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Here’s The Yoshi’s New Island Intro And Opening Cutscene

The folks over at GameXplain have managed to get their hands on the adorable Yoshi’s New Island for the Nintendo 3DS. The video that they have kindly uploaded shows the intro and the opening cutscene that gamers will see once the game is released in North America and Europe on March 14th.

Thanks, David


  1. Out of tune, and off-key seem to be a running theme in this game’s music. It’s like a sad, broken music box.

  2. I’m getting the Yoshi 3DS XL and selling my normal blue one on eBay. Easy upgrade. Can’t wait to beat this game!

    Hey did you know Icezama the Nintendo troll wrote awful troll reviews of Pikmin 3 on Amazon. Com? Talk about no life. I reported them and Amazon deleted them. Job well done, unlike this site that fails to delete his awful posts.


  3. am not buying this rahashed game for my 3ds. am saving up for an xbox 360 and some m rated games. xbox 360>kiddy/weak harware3ds/wii u

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  4. The wrong parents? That’s fucking hilarious. Puts a whole new spin on the original’s Yoshi’s Island.

  5. I know respect Yoshi games. this is too sad , andfeels childish but oh well.

    yarn Yoshi is releasing this year too, NEED stuff on it next direct,

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  6. The title of this game is terrible, but i know the game itself will be fun. While i don’t think there is much to this story, I am happy to see the storybook art/music is still very much intact.

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  7. Brings back old memories of the original, also the fact that they got sent to the wrong parents is hilarious. Love the original music too, sounds like a music box. :3

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