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Check Out The Disney Magical World Trailer

Nintendo has published a new trailer for Disney Magical World. The life-simulation game has had great success in Japan, where it was released last year for the Nintendo 3DS under the name Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life, and Nintendo is looking to equal that when it arrives in North America this April.

Taking inspiration from the Animal Crossing, Tomodachi Collection and Harvest Moon series, Disney Magical World allows you to customise your characters with different Disney-inspired outfits, as well as giving you the opportunity to manage a café and grow your own crops.  But there’s also a little RPG thrown in for good measure, where you can set off on ghost-hunting tours and collect bonus items. Disney Magical World will launch on April 11 for the Nintendo 3DS in North America. Currently, there’s no word on a European release.


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    1. no this time I won’t allow it. I love many of IP such as: Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus/ Kane Chronicles and Kingdom Keepers books, Once Upon a Time and Castle( ABC is owned by Disney), Tron, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Epic Mickey, Wreck-It Ralph, and Kingdom Hearts

  1. Soooo……..like Animal Crossing, but Disney?

    Hey, It could blow up like Kingdom Hearts, u never know

    SkyLanders did

  2. It looks really cute, but I’ll wait for some reviews first. I can’t really grasp what exactly it is. It seems like Animal Crossing, but dumbed down. DO you get different people living in your castle or town? It sounds really cute and enjoyable, like Animal Crossing.

    1. I’ve played the Japanese version of the game and it’s really enjoyable if you’re into Disney/AC. I’ve written a sort-of guide on the game, if you’re interested in seeing more about what the game should involve. It’s here.

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