Aspiring US Marine Shot Dead By Cop Who ‘Mistook Wii Controller For A Gun’


Christopher Roupe, an aspiring 17-year-old US marine, was killed by a female police officer who mistook Roupe’s Wii Remote for a firearm. Roupe opened the door to the police as they were looking to serve a warrant on his father over a probation violation. When he opened the door holding a Wii Remote the female officer shot him in the chest. The family’s solicitor, Cole Law, said the 17-year-old was just about to watch a movie on his Wii console when he opened the door.


  1. Wow. Terrible. Thoughts and prays with his family.

    The cop needs to go back to the academy. When they day that video games cause violence, no one expected this….

      1. The kid on the picture does not look 17. Same trick to get sympathy like with Trayvon Martin. There has to be more to this story. Maybe the dad has a violent background and they mistook him for his father. What probably happened is that he was holding the wiimote like a gun (maybe inside a peripheral) and when the officer pulled out her gun and told him to drop it, he got confused and raised his hand. Then she killed him. Sometimes people will try to play an object off as a gun to keep the police at bay but that clearly wasn’t the case here seeing as he answered the door. In the end it reflects very poorly on the officer. A wiimote does not resemble a gun in any way. Things happen very fast though and she thought she saw a gun and did not want to wait till she got shot to find out. At the very least I hope the wiimote was black.

      2. Listen. Even if he DID have a gun the police are NOT supposed to shoot first and ask questions later. They are supposed to deescalate the situation FIRST and THEN shoot. Non of this happened according to ANY news report I can find (funny that only a hand full of places are reporting it). Regardless if you think the kid in the picture looks 17 or not does not change the fact that this situation was not handled properly and caused the death of this child. This is not the first time this has happened. There was also another incident where someone was shot holding a PS3 controller and the police shot them as well (but if I remember correctly the perp had stolen the PS3.) Either situation, shoot first and ask questions later is NEVER the correct policy. Shit, even in a war zone you have to steps of escalation. This lady was either ill trained or something was wrong with her.

      3. “Even if he DID have a gun the police are NOT supposed to shoot first and ask questions later”, wrong. If he’s only a few feet away from her and he raises his hand she needs to protect her life. That is priority #1. Neither you nor I know how it went down. I’m not saying what she did is justified. I hope you are not saying it wasn’t.

      4. That’s actually what I was thinking. As far as police officers go, for some reason women cops are highly combustible. Men cops after being in the streets for so long and seeing petty crimes sort of start to be lenient, like against prostitutes and drug addicts since they start to know them and really don’t want to keep putting them in jail over and over again since they’ll just be back for more, or seeing their fucked up pasts and they begin to understand they’re not bad people but just getting by with however they can. Women cops are the exact opposite, the longer they’re around the more sour, strict, and less faith in humans they gain. By the time they leave the force, the majority become those old ladies you want to stay away from.

      5. Cause men officers have never shot someone for no real reason? Can someone do something stupid and be because they were being stupid and not because they’re a specific gender/race/sexuality?

        Both male and female police officers go through the same training therefore should be equally ready in the face of danger (or in this case, lack thereof)

      6. Men tend to do better is stressful situations. Of course there are some men and women that are an exception but generally men perform better in these situations.

      7. Bullshit. what do police always say? “Put your hands where I can see them.” Clearly this officer was highly ill trained and should take full responsibility.

      8. i completely disagree if it means saving peoples lives from very stupid people i think police should put other peoples lives before themselves.
        comes with the job she should have no excuse mistake or not she murdered someone and deserves the same punishment.

      9. They don’t have to but many do risk their lives to save others. But if she thought he was gonna shoot her then really it’s a different scenario altogether. I mean she’s not gonna let him shoot her to save his life lol. Not excusing her in any way, just trying to explain how it probably wasn’t a cop just wanting to shoot people. I’m sure she made an honest horrible mistake.

      10. Look, this could go on all day. I have friends who are police officers who tell me that this lady was in the wrong. She never attempted to defuse the situation. Other one’s say she’s justified because she thought it was a gun and it’s a split second decision between life and death. So I do agree w/ you on that note. There are other outlaying factors that we don’t know, like was this guys father a violent criminal? If so then I can understand them thinking that would have to use force, etc. But I really feel that this was not warranted and that officer over reacted to the situation.

      11. As a public servant, as a price keeper her life is not part of this equation, its not like she duesent know she is a cop. Its not like she was forced to be a cop. If she gets shot, its part of her job.

      12. Never said he was innocent. I also never said he was guilty like all the idiots online that act like they were there on that night an witnessed what happened. Honestly the way I see it Zimmerman thought he was the law, and Martin was a bad kid who did drugs and made bums fight over a bike while he recorded them. Put them in the same area and a fight is bound to break out. As to re-offending as you call it, speeding and domestic battery do not make you a murderer.

      13. You didn’t have to say Zimmerman was innocent, your statement implied that! Basically you NEVER should’ve made the comparison at all! Also, Zimmerman was able to determine ALL of that by following Trayvon?? I certainly hope that you AREN’T doing a neighborhood watch!

      14. My statement never implied anything. You perceived it that way. I don’t have any control over how your mind works. Once again I believe that both men were guilty, but based solely on what was made public about the both of them, I’d rather have a George Zimmerman walking our streets then a Trayvon Martin. I assume that any normal person would.

      15. A trick like Trayvon Martin? That is the most idiotic thing that I have ever heard! For the record, Trayvon had only been 17 for about a month prior to being killed by an overzealous wanna be Cop for having a bag of Skittles and a Ice tea! This young boy was sadly killed by a Cop with training. I feel sorry for his family!

      16. Yea but the picture they were circulating around was of a little 12 year old boy. Why not show the drugs using thug that made bums fight each other over a bike while he videotaped and laughed at them?

      17. there are a lot of stupid police and i think she need a long jail time
        murder is murder. Shouldn’t be so quick to draw a gun like a idiot.
        Hell when i was around 17 my friend got stuck down the road so me and my cusin went to go help push the car and it was night and a officer is already there talking to them and were walking down the sidewalk and they pulled a gun on us cause they didn’t see us walking and thought we came from the bushes that were not there.swear to god most police shouldn’t even have a gun if thats how stupid there going to act.

    1. The father must have been some criminal for have her gun pulled out already……
      It seriously was not serious to have a gun already out for a guy missing probation.

      1. She’s also trained to analyse a situation, and respond accordingly. Oh, wait. I mistook the US for another country. US police officers are trained to shoot guest, and ask questions later.

      2. I like how people think police get super special secret spy training of some sort… They learn to shoot and run a track… And find out if they are crazy during mental evaluation… Or if the know the difference between something the looks me like a tv remote from a gun

      3. What country were you thinking of? Most cops in other countries are either crooked or beat the shit out of civilians. U.S cops are by far the best trained, the nicest and the most respectful.

        It might not seem like it to people living in the U.S, but we got it good.

      4. Best trained? Nicest? Most Respectful? Have you met other cops from other countries? I doubt it, but neither has I, so I’ll let that slip.

        However, what I do know for sure is, I don’t need to be afraid to be shot down by police, because of stupid reasons. Police officers don’t do that here and have extreamly strict regulations when to use their guns.

        Then again, it’s not like every idiot is allowed to carry a gun here anyway, because we have a strict firearm law that protects people, so we just don’t have Grannies killed by their preschool granddaughters by accident or 17-year-old teenagers getting shot down by a jumpy police officer.
        And that’s why, in all due respect, I prefer staying right here.

    2. Can’t imagine how she could have drawn a gun so quickly to the point she couldn’t have the chance to notice what the boy was actually holding. I’d bet she had the gun out from the beginning while

      And if this is accurate, I wouldn’t be so quick to judge her. We don’t know why the boy’s father was on probation; depending on the crime and if there are past violations, this could very well be standard procedure. What if the father had used guns and resisted arrest in the past? The cops are very well justified in calling in with the gun drawn. They aren’t paid to risk their lives willy-nilly, but to protect ours (even if some fail miserably at that).

      Of course, the boy’s death is unacceptable and sad, but in such cases it’s easy to blame the police when all of this wouldn’t have happen if the father wasn’t on probation and violating it to begin with. Let the cop be investigated and punished if need be, but let’s not lose sight of the actual, core problem.

      PS.: I’m not a cop, nor anyone in my immediate family or circle of friends is one. It’s just that I won’t side with a criminal over a cop without hard facts in hand, no matter the tragedy.

      1. she still should have at least waited more than a single second to see what was going on, wii-motes look nothing like a firearm.
        the broad killed an innocent person because she “thought” she saw a gun, which is inexcusable.

      2. This is the most objective, reasonable, and respecting comment I have seen on this site. Thank you. You are very wise.

  2. How is america still a country. Anyways, he was going to get shot, probably kill anyways since he wanted to be an assassin for a government. Fool.

      1. You know it’s pretty ignorant to call someone ignorant since you don’t really know what someone knows, especially someone over the Internet.c;

      2. 9 times out of 10, you’re probably just as oblivious as any of us. Ignorant is ignorant, and you sir, or madam, are so.

      3. aparently about what hes talking about. XD

        Rest in peace to the little guy, but people die everyday, and life goes on. Call me a prick if you want but its the truth.

    1. “How is america still a country.”

      Precisely because it treats criminals like that, as criminals to be shot if they don’t cooperate (not the boy, of course, but the father – the cop was clearly prepared to possible resistance to arrest).

      We don’t do that in Brazil and we still have innocents dying in tragedies similar to this one (most not even involving cops) and about SIX times more homicides – a number equivalent to some Middle Eastern and African countries deep in civil war for years.

      I just hope his boy’s death serves as a lesson for that man, since being on probation didn’t do much already, apparently.

      1. Are you really defending the cop and blaming this on the boys dad? You’re an absolute dumbass.

    2. Lol….you are a true idiot of some obtuse and pitiful nationality sitting there with all of you, “I want to be American” persona. Yes my dear moron, I mean every word of it.

      1. I am American. By the way, countries are only lines in the dirt. So it’d be foolish to get offended when someone says something about the dirt you’re from. Oh foolish humans with their patriotism and nationalism.c;

      2. Bullshit. If you’re an American and boarders and nation ask don’t matter then GTFO and move to Venezuela Libya. Jackass.

      3. The good thing about america is that it’s not north korea. You can leave whenever you want.

      4. Thanks for the obvious, hun. Another obvious thing is countries and government aren’t the same thing.

      1. Englandistan? Typical wanker, should’ve know some Americans are like this to Brits.

    1. She should be stoned to death, but instead by Wii remotes…that way she well literally have it beaten into her about how stupid she is. Even if he did have a gun. Its his door who cares. What is he was holding a grenade? Its still his home, his door. What a stupid fucking cop. No….what a worthless human being

      1. Stone to death? LMFAO!!!!
        He got what deserved because he had the Gimmick U!
        Not even your heroes Reggie and Iwata can even defend against this case!

      2. Wooow. You are a sad little troll to use a tragic event to further troll on a material object. I pity you…

    1. Well, as far as we know, it might have been a black Wiimote and it might have been put in one of those plastic add-ons you can buy to make it look like a gun…

  3. Now the Wii controller will require having a red tip just like the NES zapper did. Seriously, it’s a Wii controller, unless he had a gun peripheral attached it’s sorta obvious.

    1. even with the gun peripheral I could see the difference from a hundred feet away comes with having eyes that actually work. the peripherals for wii remotes were from from real looking.

  4. u mean if I stand face to face with some1 holding a wii remote u will think its a gun? whos that blind and stupid ? and whats with the shoot 1st ask questions later scenario was this the house of a gangster or something? seems more of a bad publicity article to me. seems popular on this site. does any1 have a link to the actual news article? I would like to see it.

      1. No excuse for everybody else to have guns…

        That’s how it starts, the more guns there are, the easier these criminals gets them…

      2. That is and isn’t true. Yes criminals can break in and steal your guns but it’s not necessary because there are plenty of hot guns circulating around. And that’s the main thing some people fail to realize. Even if you took away all the registered guns there will still be hundreds of thousands of guns in the streets. A simple example is Mexico. The people of Mexico are not allowed to own guns but look at how many guns there are in that country. Even if guns were taking away you can still assemble make shift guns out of pipes, nails, etc. All you need is the ammo. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of bad people and they don’t play by the rules. I can honestly say that I sleep better at night with a gun in the house. Unless a burglar comes in with a machine gun or bazooka, were on even grounds.

      3. And comparing to how many “accidental dumb killings against a faimily member” vs “shooting criminals” has it helped?…

        Someone who owns a gun without any criminal record is many times more likely to kill a family member than saving them which is what the news shows time and time again…

      4. That is not true. The news will always sensationalize a story where a family member accidentally shoots another but truth be told I haven’t heard of many stories like that. In fact I honestly can’t remember the last time I heard about something like that happening. Regardless about whether or not it happens though, if I want to have a gun I should not be restricted simply because someone else made a stupid mistake. I should not be punished for the mistakes of others. That would be like taking away my license because of all the people that drink and drive.

      5. Not really. Obviously there are some, but you never really hear about things like Columbine or that Batman shooting happening here.

  5. Wow horrible, I do get that she could have mistaken the wii remote for a gun if you take a quick glance at it from a distance. (if it was a black remote atleast) But to shoot immediatley and ask questions later, trigger happy bitch. She must feel horrible too I guess, but that is 1 mistake you cant take back or do anything about anymore. She should not be allowed to be in possesion of a firearm ever again and be fired from her job in my opinion. A prison sentence would be going a bit too far I think, since it was an honest mistake.

  6. Wow. That’s incredibly sad.

    I hope that she gets fired and penalize for her actions, because obviously she now suitable for that kind of job.

    1. Really? Some guy no one knew until after this article was posted was shot by accident, and it’s “tragic”?

  7. Better careful of US police if i go on holiday I guess…il just try not to hold anything around them maybe?

  8. People get warrants for even stupid things like owing the courts money they might not be violent criminals at at all. This is sad she obviously wasn’t trained properly to handle a warrant check.

  9. this is exactly what happens when police officers are taught to be and have to be afraid to get shot at by an armed and upset citizen at any moment
    police patrols only approach cars with their hand on their gun for a reason in the US…
    fucking gun laws across the pond
    it’s a disgrace

      1. rofl

        fuck you
        as it stands now any fucktard can get a gun with zero effort, and without ANY control, even you

        over here police officers aren’t nearly as trigger happy and now guess why that is you fucking smartass

      1. When the police arrived on scene. They were shot. Americans would just kill them for looking like Muslims. Innocent or not.

      2. “mericans would just kill them for looking like Muslims. Innocent or not.”

        now this is something i think we can agree on

        you don’t care if someone’s guilty or not do you? they look different -> have to be shot

      3. i’m not british you moron

        for any european article like that you can find 10 stemming from the US

        and hey look at this
        27 officers killed within 3 months? yeah of course shit like that doesn’t happen in the US

        media doesn’t even report the vast majority of shootouts in the US since they happen on an hourly basis
        they’d be reporting nothing else 24/7 and still not be able to report all of them

    1. …Really? You really just went there? You really just said that you’re HAPPY that this poor young man was shot dead for answering his goddamn door?

      You are a pathetic, sick little WRETCH. How happy would you be if someone you cared about had their life snuffed out just because they answered the door? Would you be cracking jokes then?

      Rot. In. Hell.

  10. She was probably one of those idiots who doesn’t even know what the Wii is (or games in general). I don’t think she’s going to be a police officer anymore. Poor kid. : (

  11. Wow.. they should sue that f**king police department. If the kid opened the door, most likely the wii remote was on his other hand, facing down the ground. He most likely wasn’t aiming it at her, not to mention the little to no f**king resemblance a WiiMote is to a firearm (its white/colored, has a saftey-strap, with buttons NOT triggers). That police officer was just ready to shoot, and ask questions later. Scumbag cops.

    RIP man.

  12. What a retarted piece of shit cop. Female cops are the worst too. They always act like they have something to prove. Well she proved something alright, she’s a total dumbass and needs to be fired and she should have to do jail time for this. Fucking stupid ass bitch.

    1. The fucked up law with make sure to cover her fucking child murdering ass. Not by a long shot. The fucking Jury better not slip to make this bitch walk.

  13. He had the right to bear arms on his own property.
    He had the right to an open carry.
    The full report states that after she shot him she ran out of the house crying.
    She was obviously undertraind.

  14. I am waiting to pass jusdgement before I get the whole story and the case is closed.

    Seriously, there are WAYYY too many suspicious parts to this incident. I don’t know what to believe.

    1. How the fuck is it suspicious in any sense? Several witnesses outside of the house said she opened fire right after he opened the door and this stupid bitch (not a cop, a child murderer) said she saw a fucking beebee gun (however you spell it and its all BS) when he in fact was holding a bright ass white 4 inch Wii Remote hands down. What kind of gun looks exactly like a white stick?

      Don’t be so fucking stupid about it. The bitch jumped the gun and killed a kid instantly in cold blood without follow proper procedure of drawing an arm to warn somebody to drop a suspicious object and as for her crying act, how fucking dumb are we to buy that guilt trip crap?

  15. She should be arrested, >.> isn’t it protocol for cops to warn assailants to put down their weapons first before firing >.>

  16. Even if he did survive, he’d have been shortly forgotten as a veteran. No one gives a crap about homeless, unemployed vetrerans being mistreated, robbed of benefits & kicked to the curb. Or even those who commit suicide while in service.

    1. I show my support by wearing a rubber braclet & fighting to remove the very same freedoms our soldiers die to protect, like freedom of speech! Huzzah! :)

  17. What is with people and “shoot first, ask questions later?” the poor kid was going to become a servant to his country’s defense and just minding his own business playing video games when BAM, he is shot dead for holding a Wii remote, WHO MISTAKES A WII REMOTE FOR A GUN!?

  18. omg!! This is why i want too move to japan! -__- americans are such stupid unrespectful arrogant pig slobs. All theyre good for is stuffing their greedy face and being homophibic racists. Murrica home of the rude lazy drunk obese and lowest test scores.

    1. @(Carmen835@)Carmen, that and they think whites are natives to the land when in fact they came, claim they discovered america, back-stabbed their host and made-up the story of how the natives (indians) made the first strike when it was the other way around. btw mexico used to be part of usa before it became what it is now. i learned that from history from a white teacher who believes that they are the immagrants. nope im not racist and i have friends of all colors and we are cool with each other

      1. Mexico was never part of the US. Pay attention in history class. A big chunk of the western US used to be part of Mexico, is that what you were trying to say?

  19. And this humans, specially you Americans, is why it’s wrong to have firearms…

    So many lives wasted, specially young lives over stupid morons that shoots first and asks questions later…

    And don’t come to me with your constitution bullshit, it’s as blind as believing in books without any proof…

    1. Like believing in the bible? Having a gun gives you a fighting chance. You can ban guns, & criminals will still find a way to obtain them, meanwhile you’re left with no way to fight back against someone who has the obvious advantage over you.

    2. @Nintendo Commander Quadraxis, like the big bang theory. btw where did this explosion came from?, it cant have come from nothing so something has to cause it, its like trying to make a sandwich out of nothing which is impossible unless you are God.

      1. Except science never said Big Bang came from nothing. By scientific standards, there is no such thing as “nothing”. Like an empty box, there’s air molecules. Well, space has dust, hydrogen, gases, ice, dark matter, virtual particles, etc.

      2. Nothing is more of a philisophical concept. In science there is no such thing as “nothing”–not one example. Even before the Big Bang, there were sub atomic particles (quatam theory).

      3. That’s mainly his argument though where did those particles come from? The thing is that although science has never been able to prove the existence of GOD, it has never been able to disprove it either. So any atheist that says that there is no GOD does so without any certainty.

      4. Same goes proving the existence of it…

        The difference right now is that Atheists don’t stop wondering and are satisfied in living like mindless sheep…

      5. All the atheists that I’ve met “know” there is no GOD because men have told them so. Not only that they also speak of GOD with an apparent hatred. They are not the open minded individuals you are trying to make them out to be.

      6. All the Christians I’ve met *know* there’s a god because men have told them so from reading an ancient, outdated book with incorrect scientific data.

      7. Not only that; they speak of science with apparent hatred. They are close-minded individuals who think reading one “holy”book is enough, as opposed to numerous books for answers.

      8. I know there is a GOD. The Bible had nothing to do with it. I can tell you that in all honesty.

      9. I’m an atheist but I do not “believe” in that there is no God because people told me, I’ve mad eup my own mind as I went a long what seems more likely…

        Personally I have no doubt that science will prove it to me or people like me in the future…

        I personally also let people believe in whatever they want, however all believers I’ve met always judge me as soon as I reveal that I’m an “atheist”…

        How do people expect to accept them (not all) if they don’t respect and accept me to begin with?…

        I’ve never judged a human in person until I’ve known them…

      10. Yes, you can’t disprove *a* god’s existence, but you can prove the written ones in world religion are false. As for an unknown god, if there was one he is awfully shy & never let his intentions known, so if he doesn’t bother or care, why should we?

      11. [BTW, Quantom theory is held together by numerous facts based on studies in labs of how atoms act on a subatomical level]

        Anyway, before Big Bang, there were these sub atomic particles, as energy is never created nor destroyed.

      12. What science doesn’t know is how that first energy expanded. Richard Dawkins was the one who made the ignorant assumption of science not knowing what came before singularity, but guess what? Dawkins is not an astrophysicist.

      13. Nor a historian, since he’s made historical mistakes, as well. So even though–in singularity–there were no stars, atoms or form, there was always “something” on a subatomic level, like virtual particals & such. An example of “nothing” can not be given.

      14. Believe me after his passing they’ll be talking about how many mistakes men like stephen hawking made. It is foolish for something as insignificant as man to try to understand the as vast as the universe oranything past it. Earth may very well be like a molecule of a little grain of dirt that is part of an enormous mountain, which would make man virtually non existent.

      15. The same can be used with God, where did God come from?…

        You cannot negate something and agree with something else…

        Stephen Hawking said that the Universe could have come from nothing by the laws of undefined physics so at least it has some scientific merit with current knowledge than the God theory ever had…

        Imagine how much more we will know if 1000 years…

        If humans still haven’t killed themselves a lot earlier…

    3. Pretty sure you are referring to the Bible, the Torah, and the Koran. I very much believe what the Bible says. Yes I am aware that is was written by men but I believe it to be the Word of GOD. Even if some stories of the Bible were not true the one thing, and in fact the only thing, that I am sure of is that there is a GOD. If we can believe that the universe may be infinite and that time may be infinite, can we not believe in GOD? To believe that an explosion/implosion happened where there was nothing, literally no such thing as space, no such thing as sound, no such this as color, no such thing as temparature, hell no such thing as thing, seems to be as wishful as some claim the existence of a higher Being to be yet they are willing to believe that. To many things have happened in my life that believing in coincidences would be illogical.

      1. Like I responded to somebody else, where did God come from?…

        And as I’ve said, if God can be something eternal/or create himself then so can the universe using scientific explanations which some scientists are already beginning to explain…

      2. But then why not be open to the possibility of an eternal GOD. If many scientist claim that the universe is eternal and that time is eternal, then why not be open to the possibility of an eternal GOD?

      3. Because, everything no matter how “unimaginable” it is for most, can be explained by science…

        The only thing that stops us is time and our evolutionary state with our brains…

        If we were to evolve far beyond what we are today, our picture of the universe will be far better than it is now…

      4. Our feeble brains will never be able to understand such grandeur. It’ll fall on computers to retain all of the information once we gain more understanding of the universe, which is immense and believed eternal by some. And speaking of time, the whole concept of time fascinates me beyond fascination.

      5. That’s why the argument of God can never satisfy many and can satisfy others because what both sides have in common is that we are nothing more than useless waste of the universe that thinks we have a purpose or a grand design which we don’t…

  20. This is probably more likely to happen in a country in which virtually anyone can be expected to carry a gun.

  21. how the fuck do you mistake a white controller for a firearm? its like mistaking a twig with a rpg launcher or mistaking spoon for a nitrogen bomb. btw the term “serve and protect” is meant for cops, they serve the corrupt and protect the corrupt while they give zero fucks about the innocent, money talks so if a serial killer of kids and rapist of kids bribes a judge, he gets off scott-free and arrest the victims. cops think they can do whatever the fuck they want and we cant even stand up for ourselves or else we pay the consequences and they make us pay out tax money on these corrupted and retarded cops (and the justice system) and in reality there is no real justice and yes there are good cops but unfortunately they have to follow “protocol” or they face severe consequences.

  22. Dumbest cop ever, it’s not like he answered the door holding the wii remote to her head, if she thought it was a gun she should have stepped back and told him to put his hands up, now she has to live the rest of her life knowing that she shot a kid because she was dumb enough to shoot first and ask questions later

  23. And that’s why you don’t shoot first and ask questions later.
    Seriously, cops in the US are way too quick to shoot. And the poor kid was shot right into the chest, too! She was standing right before him, shoot him in the foot or the shoulder or something, but don’t kill him immediately, for heaven’s sake.

    1. who can blame them? with every citizen being more than likely to own his own gun you’d be *very* careful aswell if you were a cop in the US

      and you wouldn’t waste time shooting a leg or an arm if you think your life is in danger either

      lax US gun control and the completely backwards 2nd amendment has brought this bullshit about.. don’t blame the police officers who are just trying to protect themselves in a job that isn’t nearly as dangerous in any other 1st world country

    1. so they’d be less armed than the general populace?

      how about stopping citizens from acquiring guns instead?

  24. Okay. Isn’t it priority #1 of police self defense is to draw their arms to warn any suspicious person holding a suspicious item or not to surrend before using lethal force and can ONLY USE LETHAL FORCE IF THE SUSPECT THREATENS THE COP FIRST?!

    All this kid did was open the fucking door while holding a white 3-4 inch long gaming remote controller in his hands DOWN! And this stupid bitch instead of warning him to drop the object, just shot him in point blank and cold blood when he was never the target in the first place. And then this bitch of a cop dare tried to lie through her fucking teeth about seeing a “gun” when multiple witnesses says the opposite of what happened and then cry like she ever did give a flying fuck.

    I want to see this bitch incarcerated pretty fucking quick because, mistake or not, you should NEVER shoot first unless your life is really in danger which it never was.

    And what kind of fucking gun looks like a bright ass white stick anyway?!

  25. LMFAO!!! He got shot because he had a shitty system!!! If he had a real system he wouldn’t have gotten shot!

    1. look out moron on the board hey dumbass no1 uses your terms anymore makes u look like a fag get a life.

      1. LMFAO!!!!!
        You cannot deny it!
        Even your lame heroes Iwata and Reggie can’t defend it!!!!

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