Sonic Boom Has Been In The Works For Two Years


The Wii U version of Sonic Boom has been in in the works for two years, according to developer Big Red Button Entertainment. The game, which will feature redesigned iterations of Sonic and his friends, will serve as a prequel to the Sonic Boom TV series, which will debut on Cartoon Network during the 2014/2015 season. The Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Boom is being developed by Sanzaru Games.


    1. And it still looks like a half assed ratchet and clank clone. Pathetic. I expect this one to sell even less than Sonic Flop World. I’d bet my yearly salary on it.

      1. Jesus…. So that was Sonic Boom all along ._. …. WOW!!

        Seriously this game is starting to make the Wii U look more Next Gen than the Xbone XD

  1. Its funny because it was shown in a CryEngine 3 display LAST YEAR. They literally showed us this game last year and we had no idea

      1. yea man lol go look at the showcase of it, here i’ll give you the video and IRONICALLY they were literally the first one in the engine showcase XD they showed us this before we even knew about Super Mario 3D World

    1. 3D action adventure/fighting/exploration. Something along those lines.

      I heard from multiple sources that the game is similar to Jak and Dexter in style, but made to fit the Sonic universe.

  2. Seriously. No one else but me think that company’s name look like “Big Red Butt”
    And what game other then Sly Cooper 4 did did Sanzaru make?

    1. Who the hell is Sanzarou???

      It doesn’t look like “Big Red Butt” to me..

      and the head of Big Red “BUTTON” is Bob Rafei who has worked on Jak and Dexter, Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted (hence the Sonic the Hedgeshog scarf as a throwback to Nathan Drake).

  3. It’s hideous… 2D Cell Shaded animation is used for a reason… 3D doesn’t work unless its damned realistic looking… Damned american graphic whores.

    1. Oh shut up. The game looks fuckin beautiful.

      Stop trying to ruin Sonic for everyone. SEGA’s finally doing something right with Sonic, because his old shit style just diesn’t cut it anymore (especially in the West where it matters).

      1. The only thing that makes this game bad is the damn music!
        Keep the abomination known as “Dubstep” away!

      2. With all due respect Commander, that was the trailer music. A lot of games use music comepletely unrelated to the actual soundtrack. If you’re interested, the song is “Bangarang” by Skrillex.

      3. Fangirl alert. XD

        Anyway, its not its old style that people have been shitting on about Sonic. Its the gameplay that they always called “inconsistent” or “not true to the Sonic formula”

        Not sure how to feel about this style except..what have they to Knuckles?

      1. Well not really, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, X Project by Monolith, Shadows of the Eternals and Nintendoland all have amazing graphics on the Wii U…. just sayin

      2. More or less Pikmin 3, the graphics ARE beautiful, yes. However, you can tell that it was originally developed for the Wii really easily.

  4. Good! That means it’ll most likely be a great game. Put in the work and you get a great product.

  5. It made a HHHUUUGGGEEE jump from Sonic Colors with more detail to bangs Sonic Generations away.

    P.S. The art looks kinda like Knack….a bit.

  6. The visuals look pretty damn nice, actually. The character models will take some getting used to, but as long as game play is nice and it keeps the nice visuals, I will get this game.

  7. Cryengine will do just fine. 2 years already without developing an engine means we’ll get a polished product.

  8. I’m gonna be honest, I have only enjoyed sonic colors, never really enjoyed any of the others. But this game has me wanting to play it. It looks fun and I’m not all that attached to any one design of sonic, so it looks great to me.

    1. there is a song usedfor Sonic CD called “Sonic Boom”
      I see no problem to compare it to SF Guile’s move
      also, Sonic Boom is a term, not a move

  9. LOL Yeah 2 years on ANOTHER lame epic fail crap Sonic game!!!!!!
    The last 3 Sonic games have been utter terrible and have sold abysmal yet Sega churning the same game over and over!!
    The last 4 years Sega has wasted making crap Sonic games THAT NO ONE WANTS could have been used on a game that EVERYONE wants Shenmue 3!!!!
    But no they will NEVER learn and ALWAYS chose to play it safe!!

    1. Have you played it yet? No? I thought so ^^

      Also, it’s being developed by the same people who worked on the Uncharted Series and Sly Cooper 4…. so I don’t think its going to be crap at all

    2. Honestly, this is a chance for them to do something right. At least give them that. They want to make a good 3D Sonic game.

    3. Have you ever touched a Sonic game in your life because you sound just like another Xbox fucking drifter bashing any popular culture game like Mario or Sonic because of how they are (kiddy/repetitive) but stupidly hypocrite enough to call every single COD the best games in history when its the same shit your bitching about.

      Am I correct?

    4. I’ve never heard of this “Shenmue 3” or whatever you’re talking about, but I’ve played the majority of Sonic games over the past few years and enjoyed them all. Heck, I’m probably one of very few to like all 3D Sonics (no opinion on Sonic 06 because I don’t own an X360).

      Anyway, I eagerly look forward to this.

  10. Cartoon Network? Now i know the show isn’t going to last more than 1 season.
    As for the game, it looks great. Looks badass. (minus knuckles, he looks…….wrong.)

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