Nintendo Planning New Offices In Austria, Ends Partnership With Distributor Stadlbauer

Nintendo has announced plans to build new offices in Austria, formally ending its partnership with the country’s distributor Stadlbauer. Opening in Vienna, the new office will market and distribute Nintendo products across the country, possibly as a subsidiary to Nintendo Germany.

The move was revealed by  Nintendo Germany’s general manager Bernd Fakesch who said engaging in the Austrian market was a core strategy for the growth of the business, and that the new team will be “dedicated to 100 per cent of this task”. With the new offices, Fakesch hopes to show how serious the corporation is by expanding into new markets and the growth of such in the future.


    1. Thatd only because they want it to die thus killing the core of the gaming market as well. People are so goddamn stupid and mesmerized only by graphics and specs today. Its just sad.

      1. I’m a NintenSony Fan (Sony and Nintendo Fan) and I love both companies but Sony needs to do something with the PS4 before they end up dying.

      2. Not really, I’m more concerned about Sony as a whole because the PS4 is nothing more than a life support machine. Microsoft is already dead seeing how SteamOS is coming out soon.

  1. Time for our empire to spit on the birth ground of the primitive life form known as Hitler and create a base of harmony and joy!

  2. The distributor has done a piss poor job of distributing and marketing Nintendo in Austria, until recently there was no Club Nintendo, and getting Nintendo equipment repaired was costly and impossible. Now, people living in Austria can at least claim their points!

    For those of you who may not know, Austria is one of the primary test markets for continental Europe, this might signal some kind of change in direction as far as distribution and marketing go. Now, let’s see some cool promotions!

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