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Check Out This Hilarious Nintendo Direct Parody

The always entertaining Maximilian Dood from Youtube has created what could possibly be the most amusing Nintendo Direct parody video you’ve seen. So for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the next proper Nintendo Direct, which we should hopefully get a date for soon, enjoy the video.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

61 thoughts on “Check Out This Hilarious Nintendo Direct Parody”

  1. I remember max giving us small details on tatsunoko vs capcom. Hes come a long way to produce a lot of quality videos. Him and his staff are hard workers

  2. Too many “l’s” not enough “r’s”.
    Tabret controrrer.
    Not tablet controller.

    Wait did he just say “ze tablet”. Nintendo is from Japan.


    1. U do know the guys own wii u s? Matt is hyped for DK, X, bayonetta, smash ect, his buddy max is as well. Max owns a xbox 360 and XB1 mostly for fighters. He plan on getting a ps4, but he canceled it.

  4. Pretty funny , but they seem to rely on more… Humor that would seem funny to happy madison fan. Wii Fuck U, I think i seen that joke everyday. The benny dog joke is over used by max in majority of his videos. The voice is almost dead on.Some incorrect info like wind waker hd . Over all decent video but they could have done a little more. Also these guys don’t want iwata fired they did this just for fun, matt(guy playing iwata) is a big nintendo fan, though max isn’t.

      1. its a funny joke, but I do wish max will clam down with benny jokes, but his fans seem to like it. Please understand

  5. Yes, Iwata, I will buy Nintendogs: Benny and I will like it. ):

    Haha, great video. It must have been hard for him to keep from burst with laughter.

  6. I’ve not find it really funny.. i mean, the “Wii fuck U” part almost killed me, that was awesome, but the Nintendogs Benny part was really sad

      1. It’s the principle of the fact. I can consciously choose not to scroll down and read the comment section, expecting to see profanity in it. If I had known of the profanity in the video, I would’ve chosen not to watch it. I am an adult and choose to refrain from such.

  7. Why is it everytime I trt to watch videos on this site my Wii U only gets audio? And yesterday youtube videos stopped playing on my Wii U? Anyone else having these problems?

        1. I have no idea what that means. I don’t know much computer lingo honestly. I can get around on the internet and such, but don’t know all the terminology that computer people use.

  8. It’s sad that people don’t try out Nintendo Games because of this Nintendo sucks label. I’m a hardcore gamer have a a PS3, Wii u, Wii, XBox360, PS2, and Gamecube and I have two say Nintendo is one of the best videogame developers out their. It’s sad that people brush aside games like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, and so on because of the fact that it’s not selling well. The Dreamcast sold vary little yet it’s one of my favorite consoles. I’m even going to get the XboxOne because of TitanFall and freaking KilerInstinct. Oh well, I guess X, and Bayonetta are going to get vary low sells. I least I’m going to love them. “Gamers don’t know what they want.”

  9. I am still waiting on Wii Fuck U for the balance board support and I may just purchase an additional 3ds for a nintendogs benny version.

  10. The whole word is laughing hard at Nintendo yet Iwata and Reggie keep failing to see that they have turned Nintendo in to a joke company!!
    They got to cocky after the FLUKE Wii success and rushed out the gimmick U a year early when it was never even ready to begin with.
    They thought they could release HD rehashes and year old lame PS3 ports and assumed people would just go out and buy it just for the tablet controller which 14 months later Nintendo still do not know what to do with it themselves!!
    When Mario Kart 8 bombs like Mario 3D World maybe Iwata will step down!!

    1. So…what side of the family does your failure to analyze anything come from? Mom? Dad? Oh, its a mutation? Well, no wonder you’re stupid and your parents made you move into the basement.

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