Activision Reports Call of Duty: Ghosts Top Seller And Top Earner In North America And Europe


Activision has announced during its fourth quarter 2013 report that Call of Duty Ghosts was the best-selling title in terms of dollar sales and units sold across Europe and North America. The company also announced that it had better than expected results for the quarter and full year ending December 2013.


    1. If you go to settings in multiplayer of MW2, their is an option where you can play in third person, it was terrible.

      1. That’s news to me! Well, they can always improve next time. I’m not a big fan of the FPS gameplay and third person’s always been my favorite

      2. Third person is the best… unless their is tank controls where you have to stop moving just to aim, i hate that.

      1. :O AEOLUS WHAT’S UP. YOU WERE THE BEST DEBATER ON THIS SITE. Now it’s just covered with unnecessary and unintelligent individuals…you, however, were epic! You may have annoyed others, but you’re cool to me.

  1. I guest it still didn’t make enough money, so they could take losses to bring the DLC to the Wii U. :(

    1. Agreed and they would not lose just not make a ton but they were over expected anyway a little more would not have hurt

  2. ergh who keeps buying this…
    the design doesnt work for mobiles, you cant see whats a reply an whats a normal comment

  3. They are probably trying to feel their investors.
    I heard everywhere that CoD 10 made disappointing sales.

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