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Puzzle & Dragons Grossed $1.5 Billion In 2013

GungHo have confirmed that its immensely popular Puzzle & Dragons for smartphones, tablets, and the Nintendo 3DS, grossed a staggering $1.5 billion during 2013. The game generates on average $4 million per day. We’ve yet to to hear whether the Nintendo 3DS version of the game is coming to the west.

13 thoughts on “Puzzle & Dragons Grossed $1.5 Billion In 2013”

    1. $1.5 billion yen maybe …

      because that would mean $15 million USD … that’s believable

      $40 thousand USD in 1 day? … again, believable … that’s 20 thousand purchases at $2 USD

      $1.5 billion? … that’s 100 million copies sold at $15? … see? … not believable

  1. Nintendo could be making this kind of money if they were not so out of touch with the mobile market

    The last time nintendo made a billion in one year was in the late 80s. Now there loosing millions. How the mighty have fallen

    1. If they go to the mobile market, they will lose money with their consoles anyway. It´s not that simple as fanboys and dumb videogame journalists imply.

  2. Now I’m convinced nintendo needs a game on across all platforms. Looking at the game it does look fun but no where near as to what the big N can do.

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  4. It’s sad how crappy games like these can make so much money and when a good game comes around it’s largely ignored and can even cause studios to close

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