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Spin The Bottle Free Update Is Live, Adds Six New Mini Games

Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that the Spin The Bottle Wii U update is now live. The update adds an impressive six new mini games and is absolutely free. The update will be free for existing owners of the game, but those who don’t already own it will have to pay 8.99€/11.99$ for the pleasure.

Wooooo! Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party just added six new fun mini-games. Download the game in the #eShop on #WiiU. 

Thanks, Lazara the Last

15 thoughts on “Spin The Bottle Free Update Is Live, Adds Six New Mini Games”

    1. Certainly much better than the Ubisoftian game about truth and dare that only requires your mouth and body to play it…

      They are trying to scam the imbeciles that they require a machine to play such a stupid game…

  1. Every once in a while I download random stuff, just to see what the indies are up to. This was one of those. Turned out to be an excellent party game – not one you play for hours, but as a small icebreaker at parties. Well worth your time, and it’s also nice to see indie developers aiming for something more innovative than your regular 8/16 bit platformer/shooter (still gonna get Shovel Knight, though).

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