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Dedenne Revealed In Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros director Masahiro Sakurai revealed the first introduction of a Pokemon X & Y character in Smash Bros. Dedenne will appear in the game presumably as a result of a thrown Pokeball, Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS is due this year.

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  1. …… Xerneas was one of the poke’ balls too. So why are people surprised something from X and Y made it in?

  2. I hate pikachu clones.its like gamefreak thinks they will find the next big pokemon by slapping pikachus face on anything. Look at pichu for example. They should have just put raichu instead of this pokemon. They have a lot of good pokemon in gen 6 so i hope they appear as well as some gen 5. I hope for more than 30 pokemon

    1. It’s standard, every Pokémon generation has a new Electric rodent. Gen I had Pikachu, Gen II had Pichu, Gen III had Plusle and Minun, Gen IV had Pachirisu, Gen V had Emolga and Gen VI had Dedenne. Each generation always has certain types of Pokémon that are repeated, such as the early Bug Pokémon that turn into either some form of butterfly or moth, the Normal/Flying Pokémon (Pidgey, Hoothoot, Swellow etc.) and so on. So while Dedenne clearly looks like a baby Raichu they are just following the same formula that they use with every generation, which is not a bad thing.

  3. haha wtf is that!! that thing is a perfect character for you diaper living nintenhumpers!!!! LAME!!!!! just like wii screwed u!! let ssee how great the savior year of wii u is doing compared to a last gen system, ps3.

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    wii u only has like 2 of those gam,es on that list. what else is coming out in 2014????? ahhhhh ahhh mario kart is coming ahhh smash bros, hyruule warriorrs!! ahhhhhhh bayonetta ahhhhhhhhh ah ah ahhhhh hhmmmmmmmmm im sure there was more for the awesome year of wii u!!!! NOPE!!! WII U IS A FAIL HAHAHAH!!!! HAVE FUN WITH YOUR VACUUM CLEANER!!! KEEP ON DAMAGE CONTROLLING THOUGH!!!!

    1. You do have very good points, such a shame they’re lost in stupidity. Seriously, you said ultra street fighter IV twice and you counted HD remakes and games coming to wii u as well (child of light, watch dogs as far as we know). #EXPOSED!!!

      1. #indenial
        wiiu sucks. also the tales games and persona. ooohhhhh not looking good for worse than last gen u……


      2. Why do want to start shit all the time? Don’t get me that bull I always see in this community. All you want to do in this community is start crap, your the real childish person around here. Its okay to have opinion, and bring negative news, but you don’t need to be ass about everything. Let people like what they like and don’t be a ass about it, keep ur opinions about people’s likes and dislikes to yourself. If those people want to be dumbass fanboy, or something else, just ignore them simple as that.

      3. All those games you listed suck, only wii u exclusive games are good lol. Keep playing your shitstation.

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      4. And still you love to give Nintendo news to this site and comment every day…

    2. Regardless if the Wii U sucks or not, I’d rather buy a Nintendo Box to go with Steam on PC than invest in Xbox One or PS4. It makes for the perfect dinner. Incidentally, the money I saved by buying arguably cheaper Nintendo platforms has allowed me to upgrade my PC to keep up with the times.

    3. Hmm, thanks for posting that list, I don’t feel so bad getting left out of 3rd parties if that’s all I had to look forward to, maybe 2-3 I’d consider playing.

      I’ll stick with MK8, Smash, Bayo and X. Thanks!

    4. Ok? If you hate it so much why do you even care? I have a Wii U because I love first party Nintendo games. I also have a PS3 and a gaming PC, but that doesn’t mean I love one more than the other, each one has its own merits. If you don’t like Wii U that’s fine, I just don’t understand why you would waste your own time by coming here to slam it.

      U mad bro?

      1. I’ve got the same setup myself. Wii U/ PC/ PS3. I love Nintendo, but I also love my PC!

        I never understood why people need to argue over platforms as if they can only choose one.

  4. how many charas is in the the game?
    every day comes new news about trophy and playable charas.
    there must be over 30 charas.

    1. This isn’t a playable character. It is a Pokeball Pokemon… an item essentially. There are 24 characters announced so far and Sakurai has already confirmed the Ice Climbers will be back in an interview a LONG time ago when he was talking about structuring dual characters in the 3DS version. So 24 announced plus the Ice Climbers makes 25 we are SURE will return.

      1. plus Yoshi jigglypuff ganoindorf ect, u know, all the ones that will NOT get cut…..ever. also. wario was confirmed when Ashely assist was confirmed.

      2. Adding assist trophies does not automatically mean characters from the game will be playable; in Brawl we have Isaac as an assist trophy, but no Golden Sun character in the rooster.

  5. It would be very cool to have him as a playable character, because he’s much better than Jigglypuff (every Pokemon is better than him)

    1. IMO, in the original SSB, Sakurai should’ve had Charizard or Mewtwo playable instead of Jigglypuff. I doubt anyone would’ve complained but since Jigglypuff is one of the original 12, it won’t be going anywhere. Maybe they can mix things up with it being a fairy type though.

      1. No one would complain if they took out jiggs? You must be on crack because jigglypuff is top tier and fan favorite, hell would break loose.

    2. Kigglypuff is amazing so I don’t know where you get your facts from. Dedenne is just another Pikachu clone… they have those every generation.

      1. You try so hard to force your opinions on others lol. It’s his opinion so stop trying to act like it’s wrong and yours is the only truly “correct” statement.

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    1. A misunderstood ex-Nintendo fan.
      Well, if your reading this ICE, then, bye… we both have a youtube though and its the same names as we use now.
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    3. I don’t think this is true. It would have been more assuring if Sickr said the message but hopefully its true. He was warned many times but alas he was stubborn.

  7. I know its not a big deal either way but i really dont give a fook about the poke balls and assist trophies.

  8. I would have loved to have a different Pokemon, not a copy and paste of Pikachu, we already have Pikachu there. So why put the one that is obviously a copy of him? I want one of the other new Pokemon!

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