Confirmed: Game Informer’s Reveal Is Batman Arkham Knight, But Not For Wii U

Yesterday Game informer announced that it would be revealing a new game on the cover of the latest issue. Well, it looks as though that game is Batman Arkham Knight which is developed by Rocksteady and is set to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Batman: Arkham Knight was rumoured to be the title, but now UK retailer GAME has listed the game with details and the platforms it’s appearing on. Here’s the exciting information from the listing.

Batman ArkhamKnight is the explosive finale to the Arkham series. Scarecrow returns, with villains like Penguin, Two-Face & Harley Quinn.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set in Gotham City and introduces an uniquely designed version of the Batmobile, which will be drivable in the game

As preorder bonus, for the first time you will also be able to play as Harley Quinn in exclusive challenge maps. Batman ArkhamKnight.

Update: Game Informer have just revealed the game and it’s only coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. The game is developed by Rocksteady and you can read about it, here. Batman: Arkham Knight is coming later this year.

Thanks, Jamie


      1. Can’t tell if you are sarcastic or actually agreeing that the Wii U’s games are much better than the Xbone and PS4 exclusives.

      2. let’s be clear here, cause, it seems you’re too stupid to understand this….nintendo had good franchises, now they have stoped making starfox, f zero, and i don’t see metroid coming up, pikmin 3 has been the same as 2, zelda hasn’t changed since oot, mario since galaxy, and mario bros since ds, wii u does NOT have more games, and you’re here to troll people who try to troll nintendo fans, but i’m here just to tell you the truth, ps4 at the moment has few games, but it has a ton of them announced, xbox one, the same deal, and those 2 systems at least get new exclusives

      3. Oh the irony, you’re calling me stupid yet your whole sentence is a mess XD

        Kid, I know you’re new to the whole trolling thing but try a little harder. Also, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Super Mario 3D World and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

        PS4 so far…. Nothin…. mostly lack luster 1st party titles.
        Same with the Xbone.

      4. PS4 does not have any exclusives at the moment (other than Outlast), but Xbox One (Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct 3, Forza 5, Garden Warfare, Ryse), and Wii U (Project 101, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario 3D World) have a few notable exclusives. Regardless, Wii U’s future looks pretty bleak, unless Nintendo gets it act together.

      5. Ryse is shit. Killer Instinct is garbage, paying for every character…like come on now. PVZ Garden Warfare…I have been watching people play it, every match is the same thing. No variety I don’t like it. Forza is meh, racing. Dead Rising 3 is not to bad, but bland over all.

      6. Killer Instinct is NOT garbage. The entire game is $20 and scored a higher rating than Mortal Kombat and Injustice by IGN. By the end of this month owners will get Fulgore and Story Mode for FREE. Forza is a top notch racer with bumper rumble gradations mapped on the triggers. You sir are a Nintendo fan in denial. I own a Wii U and an Xbox One, and I give props where it is due.

      7. Outlast is not exclusive, you can play that on your computer. Sure, they have 3rd party support, but all these games are in both consoles plus PC. Nintendo is full of exclusives, the other two aren’t.

      8. Nintendo does have more exclusives but none of them are system sellers. DK and Pikmin are no longer system sellers. Mario Kart is a mega-system seller, though.

      9. Check again, there are tons of announced exclusive games for PS4 and Xbox One + multiplatform support. Example, you pay for PS+ and every month you will receive amazing games.


      10. Mario Kart 8
        Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
        The next Zelda game
        Bayonetta 2
        Hyrule Warriors
        Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei

        Most of these are expected to be high-quality games, and most are expected to release in 2014. And I only mentioned the biggest games, we also have a ton of smaller games. Don’t forget we’ll be getting the long awaited GBA games on the Virtual Console.
        Then we have unannounced games. Unless you play video games 24/7 (in which case I suggest you get a secondary console), you shouldn’t have to worry about shortage of games on the Wii U.

      11. Did you seriously name that mess of a game Wonderful 101, and that port of a 2010 game Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? The only exclusives worth playing on the Wii U at the moment are Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, maybe Pikmin 3 too. It’s a shame Nintendo’s console isn’t powerful enough to handle next gen titles like The new Batman.

      12. Pikmin 3
        Was diff from 2, 3 characters. Dumbass.
        Zelda is always changing did you not play ss? Or albw? Play games you dumb shit.
        They haven’t gone back to the galaxy form.
        Wii u has games or else it would have n

      13. I wouldn’t pay any attention to the poor kid, he’s having a rough time at home is all.

      14. i’ll leave you all to your retardation, pikmin 3(now you can play as 3 characters)WOW, innovative, monster hunter 3u(wii game with more monsters), 3d world(3d land with 4 players, not even online), ok w101 is a game that i forgot about, see how imporant it is??7.0 on IGN, mediocre game, and this guy talking about zelda changing, albw is alttp in 3d, nothing more, nothing less, don’t you dare mention some gimicks as innovative or changing the formula, it just went back to being non linear dungeon wise, so we are getting an old formula, skyward sword was the biggest piece of shit i’ve ever played in my life, motion controls sucked big time, i’m talking about really changing the formula like mario 64 did, or oot, like galaxy did, like majora’s mask did, but it seems you people weren’t even born when i played those games

      15. Okay……so whats inovative about ryse, the new batman titanfall infamous second son or killzone. Only inovative game out so far for the consoles are knack I think, it turned out crap but I respect it for trying something different.

      16. were most likely not gonna get another inovation like mario 64, or oot because they were in 3d unless ninty finds out how to create 4d sometime soon, then we’re not gonna have anything truly newly inovative for a long long time. Also I disagree strongly about pikmin 3, atmosphere gameplay and story had been really improved over the first two, I’ll give you skyward sword although I enjoyed it, but you can’t deny they tried something new with it and from what we hear of the new one they’re still trying new stuff, wind waker and twilight princess were great zelda games though, they all felt different from one another imo. Also play 3d world..just play it, it’s actually better then galaxy albiet it feels less epic in scale, they just throw a million awesome ideas at you in that games, and it’s nothing like the crap 3d land it’s names based on.

      17. KNACK is the most mediocre game created in video game history. It is even more mediocre than Ryse. Ryse has a good engine, it just needs more NPC variety and a bit of non-linearity.

      18. oh and don’t diss 101 without playing it, your talking about the same reviewers who…oh I know GIVE EVERYFUCKIN COD GAME A 9!, 101 is frustratingly hard because its a very retro game, reviewers don’t like havign to spend time to get good at a game because they have a deadline.

      19. You know nothing about Mario 3D World. I own both World and Land, and they are NOT the same game AT ALL

      20. A little background. I jumped from the nintendo train after n64, grabbed a ps2 and had an excellent experience. I then decided to try xbox, then 360. I was a diehard xbox fanboy, and claimed Wii was for kids with its horrible graphics, etc. But then i grew up, and began to revert back toward nintendo because of some of the fun Wii games i experienced with my family. I decided I didnt want to drop a bucket of cash on this next generation. I simply wouldn’t have time for it to get my moneys worth. So i got a wii U. I figured it would be nice to have a family friendly system where i can play with people i actually know, interact with them, and further build a healthy personal relationship. Wii u is perfect for that. I currently own 45 titles, not including wii games. And i enjoy the majority of them. Wonderful 101 is one of the best titles I have played… EVER! It is difficult, but rewarding. Lengthy, but engaging. The reviews on it are shit. Pikmin 3 is my firat pikmin game and bingo battle, and coop are genius. I could go on and on, but i dont feel the need to defend the system. And before anyone tries to tell me im incorrect because i havent used proper grammer in this post, fuck off. Has nothing to do with gaming, plus 99% chance you will never reach my intelligence.

      21. You need every game to be as colossally innovative as Super Mario 64? How do you even go on being a gamer today? The innovation and discovery of formulas now is like the innovation of graphics: We’re never, EVER going to get another jump as big as SNES to N64, or PS2 to PS3. If you need another Super Mario 64 every time you play a game, I’m surprised you haven’t quit gaming already. In fact, I’m surprised you haven’t completely quit entertainment media in general. When was the last time you saw/read/played a recent movie/book/game that didn’t, in some way, shape, or form, fall under a pre-existing genre? You really baffle me. Way back when, you were lucky enough to grow up in a time when you could see a new artistic medium being formed. However, this spoiled you. Now, the time of video games discovering how to walk has passed, and it is now a rebellious teenager just trying to be edgy to get into whatever cliques look good. This isn’t to say none of it’s worth playing. The Last of Us was an amazing experience, but guess what? It was a stealth, shooter, apocalypse-survival game at it’s core formula. Did that detract from it? I reiterate, no. Hypothetically, if we see it go on to become a trilogy, are you really going to complain that nothing changed? I know I won’t. Right now, you should just take what you can get, or I don’t see why you should still play video games.

      22. Super Mario 3D World is way different than Galaxy, it has better graphics than 3D Land and different stages, everyone that has bought Wonderful 101 love it. So, I guess every Halo, Call Of Duty, and even Batman game is different? Funny, ’cause the last Batman game was more of the same from Arkham City and sold like crap in all platforms.

      23. Well, it’s still a bit different. You may actually need all three characters in order to solve various puzzles, whereas in pikmin 2 there were three different characters, but never at the same time.

      24. And lets be clear about your ass kissing sentence of biased opinions.

        First of all, the other two consoles claiming to be powerful is still no better than a 2007 high end laptop. Xbox One (stupid ass choice of name; calling the 3rd gen Xbox 1st gen name and no its technically not all in one because its can’t play all Xbox games like PS with Now and Nintendo backward compatibility asshat) only has Deadrising 3 as its only decent original title with Halo 5 limping its continuation and Titanfall with only 6v6 and no single player while many idiots call it the best game and its not even original or revolutionary at all.

        PS4, same fucking story: being sold out like crazy over power and graphics BS as usual and has no noteworthy games. Knack is a trial then failed test game and Shadowfall isn’t as good as past Killzones so you got big bad boy consoles that barely have anything fun or original to play plus they both launched with technical problems that even Wii U or past Nintendo consoles never had period. Xbox One still can’t do 1080p for god sakes and PS4 is a popular peanut gallery with no real steam.

        Wii U however I won’t be ignoring the fact that Nintendo screwed up the advertisement and typical shortage of games but that’s it. As for its specs with limitless amount of graphic ass kissing retards calling it weak and crap, tell me this: Why are they’re still buying/developing/praising PS3/360 when in fact its just about the same shit as Wii U? And another question I must ask about generation differences: In terms of graphics or gameplay change besides Nintendo, is 7th-8th any NOTICABLY different? What’s different between PS3/4 and 360/One? The answer is nothing or barely anything. Its just a slight update like annual smartphone models and yet you dumbasses make everything sound like a big fucking deal.

        True reality is: All three new consoles are only slightly different from one another and past generations but the core drive of gaming nowadays is nothing but specs and power instead of the life blood of how fun games are and should be. Along with mobile gaming, this is one of those reasons why gaming is dying and why companies and so called “gamers” are becoming blindly selfish. Compare to everything about gaming, it seems Nintendo are the only few industries left that at least know what’s going down and not jumping guns at screwing millions of fans that those same numbers are blindly following the wrong industries who do cheat for quick, easy money instead of taking time, effort and intelligence to prove their worth.

        That’s why I’m happy to say that I’m fortunate to not think, act and be like idiots like you. You wanna throw your money and mind away to those who don’t care? Be my guess. But talking nonsense out of your ass, keep that shit to yourselves until you find a more constructive way to state your mind.

      25. I doubt he was serious, but I personally agree. Presently, the Wii U easily has better exclusives than the PS4 and Xbone. It’s not even debatable imo. It will be a much closer fight by the end of their runs since I’m a huge fan of Ratchet and Clank, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts. Still, I don’t see why someone would say that the PS4 has better exclusives right now.

      1. I wasnt kidding myself like that. It needs to be made for ps4 and Xbox one. I would buy it for wii u but it was obvious it was going to skip it. So f**k it is time to get a ps4 now.

    1. They Better show a New Kiddy console for the Mad Nintendofags at E3 because WEAKu Dead Confirmed#PleaseUnderstand


      1. Can we ban this guy for having the photo of a terrorist? Anyway, funny ’cause I don’t own a PS4 and Xbox One and I will still play this game on my PC. Troll harder, will you?

  1. Ya can’t lose this game Nintendo, if its true its not coming then do something about it.

  2. Another games skips the wii u because 3rd party games sell like shit. Stick a fork in it. Buy a second system for gaming

    1. Exactly. If Nintendo fans want to play games like this, they need to buy a second system and stop whining.

      1. Just like the Xbots and Sonyans should buy a Wii U if they want to play Bayonetta 2 and all sacred holy N games…

      2. I’m a PlayStation fan but I own a Wii U… and to be honest… the Wii U has a better library of games, most of the games coming out on PS4 are just ports from the last gen (PS3 and Xbox 360)

      3. Actually, I am just skipping the game and either buying a game that will be for the Wii U (or 3DS) or do something non-gaming. There are plenty of other good games out there to play (not say this is a bad game).

    2. Agreed. My Wii U is awesome, but I foresee a 2nd console purchase in the future. I would play both equally I think

  3. Even though it is by Rocksteady, Origins left a bad taste.
    And felt like Rocksteady was done with Arkham games at Arkham City.
    And before retarded trolls start… I have Arkham City on PC, and can get this game on my PC, if I really want it.

      1. Calling that dimwit a troll, is an insult to the real trolls all around.

      2. True, though he must be new because he ain’t doing a very good job. I find him mildly annoying but that’s about it.

      3. You’re actually one of the nicest trolls on here. Why don’t you step it up so we can ban you faster? Save us all some time to GO PLAY GAMES

      4. No. but its the same series still.
        And Origins by WB Montreal was broken crap.

      1. And you said : ” I tried being civilized before ”

        You never have and never will…

        Double K.O…

      2. Wow, so you mean the Wii U exclusives are the best then? you must really love Nintendo :D

  4. Ah fuck this, a movie tie in game.
    Rocksteady is one of my favorite studios, but don’t really care if it was Platinum Games developing, movie tie ins are destined to suck ass.

    1. Actually, I believe the Arkham games are there own thing but are more of a tie in with the comics than the movies.

      1. Actually this movie IS about the game… so that would mean its not a movie tie in but the other way around.

    2. The Arkham games are nowhere related to any DC comic films. Arkham is a standalone series of itself within Batman.

  5. it would be sad, when the games comes to ps3/360 but not for the U.
    wenn batman takes the hole power of ps4 and one, it would not be possible for the U.
    anyway when mk8 rocks… maybe we will see a port :-)

    1. Well the Wii U technically is on par with the PS4 and is slightly more powerful than the Xbone if the tech is used correctly so this game would be able to run on the Wii U. Also.. why do devs even bother with the Xbox One when it’s flopping harder than the Wii U right now, even with Titanfall.

      1. Wow…. are you just that horrible at trolling or are you just a kid..

        You have the internet, plus, if I was “retarded” then I wouldn’t be online at all. I’m sorry kid but you’re just a mild annoyance… better luck next time

      2. Dont worry guys he’s just trolling (or I hope so)

        OT: anyone with a brain knows that what you just said is a huge lie. The ps4 had a huge power gap when comparing it to Wii U, and even the bone. Wii U is more on par with last Gen than this Gen and that’s putting it nicely.

      3. I think he’s saying Xbox One isn’t what its trying to be it can’t even do 1080p native or upscale right and only 6v6 Titanfall with no single player or story, its pretty much a pointless hyped COD with mechs and shit. Xbox One isn’t good at all for its worth. Oh did I forget to mention that Betamax tryhard box blows up, DRM return signs are emerging and Kinect 2.0 is a POS NSA spy toy that nobody wants but still retarded enough to waste money on it?

        Also Titanfall Xbox One bundle gets a $100 price drop in UK but not America or anywhere else? Man you must be blindly stupid to defend a monopolistic industry willingly screwing you and your wallet. Still proud at defending such POS overpriced combustible 720p Betamax..I mean “console”?

      4. About the 6v6, devs explained that.
        And I kind of agree with them, if size of maps is about as big as those in CoD games, 12v12 (I assume every player can get their own titan?) it might not be as optimal.

        Though that I do not know if they could have made the game bigger if they wanted to.

      5. You’re dumb. Wow.
        Xbox one is not flopping. It just isn’t selling as well as the ps4. Xbone is easily outselling wii u.

        Wii u has 2 GB of ram compared to xbones 8…

        Seriously…I sold my wii u and couldn’t be happier. Sucks I won’t play bayonetta 2, but that’s seriously the only game I will miss.
        3d world was the same as land.
        Tropical freeze was the same as returns.

        Every game on wii u is an platformer or a remake. Which is inexcusable a year after launch.

      6. Gotta agree with this a bit. I didn’t sell mine, but I’m waiting for some actual good games. I will need to get a ps4 If I actually want to enjoy gaming. I know ps4 has no games at this point, but it will. Do you know what massively cripples Nintendo, no sports games!!!! I know most nerds on this site don’t like them anyway, but they are huge! And fun! I’m guessing they aren’t played by the majority on here because they bring flashbacks of having their underwear pulled over their head in the school change room.

      7. And does RAM amount in a console matter? Xbox One still can’t do 1080p upscale or native, it blows up, bundled with a pointless gimmick motion spy camera that NSA is having fun using ATM and failed to steal Wii’s popularity last gen, T.V as a “revolutionary” or new feature is beyond laughable and only imitating Wii U’s TVii Gamepad function as well as Smartglass making all tablets mimic Wii U for Xbox and only good game it has is Forza 5 and Deadrising 3. Everything else is a messy port like BF4 being buggy and COD Ghost still dragging on its own deadweight to continue its cash cow run..also, it failed to overtake GTA5’s sale records it rightfully deserves.

        And here you are talking about Nintendo games being the same from the last and I bet your hypocrite ass buys COD and even Assassin’s Creed every year which is the same shit. Give me a fucking break because this little display of Nintendo bashing is so two gens ago.

      8. i told the wii u fanboys. nobody wants there rehashes and there $60.

      9. Then why are you here and why you bought one in the first place? GET THE FUCK OUT!

      10. are you sure the power of the U is almost ps4/one?
        i thought its just a litle bit more then ps3?
        normaly (from nintendo in the past… snes, n64…) when a new console comes there is a game who shows the power of the console. its like wow… (super mario world vs smb3).
        the u is one year out, and i dont know how powerfull the machine is.
        there is still now game that shows us that.
        the first game from big n new super mario bros u, looks almost like super mario bros wii (excpect hd).

        i guess its the problem to make ports is because its 2 different to one/ps4.
        ore more complicated. so 2 much time to make a port.

      11. Okay, 1: How is the Wii U more powerful then the Xbox one? (8GB of RAM vs 2GB, 8 CPU cores vs 3) Don’t try to bring up the EDRAM because the Xbone has something very similar (ESRAM).
        2: How is the Xbox One flopping? It has already sold 4 million units within 3.5 months of being on the market. It took the Wii U almost 3 times longer to reach that same milestone. Also, if anything, Titanfall, the console’s first system-seller, is going to substantially increase those numbers.

      12. Here’s sometime for you to read then. But I can only answer #1.

        Ps4 and Xbox One run on an x86 while a Wii U runs on PowerPC.

        x86 architechture runs on what is called CISC. Complex Instruction Set Computing. This allows for developers to have a lot of resources available at the beginning, but very little room to grow. Power-based architecture runs on what is called RISC. Reduced Instruction Set Computing. The memory footprint is much smaller and much faster than that of a CISC-based x86 CPU which are the type used in the XB1 and PS4.

        Loosely translated, it takes massive amounts of RAM and computational power do to the same thing that a Power-based CPU does with far less memory and computational power.

        The Wii U does not need 4GB of RAM to do the same level of performance as the PS4 and XB1 as was explained in detail in a link I will provide if you want. The reason Microsoft and Sony chose x86 over PowerPC this time around was to lessen the loss on hardware, and to entice more 3rd parties to develop for their console because of the relative ease of working with x86 which for all intents and purposes is like developing for a PC. However what you gain with ease of development, you lose out on longevity.

        The Wii U has 3 CPUs. A Tri-Core PowerPC750, a Dual Core ARM Processor, and a sound processor. The bandwidth of the eDRAM in the Wii U can be clocked as high as 1TB per second which smokes the XB1 eDRAM, eSRAM, and the PS4 GDDR5 RAM. It was a machine built on elegance, speed, and efficiency.

        Developers are already hitting walls with XB1 and PS4 dev kits. Resogun on the PS4 uses 50% of the PS4 CPU. Nano Assault NEO (made by Shin’en Multimedia who actually know what they are doing with the Wii U hardware) looks just as good if not better than that and only runs on one core.

        Whether the 50% means 50% of the entire PS4 CPU which is 8 cores or 50% of the allotted CPU for gaming use which would be 2 out of 4 cores, that still is a very bad sign that a downloadable launch-title uses that much CPU power. We already know that Killzone: Shadow Fall uses 3GB of RAM which is more than 80% of the allotted RAM on the PS4 (4-5GB.) Again, a launch title. These systems are going to have to last for at least 10 years for Microsoft and Sony.

        The bottom line is that PowerPC architecture is superior to that of x86, but it’s not for lightweights. If you are lazy or lacking in development experience then you are going to struggle. Those who are very talented and well-versed in game developmental language of all kinds will have an easier time unlocking the power of the Wii U.

        The longer developers play around with it the more they discover how powerful it really is. If you have followed the comments from Slighty Mad Studios, guys who are working on Project CARS, you can tell that they keep discovering new things about the Wii U and are constantly surprised on how far they can push things without the console even breaking a sweat.

        Not to mention that the power consumption on the Wii U is superior to that of the PS4 and XB1. Only uses 33 watts of power. Not even 50% of what it is capable of handling.

        If the Wii U had an 8-core PowerPC CPU and 8GB of RAM along with the 32MB of eDRAM it has it would absolutely rip the PS4 and XB1 to shreds.


    2. The “whole power” of PS4 is not as much as people paint it out to be.
      You have 3GB of ram for games, developers may never utilize more than 3-4 cores and all of them are running at relatively low clock, relying on the GPU.
      Any game that would run on PS4 or xbone, could be optimized for Wii U as well.

      Though it might have been beneficiary for Nintendo to go with same architecture as the others, that way cost of porting would have been next to none.

  6. I’m guessing what they are going to say is the follow:

    “We thought that the audience on the Wii U wouldn’t really enjoy the style Arkham Knight would offer.”

    “The poor sales on the Wii U of our recent games”

    “We’re too lazy to put one Next Generation console on the list, so the Wii U version is a no no.”

    Though here’s the thing…. PS4 has over 6 Million units sold and the Wii U has over 5.89 Million Units sold… yet the Xbox One only has 3.5 Million units sold… So logic dictates that they should have just released this game on PC, PS4 and Wii U instead.

    1. Xb1 is almost an exact copy of the ps4. Porting over is very little cost so why not?

      Wii u requires seperate development which is why no one wants to develop for it.

      1. Mainly because the Xbox One is selling like crap…

        Did you not read the rest of my comment?

      2. It’s easily outselling the wii u. You are in some serious denial if you believe the xbone is selling like “crap”. The ps4 is just moving a lot more units. But the xbox one is moving a lot too, just not as much.

      1. You are way too optimistic. PS4 and Xbox One just released a few months ago and one passed up Wii U, the other is catching up. Wii U has been out for a year an a half and yet its competitors alreay caught up. You think Nintendo is going to have the same momentum the other two have? I’m a Nintendo fan, but I’m not blind. You are a fanboy and make real Nintendo fans look bad. Nintendo has made mistake after mistake with the Wii U and are reaping the rewards of said mistakes AKA they’re getting their asses kicked. But people like you wear these SUPER rose colored glasses. David said Wii U is at 6 and PS is at 6.3 and you say Nintendo is in a virtual tie for 1st. I don’t know if those numbers are correct or not, but any intelligent person can see that both Xbox One and PS4 will have surpassed Wii U within a few months. I want Nintendo to turn things around as much as the next guy, but I’m not gonna act like it’s ok that they are tied with a product that was just recently released. The game drought is a disaster (way to lie to us Reggie about 2014 not having a drought), and they keep giving us stupid Directs announcing games we ALREADY know about. And indie games are not going to cut it, so don’t bring that lame argument. Nintendo has a lot of work to do to fix this mess, and I’m hoping they do. But let’s be realistic about the current situation please?

      2. Wii U took 1.5 years to reach 6 million. PS4 reached it in 4 months. Nintendo should be ashamed of their marketing division. They had a one-year head start and they squandered it.

    2. Logic dictates by the time the game launches xbox one will outsell wii u. Fucking idiot. No one plays third party games on nintendo. Go to vgchartz and educate your retarded self.

      1. And primary reason why is because every last 3rd party game is intentional half assed ports with no DLCs which if it were the opposite, I guarantee the sales and support will increase for that side. These dumbasses don’t get it that the support is dim because of the same reason on 3rd party from gamers. Its a circle with no end until a company decides to close that circle by doing what every 3rd party failed to do: Give the gamers equal content and they will give you equal support. Its win-win they refuse to go for because of some dumbass ventetta against Nintendo’s “safe than sorry” practices which for some explanable reasons, I understand much.

    1. Yeah, sad it didn’t come to Wii U but I’m glad I got a PS4 and a PC :D

      Win, win!!

    1. nah, AMD is about to be 550€ richer (minus taxes and what ever middle men take off).

  7. WHY?? OH WHY?? Unlike pretty much everyone on this site, I actually bought the wiiu to enjoy the 3rd party games aswell. I think its safe to say the wiiu will be having the worst third party support in all the console lineups. I guess the wiiu is only a “nintendo toy box” , but on the bright side , the first party support is atleast great.

  8. LMFAO ANOTHER game misses the pathetic Gimmick U!!!!
    It really is hilarious Nintendo fans cry for 3rd party games and then when they do finally get them they sell utter crap and then they wonder why all 3rd party are staying well clear?
    DKTF was a game NO ONE wanted and then Nintendo wonder why it again sold like shit?
    Nintendo really are pathetic, they just see what games sold well on previous systems, just add HD and think people will rush out and buy them!!!
    EVERY game for the Wii U has been an epic failure!!!
    Mario Kart 8 is the Wii U last lifeline if that bombs then Nintendo may as well leave the home console market!!

    1. I don’t even care for lesser games because they mostly dissapoint and are sold shortly after unlike sacred Nintendo games that lasts forever…

      1. You do realize that if bayo 2 was not coming to the wiiu, u would have the same attitude right ?!

      2. Honeslty the arkham games are incredible. The actual ones developed by Rocksteady I mean haha. So it does kind of suck that it is dodging the wii u.

      3. I guess I can accept that…

        Better than any rehashed FPS gbage any day…

  9. So, they started offering the franchise on Nintendo consoles, and now after all the hard work of first establishing a decent brand reputation on the WiiU (which is the hardest part), they bail out? Wow, Warner will go bankrupt next if they continue making baffling business decisions.

    1. They are just going to the most powerful systems… unfortunately, Wii U should have come out in 2011… or they should have just waited a bit a longer and made a system on equal tech footing, I mean, it just makes sense…. I love the Wii U, but IF their intent was to compete on a equal footing, the specs are just a big part of it so far as 3rd party titles

      1. Exactly the Wii U was a great idea released at the wrong time!!
        It should have been released at Xmas 2010 after Wii sales were lagging and would have had 3 years to compete with the PS3 and Xbox 360 before they both released their next consoles!!
        If they had released it in 2010 and for $250 it would have been a massive success!!
        Then when Sony and Microsoft released their next consoles Nintendo could have at E3 this year told everyone about a new platform they have been working on due for 2015 and again stole the limelight!!
        It really is hilarious how backwards Nintendo has gone with the Wii U.
        16 months on the market and STILL zero games that fully utilize the Gamepad and make gaming so much better!!
        The QOL is the worst idea ever…non wearable fitness?As if people are gonna buy the QOL instead of going the gym?LMFAO!!!
        Iwata and Reggie have ruined Nintendo home consoles.
        It really is a good job they are kings of handhelds as if the 3DS was not a huge success Nintendo would be Sega 2!!

      2. I am glad someone here can see that in a realistic manner… I mean, for me it is OK, because I love Nintendo and as a casual “former core” gamer, I can take a great game every few months because that is right about the time the one before it has worn out… but they shouldn’t poopoo the specs game and the integration of other products… for me, if I were Nintendo, I’d give Apple a call and team up for the next console with them… they are similar companies, but Apple has its finger on the pulse of integration and tech style and upper echelon specs (even if Samsung fans say that “crapple” isn’t powerful enough but 4K on a 5inch screen… ???) anyway, to me that would make the most sense because even the TVii interface, and the Nintendo OS in general just isn’t doing it for me… I just don’t use it for anything other than the games

      3. I agree that the WiiU is a bit too weak. Even Project cars, an ambitious indie game, is barely possible on the WiiU. All this tech talk is getting pretty annoying though. Why cant people just make great games…

      4. Wrong.
        If you have followed the comments from Slighty Mad Studios you can tell that they keep discovering new things about the Wii U and are constantly surprised on how far they can push things without the console even breaking a sweat.

      5. Well good for everyone, why waste coding to get more pixels when you code use it on something else more useful, like I don’t know, what matters, like gameplay.

  10. Dallas Eder
    MARCH 4, 2014 AT 4:41 PM
    Wii U born in 2012 and dead in 2014….

    PS4 and One = Batman Arkham Knight
    Wii U = Insanit Blade

    Nintendo killing the Wii U

  11. good the Wii U doesn’t need this garbage on it. these Batman games are basically generic splinter cells and they look hideous.

    1. Would you please specify , if you actually want any games on the wiiu! GOD, these fanboys…!! No wonder devs are ditching it

    2. Yeah Nintendo just has Pikmin 3,Wonderful 101, DKTF Super Mario that all BOMBED and sold like crap worldwide!!!
      Nintendo first party games are not even selling!!
      Mario Kart 8 is the Wii U last chance………….Huge horn on the Gamepad screen…..EPIC FAIL!!!


        This how dumb you sound, only my version sounds so much smarter.

    3. No…they are some great games, and that is a huge understatement. Origins was ok, but the ones developed by rocksteady were incredible.

  12. The only ones interested in the Baby U are babies. Ever since Iwata got in charge Nintendo became the baby games company. They sold all the 2nd party studios that they used to have and the one western studio they have left, Retro, is put to work on more baby games. Baby game this, baby game that. Unfortunately none of their “stellar” baby games have saved their Baby U. Babies said when The Wonderful 101 would release the Baby U would sell like hotcakes, nope nothing. Babies said that when Pikmin 3 would release the Baby U would sell more than babies pacifiers, nope nothing. Babies said that when Zelda Windwaker would release the Baby U would sell more than diapers, nope nothing. Now babies were saying that Donkey Kong would make the Baby U sell like the next “new” baby toy, nope nothing. The baby Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze 2D game straight out of the 90’s barely runs at 720p on the underpowered running on 7 year old hardware baby toy excuse of a console named Baby U, just like the baby Mario game that launched with the Baby U did. The little baby toy machine can’t even run a 2D game at 1080p LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

    Third party support on the Baby U is close to nothing and Nintendo only makes baby games. The casuals are left. The only ones happy with their Baby U are babies. Iwata will save the Baby U with his “non wearable devices” lolololol.

      1. Lol, IKR? I almost had it, then lost count. I think some rendition of “baby” was used 29 times… But hell, don’t quote me on that.

    1. Your know that “Nintendo is for babies” is a dated reference since 2005?

      Get a new insult that actually works. Otherwise, your cliché is just as original as Xbox One with its 1st gen Xbox name, the console being a Betamax/DVR tryhard, a pointless motion camera thats a forced, PSEye knockoff ‘zombie’ gimmick and the oh so anticipated Titanfall is just another COD with mechs from Battlefield 2142 and single player/story-less with only 6v6 in huge ass maps.


      This is you.

      Retro did a fantastic job on Tropical Freeze, by the way. It took about seventy-five lives for me to get through one of the mysterious-relic stages yesterday. Look up Bopopolis, and show me a baby who can beat that level. Better yet, show me an example of a modern shooter that is more challenging.

  13. Aw the Wii U sucks dick. So sad :( Wasted $$ on this shit console. Never buying a Nintendo console again.

    1. Yet the Wii U is still outselling the Xbox One… I think the Xbox One will be the dead one ;)

      1. No its not lol. It has close to 4 million units sold in 3 and a half months with only one holiday season past. The wii u has 5.5-5.7 million in 15 months, with two holiday seasons. Plus the xbox one is selling twice as many units as the wii u as we speak, while the ps4 sells three times as many.

      2. It is selling a lot more on a weekly basis, and yes, it moves twice as much units as the wii u some weeks. My bad for wording it wrong, but i meant it sells twice as many units some weeks but as a whole still beats the wii u out in average sales.

      3. Alright then man, I’m not going to deny anything… You seem to think that I am bashing the wii u. Right now the xbox one is selling better than the wii u and that is fact right now. I am sure that sales will spike when certain games come out for it, like smash bros. I am certain of that.

    2. And yet its at a toe to toe race with PS4 around 6 million while Xbox One is still below 4 million dud sales depending on a single player-less, 6v6 multiplayer only Titanfall as means to boost its slow pacing sales. Mean while Wii U has DKC, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. 4, X, Bayonetta 2, Project Cars, unannouced Pokemon Wii U, 2 future Zelda games, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Wii U (will happen after 3DS) and so forth so Wii U will still be strong enough to last a while longer. PS4 has Infamous, Uncharted 4, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Metal Gear Solid 5. What does 1080p-less XBetamax DOne got besides Halo 5 for the future? Nothing else.

      So keep in mind of the blockbuster titles Wii U has coming and hasn’t been announced yet because Nintendo does have its own surprises and tricks that can show how funny people easily underestimate them. Sony is pretty much set to go where it needs to go.

      Xbox..well, lets just say that if the new CEO takes over and if rumors are true, there won’t be such thing as Xbox anymore because its a PC with BS premium charges and DRM policies so it was never special or different to begin with.

  14. Wiiu Just to week for Next gen games #NintendoMad#NintendogsMad#Exposed

  15. This is how I imagine High Command to be if they take this seriously:

      1. Ummmm you do know I’m getting this game on PS4… Just because it ain’t on Wii U doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy it ;)


  16. as expected. but after origins i’m not very interested in this arkham-games anymore so i will also not buy it for ps4. gameplay. story, graphics it’s always the same here :)

  17. Well what do you expect??? Fanboys dont care, (commander being one of them) if bayo 2 got canceled and moved to ps4/bone 1% of Wii U owners would care. They only care about Mario dk Zelda and if its not any of those then oh well. This is one of the other reasons Wii U is screwed…because of stupid fanbase. Like the last article when I destroyed commander in battle… He ended up having nothing to say but empty comments just like demkin and a few other nintendronez.


    1. From what I’m seeing most of the Nintendo fans are very calm about this… Something tells me you just exposed yourself XD

      1. LOL CALM ??? hahaha I can’t… Did you see the response from fanboys in the ps4 outsold Wii U article?? They were vicious to the people saying facts lmao and responded with irrelevant empty comments so they weren’t calm

      2. So you are talking about that article but not this one? Strange… I’m not really made because of a few things…
        1. The PS4 and Wii U are outselling the Xbox One
        2. I prefer the exclusives on Wii U than on PS4.
        3. 3rd party games that come out on both the Wii U and PS4, I buy the game for both (Ie Watch_Dogs, AC VI, etc)

        So really, I’m not mad ;)

      3. Dumbass. Lol. They have higher total sales bud but the xbox one is still outselling the wii u in every way, shape, and form. The ps4 is crushing them both however.

      4. Nintendo fans are calm. The only ones writing in caps and insults and in a desperate way to make fans mad here are the trolls like you. So, calm down and just go to a Sony or Microsoft site.

    2. All you say are empty comments so why should I reply to you with real ones?…

      Exposed for the 4th time…

    3. Your contradicting troll comments are just a point.

      But seriously, is this what your real social life is? Sad.

  18. 1st of all I would like to say Zorbo1234567


    okay back to the matter at hand

    Lol Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    I’ve been telling you little babies long ago

    Weak U is a disaster,Iwata and Reggie killed Nintendo

    The late great Hiroshi and Howard Lincoln were real gamers who loved Nintendo and loved non babie games, and made sure thier consoles competed with Sony and Microsoft at equal grounds

    Back in those days before gay babies such as Sickr,Zorbo the dickhead Zoro wannabe,Nintendo Baby Gay Commander were born Nintendo was a real kickass company with Slogans such as



    Now the slogans they have is

    “Wii Raped U”


    It’s like after the gimmick success of the Wii the Baby Nintendo company deliberately wanted to see the Weak U fail.

    1. Nintendo, a baby company? From what I’ve seen… they’ve been around since the 1800’s…. that’s one old baby

      1. Go play the Wating Game Mofo #NINTENDOMAD#NintendoMad!

      2. Kind of funny how you are trying to say I’m made when clearly I’m still getting the game regardless ;) I know the Wii U is failing right now but at least it’s not a big as a flop as the Xbone ;)

    2. I was born long before thos times so I know our empire better than you’ll ever even imagine…

      And even back in those days besides Rare and a few exceptions here and there, I’ve never bothered about lesser games…

    3. LMFAO!!Shut up you PATHETIC VIRGIN!!!!!!!
      You are in here 24/7 talking shit, calling people names and then you wonder why you have no life and have never been laid?
      Everyone here knows that you are a stupid little turd who tries to act all hard behind his keyboard you ugly mo fo!!!!
      Do us all a favour and go pay for a prostitute to release some of your stress!!!

    4. LMFAO!
      YOU would want me to be a “BIG FAT PUSSY LIPS YOU DICK HEAD SAUSAGE BOY” in your faggot fantasies. Too bad your brain is to dumb! WEAK U ARE!!! You failed as much as your dad’s condom!
      At least my Birth certificate wasn’t an apology letter from Trojan.

      1. LMFAO!!says the pathetic ugly piece of shit that was adopted at birth!!Your mother definatley should have swallowed you!!!
        Seriously you actually made a profile to copy my name?LMFAO!!
        You are the only guy on the planet that actually married his left and right hands!!!
        No wonder you are still a 30 year old virgin who lives in his mothers basement!!!
        Come back when you lose your virginity and actually get a job dole boy!!!


      No, seriously, if you people here continue this “I’ll be in the side of the trolls and post hashtags of hate where hashtags don’t even work”, everyone will jump shit to the joke side and this comments section will just be trolls trolling no one since every non-troll person left! XD

  19. Sikr, do you always have to post negative news about the Wii U? I posted comment talking about the Wii U being more powerful than we think and you never bothered to use it… Kind of strange.

    Also, thanks for blocking me last time, just proves you’re only in this for the money and not the fans ;)

    1. Next underpowered PoS is The KidTendo Fail 2016 for all your Kiddy Games.#NintendoMAD

      1. I’m just wondering, if you don’t care about Nintendo then why are you still on here?

    2. Oh my, did I strike a nerve?
      I love how you trolls try to make people angry but all you do is make people like me laugh ;)

      1. I just laugh inside and then shoot their real baby asses down for typical cliché baby comments I hear from kids whining over Xbox Live pretending to be adults which is both cute and disturbing.

    3. Baby company makeing baby toys and games for babies lol you talk like a little kid babie company lol what a fagget

    4. Baby company only a little kid says things like that like little second graders you won see adults saying stuff like that can you come up with something better to say than baby company lol you little child

  20. the fact is that wb screwed every one on ps xbox and nintendo with arkham origins some people cant even finish the games cause they refuse to patch up the bugs but still cancele and sell you dlc and another batman game? fuck wb ea and activision they will get no more money from me i dont care about them same way they dont care about us. fuck third parties rise of the indies!!!

      1. But he mentions the PlayStation and Xbox versions… how do you know he doesn’t play on those consoles?


  21. What did you guys expect? The last one sold like shit on Wii U..
    Anyway, I can’t wait for this on PC. :D

    1. Because of no multiplayer and no DLC. How would anyone expect the Wii U version to sell when it comes with nothing? Nintenfo gamerd are sivk of the usual 3rd party gimping BS. That’s why there’s no sale and why 3rd party are intentionally gimping Nintendo ports to excuse themselves to stop making Nintendo games while making off with little quick cash from morons thinking buying their games more is the solution which is not but their grand scam scheme.

  22. Personally, I’m starting to wonder how the lack of 3rd party games will affect Nintendo’s future. It’s pretty clear that many Nintendo fans are starting to regret buying the Wii U a little. Some don’t mean it, but there are many Nintendo fans that may not be inclined to take such a risk next time. Even if Nintendo’s next console gets more third party, fans may not buy into it until it’s too late. If this keeps up, I’m sure that their next home console isn’t going to open up with very high sales.

    People are just going to wait until some solid third parties come along with a price drop and that won’t help Nintendo’s bottom line. Nintendo needs to do something to stop losing all of these games. It may be a little late for the Wii U, but we don’t want to hurt the next console!

    1. You are exactly right in your concern. I have bought only Nintendo consoles since the NES. Never owned another gaming system. But after the Wii and Wii U I’m headed to PS4. I’m not going to miss out on another generation of great games.
      Not to mention, with Nintendo’s new “Quality of Life” business plan, it doesn’t sound like anything I’m going to be interested in in the future either. Probably won’t buy their next console. It’s a sad day when I say I think I’m finished with NIntendo, but I think that day has actually come.

  23. Why did you bother posting an article about this if it’s not coming to nintendo consoles and you no the site is called my nintendo news

  24. I don’t regret buying my Wii U at launch. I did for a few months after launch. I am concerned about it’s future though, because if I hadn’t bought a Wii U by now, there’s no reason to buy one for me until X comes out. I don’t care about MK8 or SMASH. I’m getting MK8 simply because there’s nothing else coming out and it might be fun with the great friends on MiiVerse.

  25. why take a risk on a console that’s inferior and isn’t selling. that’s the mentally of devs these days. can’t blame them.

    1. Well why insist gimping games as means to BS about people not buying the console and games when that’s the exact reason why?

      Long before Wii U launch, 3rd party decided to screw Wii U, Nintendo and potential gamers over some risky assessment that never existed?

  26. Wow. This place has gotten really bad. All of you techie wannabes are retarded and don’t know what you’re talking about. Did you build the WiiU, PS4, or Xbox One? No? Then STFU. Unless we are the developers, we will never ever know. These stupid console wars will continue, and everyone will get more retarded, while I sit in my tower, sane, playing my games.

    You’ve all made me lose faith in humanity, assuming I had any to begin with. Fuck the Internet and fuck wannabes

    1. I wouldn’t even trust every developers words on the capabilities of each consoles.
      Sure they are ones that may really play around with the consoles, and try to push them to their limits, but its the different story if they will, or can.

  27. There’s too darn many Batman games. There’s already 2 on the Wii U, and it’s only been out a little over a year. What’s the deal with Batman?

  28. This is a situation where I dont think it hasn’t anything to do with rocketed abandoning the wii u. They only developed for the most powerful consoles regardless of wii u sales. If the wii u was more powerful or if they decided to release it across all systems then the wii u would have been included. So nintendo haters, STFU and nintendo lovers stop bitching and buy a ps4/xboxone.

  29. A shame it won’t be coming to the Wii U (although nothing stops them from making an “armored edition” for it on a later time).

    But it doesn’t matter for me, since I can still play it on PC. I don’t even know why so many ppl are angry about this.

  30. why people crying like babies buy both and stop bitching. i brought a wiiu for my nintendo first party and a ps4 for third parties. tell you the truth the only one that should leave the gaming market is xbox that system and os is horrible and anyone who defends it is a idiot. ps4 and wiiu can plays games at 1080p 60fps the xboxone cant and wont do 1080p now that sad for a next gen failed and watch them flop!!!

    1. Pretty much it. Nintendo consoles are inexpensive. Worth buying one for exclusives alone. Get a ps4 as well, and you have your 3rd party games. Add a 3ds for handheld, then you are set! Quit crying fanboys of each side!

      1. They aren’t getting Mario, Zelda, Metroid, DK, X, Pikmin, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Kirby, Yoshi, Wonderful 101, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter and BAYONETTA 2!

  31. It is sad to see all the third party support for Wii U vanish. I wonder why all this happens and Nintendo gives more support to the 3DS , which is a more successful system.hopefully soon they will unleash a bomb of great games like the 3DS. Hopefully but at this point to not say i lost a little faith for the system would be wrong.

  32. Okay, looks great yeah sure. But wtf happened to Two Face he looks worse then he did in Arkham City, Harley Quinn also is not improved. Penguin is okay. But only on Xbox One and PS4??? WTF? Seriously Warner Bros? Your like the anti EA. You don’t want to make as much money as you can.

    1. Damage Control. If it was coming to the Wii U you’d be saying Two Face & Harley Quinn look amazing and don’t try & deny it Nintendrone.

      1. No, I’m buying this for the PC, and at least Harley Quinn looks TERRIBLE! Wii U or not, how is that damage control for the Wii U? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! JUST A TROLL EXCUSE TO CRITICIZE NINTENDO FANS!

  33. I’m ok with this skipping the Wii U. What, honestly, would they do to fully make use of the gamepad? Nothing. The only game in this series that I’ve played was arkham city for the Wii U and I will be buying blackgate HD for the Wii U in April, but I don’t really care all that much about these games. So this is not a big loss in my eyes.

  34. Can’t wait to play this love the arkham series, I do hope they move to superman, he needs a good game

  35. Nintendo…do something with regardscto 3rd party support. At least exert an effort to entice them.

  36. Well, after seeing the trailer I went “it won’t say Wii U at the end of the video”. I was right.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s because of the graphics? The hardship of making it use the gamepad?

    Anyway, thankfully I have a PC and I buy all these games on my PC without having to buy a console with no exclusives for it.

    For exclusives, there is the Wii U.

  37. You know, Game Informer DID say it was going to be a “next-gen” game, back when they teased this. Argue that Wii U is next-gen all you want, but ultimately you and game developers are speaking totally different things.

    1. It is current gen with PS4 and Xbox One, it’s the 3 platforms fighting right now, next-gen will be in a few years. The Wii was current gen with PS3 and 360 and 3rd parties didn’t make games for Wii because it was also not as powerful as the other two.

  38. Sickr, you don’t need to report every time a game ISN’T on WiiU.

    That isn’t NINTENDO news.

    1. When the last 2 installments of the game have been on Wii U …. I’m pretty sure this would be considered NIntendo news.

  39. I love playing games that have off TV play on my GamePad, I also love watching Netflix on my Gamepad, it rocks. Zombie U had flaws but it is still one of the most unique, fun games I have played in a long time. Also, I loved Batman Arkham Asylum on Wii U and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I love Super Mario 3D World and look forward to Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros U. I am very disappointed that many of the best 3rd party games skip Wii U. I would buy them. Nintendo launched Wii U with little to no games, that hurt Wii U and Nintendo has had too long of a drought. I don ‘t know what the future of the Wii U holds, so far we know nothing about 2015. But we have Bayonetta 2 and X coming soon.

  40. Well, that is sad news indeed. On the other hand, it’s nice to finally get something to play on my PS4.

  41. Who cares its batman people are really mad about batman not coming to wiiu I can think of a bucnh of nintendo games that are better than batman

  42. *Weren’t PS4 & X1 available for pre-orders just a few months after Wii U’s launch? Doesn’t that reduce its head start by about a year? Not all demographs pre-order, but those numbers can generate momentum. Why isn’t that factored into the lifetime sales of the twins? Or is it like not adding the roughly 9 months we aged while in our mother’s womb to our actual age?

    *The best Batman game I played was Batman Vengeance on GameCube, which was a multi-plat & I didn’t care then because every console had exclusives. Don’t care about this latest Batman game. But passing over the Wii U is an industry problem…

    *Since Super NES to Wii U, I’ve had more 3rd party games in my libraries on each than 1st party. A lot of those were ‘Only for’ Ninty systems. Hel, even the Gamecube was supported & it was in 3rd place of the 6th gen. But now, 3rd parties have a lot on their plates. They are even reluctant to move on from the last gen. Strapped for cash but gunning for AAA titles, they no longer take the time to learn a new architecture &/or devote much thought into a system’s unique offerings. Copy-&-paste is the latest craze. They’re mad @ Nintendo for still making a console when it’s all about homogeny now; they wanted triplets. Where’s Red Steel 3? The Conduit 3? A new Buck Bumble? The next Resident Evil Chronicles or House of the Dead? Prince of Persia? Times have changed…

    *Current RE games aren’t Survival Horror anymore. Tomb Raider (which I adored on my Saturn) is now just a 3rd person shooter w/ out any real exploration or quiet, issolated ambiance; just the title & maim, er, maiN character. Where’s the next, true Burnout, for that matter Ridge Racer? Arcade racers & racing sims are about speed & learning tracks, but open-world racing is somehow better? Crazy Taxi managed to blend both nicely, but where is the next entry?

    *Indies… Wii U has great indie support. They’ve shown that innovation &, conversely, tried-&-true formulas are still important. But, they also show that Wii U can be catered to, even w/ small teams, & that the major 3rd parties are bloates & have lost sight of gaming in favor of simply money: the assembly line. It’s any wonder some critics don’t consider videgames an artform. & Nintendo’s philosophy is critisized for not being commercial enough?! Bah! Gaming’s become a huge institution, far too mainstream…ready for the next cash-in, the next crash. Who will survive? Who’s in it for the longhaul? “What’s right isn’t always popular. What’s popular isn’t always right.” Wii are. U can be, too. Ain’t perfect, but Ninty still embodies gaming. Since they entered this biz, they’ve maintained. Again, lot’s of mistakes, but still the best: undeniable software quality built around finely-tuned machines.

    *Since when were videgames NOT toys? They’re all just digital dolls & dioramas that we…PLAY w/. Unless Sony & MS are only making tool boxes (i.e. PCs) that serve learning software, purely-analytical models, real-news feeds, tax software, spreadsheets, etc., STOP believing the spin. Enjoy GAMING. Escape into the real FANTASY. It’s ENTERTAINMENT, not cancer research.

    *Major reason I think specs & graphics whoring have ballooned: multi-plats, their graphics are the only major differences between the twins. Sony & MS gained their audiences via exclusives, but gave up on that for ease of use & quick flash. Funny, in terms of hardware, the lowest common denominator typically dictates parity. Hel, Sony’s console’s used to be the graphics underdog but the sales champ. But who here was around for that? Not many, it seems.

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