GameSpy Says Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts Is Coming To Wii U

A listing on GameFly has revealed that Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts is coming to Wii U. The hunting title is scheduled to release on Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on March 25th.

Thanks, David


    1. Yup. This is the kind of stuff that springs to mind every time iwata says that there are ‘several wiiu title that have yet to be announced’

      Though, to be fair, these games can be pretty fun if you like shooting gallery games.

      1. Fail trolling much?

        You trolls are getting more obvious every year, and it’s becoming less funny and just plain boring…

        Also if that was the case then why does the Wii U sales say 5.89 Million while Xbone is behind with only 3.9 Million… PS4 and Wii U are pwning the shit out of that console. XD

      2. Probably because wiiu had a year all to itself and the consoles that have already outsold it and are well on their way to outselling it came out in november. Nothing gets to be number one if the competition outclasses the prior’s performance out of the gate.

        Wiiu falling to last place is nothing but inevitable now, sadly. The numbers you reference in wiiu’s defense being swallowed by years end is only a formality at this point, and thats a damn shame.

        Any one of us couldve put nintendo in a better spot with the same hardware.

      3. Because the XBox is better at sucking than a hooker! It sucks harder than a black hole! It sucks more than leeches do! It sucks more than being dumped for one of your parents! It sucks harder than a Dyson powered by a 12 cylinder engine! It sucks more than the Mega Maid from Spaceballs!!

    1. They have decent eshop support, if only they would make games tied to account instead of Hardware i would be 100% digital with Nintendo. But right now its too risky, i dont wanna send my console to german only to transfer titles that hypotethically went with the console that broke for example. When i buy digitally from Sony/Ms i know that i can easily get the games that i bought for free on new system simpy loggin in. Its annoyin because games like Fast racing neo and NanoAssault Neo have been teasin me for god knows how long, but i wont support bullshittin customers, which is the reason why i first hated XboxOne with its DRM.

    1. And the best part is that cheaper made 8-bit games look far more interesting that these kind of titles. If 3rd parties would just learn that AAA model isnt working and making games for cheaper and makin them fun isnt a bad thing. I mean look at Watch Dogs that thing will never make profit, they need to sell huge amount of that game to come up for what they invested for it and they are plannin sequels and all like for AC which also isnt makin profit. I mean what happened to this industry? Games doesnt need to cost millions to make, just look at SonicBoom that thing hasnt cost lots of money to make and it looks fun and it will make lots of profit endin up sellin 1million. Same goes for KillerInstinct on One, that thing is cheaply made fightin game from unknown dev DoubleHelix and it looks fun and it is awesome, it probably makes profit as we speak. This industry needs a big slap in the face tbh. One by one they will fall tryin too hard like THQ, if they only could open their eyes.

      1. And what is also funny, is 8 bit games made $20 years ago cost more than 3rd party games.

      2. Like I said, everything changed to the worse when the Xbots joined the war…

        When they came, they brought the terms like “Hardcore and Casual”, “Gimmicks”, “Online Fees” etc etc…

        They need to be destroyed so that we can go back to having fun again and the Sonyans can stop acting like spoiled brats…

      3. I agree that terms like HC GAMER is probably one of the worst things ever happened, i mean c´mon who goes to say for a girl,”you look good, im HC gamer btw im better than other males in this room!” LOL! Its stupid title for people who only push buttons 24/7 and rage for tv screen because online match failed, like it would be somekind of important make it or break it situation, people usually play online games for fun and Hcgamers ruin those fun moments because points in screen means so much for them, i mean seriously have you heard how much they talk about their achievements.Think about it when Hcgamer is lookin for a job,”yeah im right man for this job, i have lots achievement and trophies in my PS360″ lol. HC gamer in other words means no life, they are lowest of the low.

      4. Agreed, that’s why they banned me from American servers in CoD when I used ti play a few years ago…

        I knifed the hell out of them 5vs1 with them shooting at me not hitting me at all ahahahahahahah…


      5. Yeah that too, they cant deal with losin. Then there are those who cry about using WiiMote to shoot someone lol

      6. yeah Microsoft is the worst. I don’t care aboiyt sony as long as they buy ninetndo too like they should L)

      7. Sony posted a 1 billion dollar loss and layed off 5000… Damn straight Sony wishes they could buy Nintendo. They might start making money. Too bad Nintendo’s not for sale. :)

  1. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I still want a ice climber reboot.

      1. lol………..nobody…..get it? get it?!

        lol me neither but they are popular in the smash community.

  2. And there’s even a graphics/camera glitch in this screenshot. See that random wing in the top left of the picture?

  3. This is a piece of shit. They can keep it, I don’t want it. No major blockbusters like GTA5 but we get turds like this? Fuck that!

    1. Not-So Grand Theft Jungle! Slow paced action! Bob Ross Happy Trees, stop-motion graphics! Realistic looking BLOOD! No vehicles! Keep quiet…or else watch your prey fly past you at 30fps/720p!


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