Little Mac From Punch Out Will Be In Smash Bros (Video)

Nintendo has announced today that Little Mac from the Punch Out franchise will be appearing in the forthcoming Super Smash Bros game that is due out this year on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


      1. Hey, this is almost as good! Plus, if he gets enough attention in Smash Bros, then he’ll likely get the Kid Icarus treatment! I hope we get another character today though

      2. I loved the art style for the intro though. Reminded me of Telltale games art style. Would love to see a new game with this art style.

  1. After watching the full trailer….he looks awesome. His moveset is dynamite and I could see him being a pretty high tier character. His Final Smash only looked all right, but that counter looks great! Plus, the ability to not flinch during his attacks is a must have! I hope the narrator comes equipped with the character.

      1. Yeah, that guy was awesome! “The fist is mightier than the sword!” is a great quote to have when you’re fighting someone like Link!

  2. By the looks of this direct, it looks like they are still putting the u on the back burner and focusing on 3ds… Still.

      1. In melee I’ve never seen it happen but I’m sure it has. Marth is just so much quicker than them even his counter move that their strength and slower moves never stand a chance from my experiences. I use Marth lol love him, but respect the other two. My friend uses them, and although we are both really good at all the smash games, when it comes to fighting with those guys I usually beat him due to the speed alone. Like I said though, that’s just my experience and I’m sure there are Ike and Roy users that could whoop ass with them against Marth.

  3. At 1:22 little mac superman punch over megaman weapon charge is Bad_A$$! Would be better if this game drops this decade though!!

  4. Well its about time. Looks like my team roster of Luigi, Megaman, Sonic, Lucario, and Pit just added a new member.

  5. This guy right here, as well as the animation sequences, might singlehandedly be the reasons why I’ll buy Smash Bros for the Wii U.

    If they kept those animation sequences in, along with other animations unique to each character (might be a tall order), I’ll be so happy.

  6. I have to say that has been the best smash video compared to sonic rosilina and wii fit trainer. The mega man one was hype, i am hoping for 2014 that snake from metal gear will make a return to smash bros also hoping bayonetta and characters off golden sun on gameboy advanced will make an appearence.

  7. Personally it would be interesting to see characters that you would never expect to be in the smash roster, for example black knight off fire embelm they can make him a boss also a playable character when you beat him. Theres plenty ideas that can give smash wii u and 3ds that uniqueness to the game that fans would want even more.

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