Ubisoft Has 5 Major Games Coming Between April 2014 – March 2015

Ubisoft stated today that the company has five major games in development which are due to be released between April 2014 and March 2015. We already know about Watch Dogs, which has been delayed on Wii U, and also Just Dance, The Crew, and Division. Hopefully we will hear about the other title at E3 in June. It might be the sequel to the fantastic Beyond Good and Evil.

“Fiscal 2014-15 will see an exceptional games line-up, with the release of five major titles including Just Dance, The Crew and Watch Dogs, which is scheduled for release in the first fiscal quarter,” CEO Yves Guillemot states.


    1. Nope, we as gamers are very starved for good games, anything even marginally ok, is looked at as great quality.

      1. That’s just nonsense. There were a handul of amazing games last year and saying that gamers are starved for “good” games just goes to show how spoiled we’ve become.

      2. No, games have gone way down hill, all around. Its like they shove the same old same old. Its why you have people looks so fondly of N64 and PS1, or Gamecube or Sega Genesis. Its just right now there are so few good games. Why do you think people are going crazy over stuff like Flappy Birds and other junk, that would have been a free giveaway bonus as an extra on a DS cartridge or free Commodore 64 game you got with a magazine.

      3. We honestly had things better from pretty much 1981-2004 for games. I could go out and find 50 games in a year on any system that could have been good. Wii had glimmers of anything goes, but never really reached the full potential, cause developers are to much stuck in a rut of same old same old.

      4. The Wii U/PS4/XONE are starved for games period, the 360, PS3, 3DS, and Even Vita were all met with great games last year. Were the hell have you been?

      5. The total lack of variety of games and the quality of game play, is why Ubisoft is looks very good among a bunch of average games. If you look back 5 years from now…you might look back on it differently. It been really slow and its not just the Wii U/PS4/Xbox One. Its the industry as a whole.

      6. Games have evolved, I don’t like playing those old games as much as the new ones. Ubi had Splinter cell, Rayman legends, zombi u, call of juarez, blood dragon in 2013.

        These are fantastic and perfectly crafted games. We don’t need more, there are already too many games each year.

    1. And we all know that would be very unfair.

      I have got quite a lot of 3rd party stuff now. I hope I can get more.

  1. ” It might be the sequel to the fantastic Beyond Good and Evil.’

    HA. Don’t count on it, especially on the Wii U.

  2. Except for possibly Just Dance & Watch_Dogs, I don’t see us getting none of them. Now that the PS4 & XB1 are out, Ubisoft is slowly showing it’s true damn colors which started with the delay of the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs while every other port gets released possibly months in advance. I enjoyed Assassin’s Creed 3 & 4 but those might be the only games I get from Ubisoft on my Wii U. I’ll just use youtube’s let’s play videos to find out what happens in Assassin’s Creed 5.

  3. Thing is, I’m not a huge fan of most third party games. There’s VERY few that ever interest me. Aside from Ubi-Soft’s Assassin’s Creed games (and Ninja Gaiden. Both of which I just ordered for around $15.00 each), that’s about the only ones I can think of that I have any interest in. And I don’t even know if I’m going to like them?

    I mainly buy Nintendo’s consoles for Nintendo’s first party games (currently playing and LOVING Pikmin 3). Only once in a blue moon does any third party game ever excite me. I used to be moderately interested in Zombi-U until I realized it was a first-person game. Ugh!

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