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Rune Factory Developers Unveil New RPG Forbidden Magna For 3DS

forbidden_magna_scanMarvelous AQL together with Rune Factory developers Neverland Co. have revealed that they are working on a brand new title for the Nintendo 3DS after the game’s tease earlier this week. The strategy RPG named Forbidden Magna follows the story of red-haired and feisty Lux. Translations confirm that the featured girls – which you can see in the scan above – are Charlotte in the top right, Diana at the bottom left and, finally, Beatrice in the bottom right.

After Neverland Co. filed for bankruptcy last year, the company was left in jeopardy, with many Rune Factory fans worried for the series future. Speculation was rife when Marvelous AQL announced Rune Factory would not be hitting European shores, even though the game was facing stock issues in North America. However, with this new title from developers, it’s clear that the company is here to stay.

24 thoughts on “Rune Factory Developers Unveil New RPG Forbidden Magna For 3DS”

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  1. Sweet. I do hope that Rune Factory is continued sometime, but as with Fire Emblem, I’m always in the mood for a good strategy RPG.

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  5. Here to stay for at least one more game. They may be here longer if it does well or at least breaks even. Maybe this’ll be good, I’m interested in seeing what happens

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