪̜h̸̥͎̰̤̼̱̝̜̭̹͆̾̈̓̌ͮ̎̅̄̅͋̋̔̿̚̕­͖­̱̗̗̪̫̻i̡̩̬̰̹̩͓̩̣̱̗̹͑ͧ̾̿̂̚͟͡ͅs̐ͤͭ̐ͫ͋ͮ́҉­̢͏­̳̦̠͕̠͈̣͕̫͔̫͖͖̹̗̟͢ ̴̠͓̺̩̩̙̬̬͈̼̭̰͖̱̺̣̗̫̉͂ͪ̔̍̀ͫ̀̎̏̔ͯ̌̒̒ͩͧ́i͛͋­­̸̄̂͊͋͗͑͏͙̙͈̦͎̥̰̕s͂̍̑ͫ́̇͌̑̿̒ͦ̓̊͛̚̚̚҉́̕͞͡­̞­̟̣̻̲̜̫̺͉̠̬̥̙̜̪̭ ̧̖͔͕̹ͧ̐ͦ̎̊ͧ̽ͨͦ̒͐̀͞͡ͅaͦͦ̅̐͐ͥ͂̓̋͒̔̄ͣͤ͂͂͆͊ͬ­­̨̛͈̞̪̖͓̣̫̰̠̤̖̠͉̪͔͟ ̡̛̱̦̗̫̯̻͓̭ͦ͒̐̒̆̇̉̀p̡ͤͮ͛ͫ͋̽̄̎̑͑̈̉̒͛̎͋̿ͮ̓͠­­͏͚̮̖͖̫̦͙͎̭̜͇̺̻̩̹̕r̴̵̡̟͖̫̝̘̜̝͇̙̦̍̆̃́ͦ̚͘͢­̝­̪̞o̷̧͔̪͙͓͔͓̞̘̺̟͇̳͎̦̩̣̻̩ͮ̅͊̉̽̄̍̋͐ͥ̓́͐̚͢­͓b­̡̥̞̳̙̠̞̘͉̼̤̘̝ͨͣ͌ͥͤ̍̓ͩ́̈́ͨ̅̓ͧ̅͢lͭ̿͂͛̄͐̈­͗̑̓­ͭ͆̉͋ͩ̿̋̇͡͡͞҉͔̼̻̣̝̜̭̖͕̙͈͓̖ͅeͣ̂ͭͤ͑̏ͬͨ̓­҉̨̖͞­̼̹͉̹͈ͅm̛͛ͦ̾̉̋́̊͐͐̂̐̎̄ͯͤ̚҉̡̻̳̤̥̪͎̹͜ͅ­͔͉̝͍̫­͖̺͓̬͙?̥̣̼͇̟̰̙͉̜̌̊̔ͬ̔̊ͩ̍̂̐̂͐̌̋ͩͩ͛́͡­̦̟̥̬̩͕

  9. “Interestingly, they also awarded Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition exactly the same score,”

    This is the part where I say “who the fuck cares about that, Sickr”

    1. I know, right? People are throwing fits over the 9.25 that it got, as if they’ve already played through the game. It just goes to show how whiny and immature some gamers can be.

      1. You remember the flack GameSpot got when they awarded Zelda: A Link Between Worlds GOTY? Most of the complaints came from people who hadn’t played the game.

  10. 9.25… omg, i hopped it would have minimum 9.5. It seems that retro dident make it almost perfect.
    DK was bether in gameplay then mario, it was also perfecter and harder.
    now im sad. what would be nice, is dktf betther than dkcr?
    sorry the same score like tomb raider.
    dk must be realy shity.

      1. This is because LoS is pretty different to classic Castlevania and fans didn’t like it, but if you forget it’s a Castlevania game, LoS is a wonderful game.

  11. Well, I will admit that the game does look amazing. Never been a huge Donkey Kong fan, but I love the Donkey Kong Country series. I’ll definitely pick this game up some day. Oh, I’ll buy it too, not just pick it up. LOL!

    1. Yeah, man. I’m sure Nintendo would appreciate you buying the game rather than just physically lifting it. xD

  12. Frentz u dipshit there’ s no such word as “PERFECTER” in the whole entire English language, it’s idiots like you that give Nintendo fans a bad reputation, instead of Shaking and wagging you Wii mote go back to 1st grade and make your English BETTERER and PERFECTER

    1. hey pal not so rude!
      yes my english is not the best and grama etc. is almost worse, but this is because english is not my first language.
      and now to my comment.
      i love my U and im blidding with Nintendo. i have every nintendo console (now gameboy color and virtual boy).
      i hate dkc on the snes but i realy love dkcr. its almost perfect.
      i hope that the U version will be best j&r ever… to push the U.
      So im a little bit disapointed with just 9.25 score. its a great score but for Nintendo just good.

      I have U, so i can play last and current Gen ;-)

  13. Mario Galaxy 2 got the same score. I guess that game sucks too. And just so you know this game got their game of the month reward

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