Sega Wanted Sonic Boom To Be Made In West To Fit Western Taste


Sega has told Polygon that Sonic Boom is being made in the west as the company wanted to have a completely Westernized branch for the Sonic franchise. Sonic game designer Takashi Iizuka said that Sega wanted to develop a Sonic game for Western audiences primarily, which is why they chose to have Big Red Button develop the Wii U version of Sonic Boom and have Sanzaru Games work on the Nintendo 3DS title.

“As part of completely thinking about the West, we wanted to make sure we had Western game developers and make it a part of Western television. We wanted to make sure it was developed best for Western audiences primarily; this was very important.

“The whole thing started with the television series. Our previous series, Sonic X, was made in Japan and influenced by Japanese anime; the main audience it was made for was in Japan, although it came to the West as well. So Sonic Boom is something made specifically for the Western audience. For the TV series to be successful, we pretty much had to make it for that audience, and the games tie into that strategy.”


      1. Dang another new site display sickr? ;/ (i got used to the other one)
        Well at least the og logo is back. (but still no sign in buttion)

      2. know what else would be nice? an upvote/downvote feature for comments. and a way to edit/delete. my witty comments may actually be worth somthing then

      3. forgot about that… and i agree…there should be some up and down votes…lol and editing, yes…. ive seen and made horrible mistakes.

      4. Mostly everyone hates the new designs but if I say I hate them I’m a bigot, ok.

      5. You’re a bigot for many reasons than just this. This is one of the reasons. Also for the fact that you think you’re always right and ignore everything else so your feelings don’t get hurt. If you’re not a bigot for that, then you’re definitely sad. Or both.

      6. I think I’m always right and you think I’m always wrong so were not so different you and I.

      7. What are you talking about? Most people “like” the designs OR the designs are “growing” on people.

        It’s mainly Knuckles that’s got everyone’s panties in a twist, but that’ll blow over soon enough.

        Seriously, the game looks gorgeous and it’s the redesign that Sonic needs. I’m stoked for this.

      8. Or maybe he’s actually saying the designs are homosexual. Jumping to conclusions much? :P

      9. just look at him.. he’d smash your face in without twitching a muscle.. err knuckle

      10. I’m gay…i like them….except for knuckles….he was always the best…now he is all roided out and lookin dam fool.
        they should have given them a more western look. I realize thats what they tried to do, but they just look silly, I like the direction, and sonic and tails are not bad, but what’s her name (Amie?) looks boring, they should have given her a more punk look with colors in her hair, knuckles should of had dread locks, and he should of had skin flaps like a flying squirrel.
        tails should of had a Mohawk….sonic already has crazy hair and it fits.
        but honestly if their going to do the steam punk thing then don’t tip toe around it!!! Knuckles is so off putting, and the girl ended up forgettable.
        how ever the game looks like it well be lots of fun, so hopefully it well grow on my, and maybe they can do like they did for Pikachu and adapt him them as they go. The girl can die her hair and get a personality, and knuckles and …idk stop being lame

      11. lol hero, they aren’t bad

        Knuckles is the only one that looks jacked up but even then, its not bad

      12. Every time I see these stupid redesigns I can’t help but think of poochie. New character or design that’s supposed to be cool and appeal to a younger audience and ends up being hated by everyone.

      13. I agree the game looks like shit as well :/ sad looks like its all combat base with limted running like sonic chronicels but hd shitty verison of game

      14. wow… I get the feeling you are letting your blind hatred towards the character redesigns sway your entire judgement towards this game.

        Your wrong, Sonic Boom looks great by the way… It’ll probably be the best Sonic game in recent memory, so how does that make you feel? 😜

      15. then you are wrong
        I like all the designs, Eggman included, except Knuckles’. However, Knuckles’ design is 100% accurate to his attitude and “power”

      1. Pinwheel your humor is hard to miss. This is me cracking up: Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

    1. Sad thing is, Sonic was always gay. They made him even worse now by making him more of a humanoid hedgehog. If you thought Sonic’s fanbase was autistic, just wait til this comes out.

    2. This is a side game, you know that right? Granted it takes some getting used to, but honestly the game play looks good so far, and sonic and tails look decent. The girl (honestly what’s her name) is boring and knuckles….he should of had a jack sparrow look about him, and had skin flaps like a flying squirrel….but for some reason he is ….well oddly shaped and bland. But!!! We have yet to see a really good look at the game, so I’m at least excited to see more.
      and theirs a show!!!

    1. yeah no. Both Pacman and Sonic were in need of a new television show and cartoon and both happened to be created “relatively” close to each other.

      If you think about development time, I would actually think that Sonic Boom has been in development longer than Pacman Ghostly adventures… <—that game surely didn't take 2 years to develop :P

  1. I dunno know if it’s me or the picture but Amy appears to have boobs? I mean not Rouge like but it looks like it’s there.

    1. This is probably more exciting than any other Sonic game that’s ever come out
      in the history of Sonic.

  2. I’m happy to see that amy will be a main character. her levels were fun in sonic adventure. also she has a fucking hammer

    1. Good. Knuckles needed change.

      A flying squirrel redesign mixed with echidna is lerfect. SEGA should have thought of it YEARS ago.

  3. As a Westerner, I haven’t been too impressed by Western games, especially where the art-style is concerned. Seems like Sonic Boom’s fusion is another victim of poor æsthetics.

    1. Unfortunatealy for you… you are in the minority, because most Westerners love Western games and they tend to sell better (much better) than their Younger Japanese cousines…

      and by Japanese cousines i mean Japanese games made in Japan..

      1. Why would you do that to her!? Throwing her at the wall as if your making her a dumpster baby. :{

    1. that avatar is seriously disturbing. Its meant to give the illusion that shes not wearing panties and psyduck’s covering her. she’s like 10 in the game wtf

      1. Someone has to explain to me what “hentai” is, because I have no idea.

        When I brought this up before a while back people didn’t believe me and said that I “did” know what it is…. but I really don’t know lol!!!!

  4. What game (or games) aside from Sly Cooper Thieves in Time did Sanzaru make? I never heard of them before.

    1. Well they were the ones that did the HD Sly Cooper Collection, but yeah beyond that I don’t know too much.

  5. What did they do to Amy’s personality? I liked it better when she was the “silly” girl that sometimes would have anger issues and would be all for Sonic. :(

    1. A lot of people hated Amy’s personality. They changed it so she isn’t so annoying to Western gamers.

      Maybe they changed her voice too??

  6. I personally don’t see the designs to be a problem. We haven’t even gotten a full look at the game and TV series yet, so I’ll withhold a full opinion until then.

    Still, I’m open to a long-running series changing things up at times, so I’ll look forward to it.

  7. “We thought the West would want the West to be made by Western West people for West gamers cuz West is the Westest of the West”

    Yea cuz everyone on the West side wants Knuckles to be 3 times his normal size and Sonic to have his shoes wrapped up. seriously though…….

    Lightning Whip? I’m f**king done

    1. This is what everyone’s reactions should have been like. Seriously some people just piss me off in how absurdly pig headed they are to change. I suspect it’s the same kind of people who never left their parent’s basement as they are afraid to live life any other way than as a child… I mean seriously, CHANGE IS GOOD!

      It’s healthy too. Proven by science, so people need to
      move out of their parent’s basements pronto and you will feel a hell of a lot better.

      Maybe you’ll even like the designs after you move into your
      own place?

  8. More like ‘Sonic: Homeless’. Sonic and friends have gone so bankrupt that they have to tape their shoes together. I’m surprised the redesign didn’t have everyone wrapping their feet in newspaper and sporting a burlap sack with holed punched in it. Imagine them all approaching Robotnik coming out of the drug store(suck it, i’m a purist) and explaing that they’re just trying to get bus fare so they can make it to Green Hill Zone and Chao Baby Lane. Give me a break, Whiskey the Boozehog, I know exactly what you’re going to do with that dollar i just gave you. Just like how last week you said you were hungry and when i said i was broke and tried to give you that chili dog, you looked at me like i was trying to hand you a box of my own poop. I know your games, blue blur. Maybe if you laid off the sauce you could get fast enough to get to work on time and hold a job for once.

  9. Exclusives from third parties and all anyone can do is complain. It’s not just the game industry that’s rotting, the ‘gamers’ are too.

    1. So you’re saying we don’t complain, and we just accept the crap they give us? I’d rather get what I want.

      1. Will they change the designs now?
        Will you ‘get what you want’?
        Pick your battles.

    1. Well than it must be a plus for the majority of us Wii U owners that get to look forward to this game AS well as ACTUALLY “liking” the designs and new gameplay.

      It’s much better than looking forward to a game where you are afraid to come to terms with the better looking redesign… :3

  10. What’s with all this westernized bullshit lately?

    Anyways, aside from the character designs the game doesn’t look bad.

    1. Because Westernized “bullshit” sells more like gold while Japanese games “actually” sell like shit…

      Don’t like it? Too bad.

    1. Because he gets faster as the tears go bye ;) It actually makes sense… if you din’t think about it too hard..

  11. The legs are awful…. But Knuckles? I just can’t….. I hope the game is good enough to make me forget about his awful redesign.

  12. I am loving the new designs, the graphics, the levels looks, the new approach to gameplay.

    This is probably the best thing that could have happened to Sonic. Bravo SEGA, you have listened to your fans and you are finally doing something right for the Blue Hedgehog. As a lifelong fan of the Sonic franchise I applaud you! ^_^

  13. Looks like a really nice game, probably a must-buy on the Wii U if you’re into Sonic in some form***

  14. “Western Taste” I hate hearing this shit. SONIC has been around for a long ass time and has been in the West long enough to maintain the look we all know. Spontaneously changing him to match views/taste is the dumbest excuse. Just admit that you wanted to play around with their looks or come up with something new.. They say that like we all complain “Blah, sonic is lame because he doesn’t look like a badass punk star artist.” Its the opposite. Besides, We already have enough retarded sonic fanfics. I don’t want to see any OFFICIAL ones (Knuckles). If our Western views were SO important and mattered to the leading video game titles, Mario would be fucking Ripped by now rather than a fat ass plummer, Peach would have a slutish/Bitchy Esque, Luigi would be some fucking mastermind, and bowser would be godzilla. I’ll admit. Sonic and the rest don’t look too different, But knuckles looks terrible. If this is what are western tastes is, REGARDLESS of the fact that the way they really look has been shoved in our face since the 90’s, then western taste is retarded. Why can’t we just accept it the way they are/ were meant to look?

  15. No…. horrible idea.. the developers in japan should make the game.. not make it suited to “Western taste”… i must be japanese at heart because the so called “western changes” always suck in my opinion.. all my friends that play say the same. im even starting to consider to start learning to read japanese and import games so i can play them.

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