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Nintendo Finalises 9.5 Million Share Buyback As Yamauchi’s Family Sells Stock

Nintendo has completed its 9.5 million share acquisition following the announcement yesterday that the company would buy back inherited shares from Hiroshi Yamauchi’s family. The corporation outlined that the former Nintendo president gave treasury shares to his four children after his passing, but due to the demands of inheritance tax, the heirs relinquished their stock back to the company.

Hiroshi Yamauchi owned approximately 10 per cent of the company’s stock, but Nintendo do not know which family members sold stock in the buyback, or how many shares they sold. In an official statement, the company confirmed the acquisition cost of 114 billion yen (around $1.1 billion) at a close of 12,025 yen per share.

39 thoughts on “Nintendo Finalises 9.5 Million Share Buyback As Yamauchi’s Family Sells Stock”

    1. they can buy back their shares relatively cheap and at the same time both stabilize the stock and secure themselves against hostile takeover

      so this is a pretty sensible move

      1. also it shows shareholdes that nintendo really believes in its coming strategy and stock market is mostly subjective so that can mean a lot

          1. I’m stupid and I don’t know what any of that means. Is that how much money Nintendo has? cuz if so, they are nowhere near “doomed”

    2. It was either a move like this or continue to watch their stock jump from person to person negatively impacting their share price overall. The more they control themselves, the better off theyll be for the future. You know, provided they actually do something…eventually.

      1. ^Right.
        Kids were Nintendo’s primary focus and they still are. That’s who Nintendo is and that’s who they were. It’s just that, all those “kids” that loved Nintendo, now want them to change into something that they’re not, or not yet.
        We’ve grown up.

        1. i just dont agree with the sentiment that nintendos primary focus are kids

          nintendo games are supposed to appeal to all audiences and they always did that
          do you honestly believe nintendo would have been as successful as they were if their games had only appealed to kids?

          1. Okay, maybe not their primary focus, but a big focus. Yes they do cater to all audiences. You are correct. That is why they are successful. Not enough time to explain on here, but kids are at least part of the reason. Nintendo had toys, cards, and instant rice before they made video games.

    1. Bayonetta 2, that random new drug in Europe that’s 4 times stronger then ecstasy that’s CALLED NINTENDO. Hell even that Quality Of Life crap for people who are fitness nuts, those people are not kids but adults. Nintendo’s “kiddy” image is an illusion. Nothing more then the haters way of bashing Nintendo. Yes Nintendo targets the kids a bit to much, but its not all they target.

    1. Nintendo bought back their shares, so it actually makes them more of a family company. The less shares owned by outside investors, the more control Nintendo has over it’s destiny. So this isn’t a bad thing.

    1. You never heard of NSMBU, 3D World, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker and Donkey Kong? Nintendo makes more games for it’s system more than the other two combined, the problem here is the third party support numbnuts

  1. That’s actually pretty great. They knew the prices would go down, so they made a plan to buy back some shares at a lower price, giving them more freedom to act as they please.

    Now, give me MORE games on the Wii U! I hate having to buy wii games because of the lacking library of the Wii U,Aside from Pikmin 3, 3D World, DKTF, Wonderful 101( wich is soo fun )..

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