New X And Y Pokemon Revealed, Will Star In Movie Cocoon Of Destruction

diancie_pokemon_corocoroA new Pokémon has been revealed via scans from the latest CoroCoro issue in Japan. Earlier leaks amongst fans confirmed that a new Rock/Fairy-type Pokémon would be on its way, tallying the gargantuan list to 719 total Pokémon in the series.

CoroCoro scans have now unveiled Diancie – sporting a dazzling gem on its head – which will star in the new movie Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie. It’s not yet known how Diancie will be distributed in Pokémon X and Y, though a special event will hopefully take place for Western users at some point in the future as well. Let us know what you think of the new critter from the scan above.


  1. so that guy’s hack was legit
    I guess we can get some serious events if those were that hidden

    also, Im excited
    a Rock-Fairy type can be very solid, except for a 4x Steel Weakness

      1. No, Mew was just an example of encounter slots replacements. TPC/GF can make whatever Pokemon, legendary or not into an event, except these inaccessible Pokemon are obviously going to be events.

  2. Omg finally!

    I been waiting for something real close to a Pokemon Z announcement!

    I played plan xl and watched the whole game on twitch but really wanted it! Just waitin for Z lol

    Man ima buy it so fast!!!

  3. SO COOL!!! Not that pokemon, but the fact that they can now add new pokemon beyond the official list when it was released. With thid they could make older gens (starting with gen 6) fully compatible when newer gens.

  4. Diancie wasn’t just added, it has always been in the games, just hidden away behind events and stuff. And I don’t get what you’re trying to say in that last sentence.

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